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The Eternal Beauty Of Italy

Out of all my travels, there is not a single place that holds the same meaning for me than Italy. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, I can always find comfort when I see these beautiful locations. It instantly creates a sense of calm mixed with a strong desire for a double espresso.

So please enjoy an entire album of photos from Italy. The way I figure it, the Monday after a holiday weekend is the perfect time to have some calming thoughts. ^_^
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Awesome....I love Italy. And the food there is to die for. :-)))
Very true, and my family does nothing but feed me while I'm there. :)
Just gorgeous, Elia! Would love to visit sometime!
Thank You for sharing these images. We are going back to Italy this coming September and Venice is one of out stops. We have never been to Venice and your images are helping the time go by !! Great images of a great country.
Very beautiful and impressive, you have shown in the photo Italian cities and places with a fine cut, and never dull!
Compliments from an Italian photographer
If I could get everyone to visit one Country, it would be Italy. It really is a perfect blend of history, culture, and (of course) food & wine.

I'll be headed that way in September - October(ish) as well, +Jim Brandano. It's a great time to visit because you lose some of the summer heat.
Yes 4 years ago we visited in August whew a little warm lol. We will be in Rome, Venice and Positano for about 4 days each. Really excited!!
Totally agree +Elia Locardi. Italy is the one place everyone should visit. I'm already itching to go back very soon. Great photos as usual ;-)
This is an appropriate post following my first experience of having a true Italian holiday meal. I have zero Italian in me, so it was a new experience. My friend invited me to her mothers house, and oh man. The food was delicious and plentiful! I'm also not accustomed to 4 course meals and a separate plate specifically for each... who has time for that?!?
The photos are so lovely...really wish I was there...
I too love Italy and your shots are amazing I am also really impressed by how you get so many city shots devoid of people.
super pics friend .....really amazing .......!!!!!!!!
+Rachel Heil I'm really happy you got to experience that! In Italy, life revolves around the dinner table and the sense of family is overwhelming. :)
these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!!
Yeah +Elia Locardi it's similar when we go to my boyfriends family for holidays, but not in the same way. He has large Italian family, but there's SO many that we don't all fit at the table (they have 2-3 6' tables and a pile of chairs for these meals) we end up doing a lot of wandering and eating in turns. And everything is just kind of out and you have at it. Not so much the multiple courses and where everybody is in the same room, it's much less organized than the dinner at my friends yesterday. But there were only 6 of us so, it was nice and cozy. and of the 6, 5 were females (and then her quiet slightly deaf grandfather) lol so you can only imagine.
+Elia Locardi I will be in Italy on the 23rd of this month and your album does nothing except get me totally excited to get there and start shooting. Thank you for the beauty and inspiration!
oooooo not me dang it got all exitied for nothing
wowwww I would want to go there for a few months; swimming, sunning, sleeping and eating....all the time for a few months that would be the life
i wan to go too,,,is soooooo pretty =)
wow soo pretty wish i could go i just got a new bathing suit 2.
I have seen all photos . it's very beautiful ,high quality,good capture , right angle , i wanna i am seeing forever .. wonderful this photos
thanks for taken snaps ..
Elia, thanks for sharing these photos. They are beautiful :)
how did u get a picture of my house??? :)
And the makers of the best food ever... Pizza :)
it looks like somebody made it
this looks like a good picture i like how it looks
that is so nice . love pic that i see .
hahaha Pizza more like spagetti
I´m impressed !! Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing
Italy looks AMAZING! I love the pictures you took!
A nice n sharp look out there! I wish i could be there 1 day
Yes +Elia Locardi no one can doubt the beauty of such a country that i'm deeply in love with it's fascinating Pre-Renaissance architecture.
those pictures are gorgeous!
I apologize for only comment out of the blue, but these photos are lovely
ALWAYS wanted to go there!!!! :) beautiful <3 luuuuv it
I feel much the same about Greece, where I spent eight months many years ago. Now, it's Scotland. Truthfully, there is beauty wherever you are – you just have to open your eyes and heart to God's lovely world.
I need to fit into your suitcase...just saying.
Great work, those photos are amazing!
. Amazing photos.I hope one day I can make it back to Europe. Last time Was for oher reasons (military in Germany) I would love to photograph so many places. Italy being my first choice
pic nice..............................
look pleasant all right
I've stayed there...right in Vernazza in the Cique is truly magic.
Breathtaking photos. I can see your true passion for this amazing country comes forth in your lovely work. And I do adore your expressive profile pic- the eyes of a genius.
wut makes u want ta visit that place!the view looks great,but it dont look like a place i would want ta visit or live!resturantes an hotels aint a attraction that would b on my list,they're every place u look! but it is a great setting!
After all no comment,
only says Wow wow wow
I couldn't agree more. I love Italy more than any other place on Earth. Thank you for sharing!
Photo looks to be Vernazza (on the Cinque Terre).... you DO know that Vernazza suffered serious flooding last October and is pretty much off the map as a tourist destination?
how i wish i could go there before i die. lol
lovely, specially the reflections..
That is beautiful! What a wonderful place to visit.
superb place,i want to going this place for holiday
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I'm planning a visit to Italy in 2015 and this just makes me dream of being there. Thank you for sharing!
I just got a gorgeous world tour from my desk chair. Thanks, Elia!
I always enjoyed the "unofficial" side of Italy which mostly works...way better than the official side which may or may not work...
I'm speechless...I want to visit these places you were at!
Some awesome shots here. Italy my favorite place. You have inspired me to tinker with my shots, the colors really pop
These photos are the best landscapes I have ever seen of Italy, both iconic and artful.
Omg,did you take that picture or what?That is very good if you did!!!:)
I share your thoughts about Italy completely and I find myself returning again and again. Love your moody images!
Wonderful work .. thank you for sharing ...
that is so stupid you know how many people can barely afford to eat and your bragging about eating
speechless OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
omg this is well not stupid i mean these r gorgouse i would love to go there aswell ur just thick if u think this is stupid so there!
Beautiful photos! And yes - Italy is worth visiting!
wow i love those pics! they are really good!
Is there really such a place so beautiful?
this pic is great i never knew the place is so asome
any one want to watch a funny video about starwars i made on youtube?
epic and that looks nine with the water
i really wanna go there and i really want to go to alot of plesess:)
really, really love your photos.... they are wonderful....
Italy is a fascinating place with a rich history and warm people ... and fantastic coffee! Did I mention drama? Your images include some of that.
Very beautiful pictures. Outstanding quality of photos and colours. Congratulations!
Ooooooh, man, I've got a travel attack, because of u! 
If we do have to work all the time, at least we can sometimes see what a vacation really is.
is it night time down there. and that is beautful.
How Absolutely Beautiful the city of Italy is.Awesome!! Always,Lori H-Smith 8th.April 2012
This does not look real but more like a DREAM! How Beautiful...
ahhhh! what a wonderful sight!!!! :)
Meg O
Amazing pics, what camera are you using?
+Elia Locardi Hey, just when I was getting excited and wanting to see Asia, you pull this make me longing Europe again. lol

