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Elia Locardi

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Starlight || New Zealand

This is a photo I captured while we were filming our Photographing The World Video Tutorial Series, when we camped out near Mt. Cook in New Zealand. It was a beautiful night and as the moon set on the left side of the frame, millions of stars became visible in the clear sky.

Because of the bright moon, there was also plenty of light to illuminate the iconic shape of Mt. Cook in the distance. It made for a very interesting shooting experience and a very unique shot.

While out there for the night, we also found out that Patrick Hall from Fstoppers has an irrational fear of possums. ;)

To learn the techniques I used to shoot and post-process this image, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video series by visiting:

#NewZealand #MtCook #Stars #landscapephotography
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Nice shot 
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Elia Locardi

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So far Photokina has been awesome and I’ve had a great time speaking for Adobe and DJI!

If you’re around this weekend, swing by and say hello! I’ll be speaking on the Fujifilm Stage Friday - Sunday.

Friday @ 2:20pm
Saturday @ 1:20pm
Sunday @ 12:20pm

Hope to see you there! :D

#photokina #2016 #adobe #dji #fujifilm
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Happy Sunday
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Elia Locardi

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A huge thanks to Bruised Passports for the awesome review of my Photographing the World Tutorial Series. It's great to hear things from the perspective of such seasoned travelers.

Reading this while enjoying a freshly brewed espresso really made for an excellent morning. Maybe I'll have a second espresso and read through it once more. ;)

#photography #landscape #tutorial #editing #photoshop

It’s no secret that I LOVE photography. So much so that Savi often feels that my camera is my first wife. Not true. Close, but not quiet 😉 It was almost 8 years ago that I picked up my first DSLR. Over the next few years, I practised and practised some more and …
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Elia Locardi

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A Drone in Stockholm

I had a lot of extra drone footage from the recent tutorial I released about my Adobe Lightroom raw editing workflow. So much so that I decided to cut together a short video of all the best clips. Even though I only flew for 15 minutes, I was able to capture some very stunning angles of Stockholm Sweden. It truly is a beautiful city from above!

This was shot entirely with the DJI Inspire Pro & X5 Camera and was edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere.

#drone #stockholm #sweden #photography #video
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Elia Locardi

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I'm flattered to be included in this list of the 15 most inspirational Italian Instagram Profiles.

As I post this, my heart goes out to the victims of the recent earthquake in central Italy. In the wake of this horrible tragedy, please know that you're in our thoughts and that we're sending you our love.
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...Instagram è uno dei social network più usati dai fotografi. Scopri quali sono i migliori account di fotografi e travel blogger Italiani nel 2016...
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I an

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Elia Locardi

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Iceland? Epic waterfalls, extraordinary landscapes, and a chance to see the incredible Northern Lights all await.

Join me on tour this October as we explore and photograph some of the most beautiful areas of Iceland. :)
Along with expert guides, we’ll be visiting rugged landscapes and breathtaking natural formations which will appear as if you’ve landed on an alien planet. We know the terrain and weather, and will be capitalizing on conditions to expose you to some of the premier photography spots this gorgeous and unique island nation has to offer.Being on the ground with us in Iceland will be an experience you’ll never forget, and nor will your photography por...
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Amazing. ... 
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Elia Locardi

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A huge thanks to everyone who came to see me speak on the Fujifilm Stage over the past few days. I’m truly humbled by the amount of support and it was wonderful to finally get to meet so many of you in person! I think we counted over 200 in the audience on Friday and today was more likely near 300! :)

My final presentation will be tomorrow at 12:20pm, again on the Fujifilm Stage. So you you’re still around Photokina, definitely swing by to say hello.

There’s also an Official Fujifilm Photowalk tonight that Naomi and I will be attending. It begins at 6:00PM in front of the Cologne Cathedral.

I hope to see you guys there!

#photokina #fujifilm #photowalk #photography #elialocardi
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Elia Locardi

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I received a nice gift from Fujifilm at Photokina today. The newly announced GFX 50S Medium Format Camera! 😀

Just kidding, of course. While I was only able to have a few minutes of hands on experience with it, I can definitely say that it's going to be one of the biggest game changers in the photography world.