I've notice a recurring theme in your photography, bodies of water, i.e. lakes, rivers, ocean. etc.

At blamethemonkey website. I notice in the Galleries for USA, pictures of New York, the title says Travel Photography of China.
wow thats beautiful... i need to go their
why dont tou go live there & stay there ?
Beautiful city. I love the ocean. I bet it looks just as good during the day.
Wow, pazzesco!
I have Italian blood, from my grandma. Feels like home.
WOW +Elia Locardi man this is beautiful. I think I first saw this on your web site. This is a great collection. One day I hope to get there. As always, your work is TOP NOTCH and inspiring.

Hey did you get the D800 yet...? is it worth it ..?
Amazing work. I've been to a lot of these places many times but you've captured them in a way I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing these.
I lived in Arco Felice near Napoli for years. I loved my time in Italy. Still think of Pizza by the Meter. Pompeii. Herculaneum. Cool places.
magnificent,,,weren't the photos photoshopped at all?
How beautiful! I have always wanted to visit Italia
wow what a beautiful place 
pic r beautiful, but the lighting is fantastic, vivid.
i would like to live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd
I am not sure if I should admire the pictures or dream of being there.
great pictures. I agree with you,admire or dream!
+Duane Estabrook Good eye. I tend to work with reflections a lot. There's something about architecture over water that draws me in. I've also made Italy my personal project. I hope to photograph it as much as possible.