And yes, of course I tried to sneak it into my bag. I didn't make it very far. 😉
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Merhaba bu arada, në bir tanem 
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Elia Locardi

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Photokina 2016 || My Complete Speaking Schedule

I’ve been looking forward to Photokina ever since my first visit back in 2014, and this year I’m speaking for Adobe, DJI, and Fujifilm. Below is my exact schedule. You can find more specific details about the show, what to expect, and why I suggest visiting the post linked below.

-- 20 September - Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Adobe Stage: “Creative Cloud Photography - Unleashed Creativity”

-- 20 September - Tuesday 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Adobe Area - Video Broadcast: “Adobe - Live From Photokina Daily Show”

-- 21 September - Wednesday 2:00pm - 2:30pm
DJI Stage: “The Art of Aerial Photography and Videography”

-- 22 September - Thursday 2:00pm - 2:30pm
DJI Stage: “The Art of Aerial Photography and Videography”

-- 23 September - Friday 2:20pm - 3:00pm
Fujifilm Stage: “Pushing the Boundaries of Travel Photography and Post-Processing”

-- 24 September - Saturday 1:20pm - 2:00pm
Fujifilm Stage: “Pushing the Boundaries of Travel Photography and Post-Processing”

-- 25 September - Sunday 12:20pm - 1:00pm
Fujifilm Stage: “Pushing the Boundaries of Travel Photography and Post-Processing”

Let me know if you’re going to be at the show. I may put together a little meet up event for casual conversation and of course, German beer. :)

#photokina #cologne #gernmany #speaking #workshop #schedule #elialocardi
This year at Photokina from September 20th - 25th, I’ll be speaking for Adobe, DJI, and Fujifilm. Here's my complete schedule of events.
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Cool ! I shall be there on Saturday and Sunday so I will try to be there for your presentation :)
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Elia Locardi

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Complete Raw Processing workflow with Lightroom Mobile!

This video tutorial covers everything you need to know about Lightroom Mobile, all the way from shooting images in the field, transferring raw files to your mobile device, editing them in Lightroom Mobile, and syncing them to your desktop over the cloud. Not only that, this tutorial also takes things further by showing some of the Photoshop editing techniques I used to create one of my most famous photos from Stockholm, “Belly of the Beast.”

And the best part about it? It’s absolutely free!

#tutorial #video #Adobe #Lightroom #Mobile #photography
This free video tutorial covers shooting photos, transferring raw files to your mobile device, syncing them to your desktop, plus editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop.
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+Elia Locardi  SooOoo........Who's this Guy ?!? He's CUTE ! ;))) [ Have a Nice Day ! ].
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Elia Locardi

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Ios Sleeps || Cyclades, Greece

This past spring, Naomi and I spent 5 weeks exploring many different islands in the Greek Cyclades and Ios was definitely a wonderful destination for photography.

While we were visiting, we were fortunate to have excellent (and colorful) sunsets nearly every day - a rare treat in this area approaching the summer months.

During the entire duration of the trip, I was also working to promote local tourism by capturing some never-before-seen aerial angles of some of the less visited (yet still stunningly beautiful) islands. Let’s just say that you’ll be seeing quite a few new videos very soon. ;)

And no, though many new aerial angles will be coming soon, this shot wasn’t captured by my DJI Inspire Pro. Ios was also one of the locations I used to test the X-T2 prototype and prepare my detailed review.

If you missed it, you can find it here:

#Ios #greece #cyclades #island #sunset
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Wow BEUTlF~uu
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Elia Locardi

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Jewel of the Cyclades

On the Greek Island of Santorini, the village of Oia never ceases to impress - especially during a cloudy blue hour.

To learn the techniques I used to shoot and post-process this image, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video series by visiting:

#santorini #greece #oia #cyclades #travelphotography
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Throughout this perpetual journey, I enjoy teaching the art of photography on my website, while sharing my images and stories across various social media outlets. I also collaborate with many different sponsors, brands, and tourism boards, and lead Photography Tours and Post-processing Workshops worldwide. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and if I happen to be in a town near you, I’m always up for a good conversation and coffee.

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