Also, thanks for the heads up about the USA - China thing. I'll make sure to tweak that.

+David Bowden Thanks mate! No, I haven't received my D800 yet. I'm hoping to have it when I visit the states at the end of the month. I'm still waiting on the backorders so hopefully the timing lines up. It think it will be well worth the wait.
Thanks for all the comments and plus ones!
Italy is such a cool and pretty country lol. And the language is sorta hard but fun when you learn more...
Adopt me please. I swear, I will do a good job sailing the boat every once in a while.
woow woow woow woow and woow, that is so coooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wooow that is absolutely Georges very well Done OMG its Beautiful
Hui Lee
This is awesome! I've been to Italy before, but this is amazing!
stunning - thanks.
ok my vay cay will be there
Thanks for memories and places I've never been. Beautiful photos.
amazing shots! literally took my breath away !
Amazing, it is my dream to visit someday.....
that looks like fun!!!!
Golly L
really awesome!!
Elia, I am so impressed by your work. I love photography, and you are one of the best. Ps I love caffeine but it don't like me so much.
Simply amazing.... The world is so pretty in these pictures <3 Good job ^^
Great photos Elia. Thanks for sharing with us all.
Beauty of Italy < Beauty of your face
It's so calm and quite really the heart is desiring to see once
Is that a real picture? or is it a painting?
o people listen <there is nothing with reference of HAVEN>
o people try to get haven of our belove ALLHA (GOD)
*Allah <3
XD not necessarily the most right moment for dawah, but alhamdulillah at least :)
When I saw your picture. I decided to use one of them as a model for painting. I will do it,with watercolor.Can I ?
yes brother they are so beautyful Ilike thim you have done a good job. keep doing it.
is it possible to get some? because i like Itely.
You have a gift +Elia Locardi I don't ever recall seeing stills with such story it seems I'm somewhere else.
I lived in Sicily near Catania and Taormina for four years back in 1990-1994 while serving in the military off the base during Desert Shield/Desert Storm conflict travelling alot the entire time like most of us who were stationed at NAS Sigonella Naval Air Station and I couldnt agree more.... ;- )

The Beauty and Rich History are absolutely breathtaking and priceless in itself! And both the Sicilians & the Italians, still today in 2012 battle it out as best they can, many of them around 70, 80, and 90 years old, just not wanting to accept the New and out with the old (God Bless them too...)

Again these are by many Italian/Sicilian Elders and families not ready for 21st century more modernized changes in life, those who fight to resist the new ways of life today hoping to preserve their Old Sicilian traditions are finding themselves more and more everyday losing the battle. In the early 90's Italy and Sicily became bound by one government combining two amazing countries ruled in order and power by the Italian Ministry/Govern.

We loved it back when the Italian Lira was in circulation, different times indeed before the Euro took into effect financially. But of all my travels and places I have lived so far in Italy/Sicily is by far my favorite and where my heart is, its like a second home to me :) These pictures are so Beautifully shot Nd taken... Just Gorgeous! They are a wonderful reminder to so many of us who truly Love, & Admire everything about Italy and their way of life, especially so many gr8 people who love, cherish and care very much about their own country. That goes even for both the rich Italian & rich Sicilian heritage, it's traditions, and values and also that of its of own people.

An Added Bonus...All of the Amazing Food & Desserts like 'the Best Cannoli's & Italian Gellatto' you won't find anywhere else!
;-) ¦

Thanks 4 Sharing!!
oh! i hope i'm be there onetime
These are some of the best pieces of art work I have seen for a long time, a pleasure to view.
simpli superb and fentastik
Once again I'm Speechless, Your'e HDR work is Amazing...
wowwwwwwwww it's owesome.......................
I absolutely love that first shot man.. on metal that thing must be sick.
Hey +RC Concepcion, thanks bud. I really need to test out some metal prints. Hehe, it's hard to coordinate when you don't have a home. ;)
Thats easy.. just send it to my house.. i'll tell ya... :)
lol, I'll tell you what: as long as I can come over and use your fancy espresso machine too, we have a deal.
I just love Italy, and the way the people live there, and there Culture, and hospitality, its great,!
amazing abum Elia ... thank you so much to share this beauty with us all ....
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