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Elia Locardi

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Once again it’s time to say goodbye to beautiful Japan. Each time I leave it’s with a heavy heart, as I can’t help but feel a special connection to this wonderful country. Whether I’m photographing a beautiful location, or just sitting in a quiet shrine, I always feel at peace and in many ways, at home. And for someone  who hasn’t had a home for more than 3 years, that’s a feeling that truly means a lot to me.  

Thank you Japan for a wonderful Sakura season. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

#Japan   #sakura   #osaka   #castle   #cherryblossom  
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you are amazing. i love japan
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The Moments Between || Himeji Castle Flight

After years of restoration, the recently re-opened Himeji Castle is a masterpiece of beautiful Japanese History. Not only does it look amazing from all around the castle grounds, it also looks unbelievable from the air, especially in the soft golden light of the afternoon. 

Using my +DJI Phantom 2 and +GoPro 4 Black, I was able to capture some stunning high resolution aerial footage. I can honestly say that flying drones for video is quickly becoming one of my favorite activities. :)

Here's the exact setup I'm using:

#themomentsbetween   #japan   #himeji   #DJI   #aerialphotography  
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Hey I have one of those they are fun to play with
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The Harmony of Japan || 大和の魂

The feeling of the cool fresh air as the cherry blossoms gently sway in the soft morning breeze. The beauty of the Sakura in full bloom as they cradle the pagoda and perfectly compliment the red hues with their subtle warmth. The stunning view of Mount Fuji through a clear and yet nicely textured sky. These words only begin to describe the emotional impact that standing in the location has on my soul. 

#japan   #sakura   #hanami   #cherryblossoms   #fujiyoshida   #MountFuji   #pagoda
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Elia Locardi

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sooo sweet... 
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Floating on Light || Itsukushima

It’s almost surreal to think that this is the third year in a row that Naomi and I have spent spring in Japan. It’s our favorite time to be here and though there are countless cherry blossom trees blooming all around us, there are also plenty of places to visit that remain timelessly beautiful no matter what season it happens to be. The Itsukushima Shrine definitely tops that list and at high tide, the Grand Torii Gate is designed to seem as though it’s floating on the water. For photography, this is one of my favorite sunset spots in all of Japan. 

The sun itself is very important in Japan’s history as the Japanese name for Japan, Nippon (or Nihon), literally means “the sun’s origin.” This is also commonly translated into “the Land of the Rising Sun,” which we’re all more commonly familiar with in the west. Interestingly enough, this nomenclature also has to do with the Chinese Sui Dynasty by referring to Japan’s eastern position relative to China. I know that this is a photo of a sunset, but with the sun correlation, I thought it was close enough to warrant the history lesson. ;)

On another (more exciting) note, we’ll soon be announcing the full details of our Dream Photo Tour to Japan next April which will focus on exploring ancient castles, fascinating landscapes, serene shrines, iconic pagodas, and of course some of the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing areas on the planet. Like all of our tours, local food and historic culture will play a huge role and each meal we plan will be nothing short of epic. :)

We’re currently accepting pre-registration here:

#japan   #miyajima   #hiroshima   #Itsukushima  
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Nice picture. I like the detail of catching the sun, between the monument.
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Elia Locardi

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“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.”

- Michael Palin 
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Vermillion Tide - 朱色の潮流 || Japan

When I first started researching photography spots in Japan a few years ago, I had a feeling that the Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima had the potential of being spectacular, but I had no idea how amazing it could be at the peak of low tide. During the mid - high tide, the Grand Torii Gate is designed to seem as though it’s floating on top of the water, which is a wondrous sight - and I recently posted a photo a few weeks ago that reflected that spectacle of golden reflected sunlight. 

When the tide goes out, so do the crowds of people as they enjoy the opportunity to walk through the giant beautiful gate and enjoy the view at ground level. Now after experiencing it both ways, I have to admit that I’m a bit torn on which way I like to photograph it the most. I guess that just means I’ll need to visit again sometime soon to be sure. :

We’ve had a wonderful few weeks in Japan, but in two days, it’s once again time to say goodbye and continue our perpetual location independent adventure. Next stop, Beijing and Shenzhen, where I’ve been invited to speak at a series of prestigious photography events. It’ll also be the first time that one of my talks will be translated live into Chinese. Wish me luck! :D

#japan   #hiroshima   #torii   #itsukushima   #shrine   #sunset  
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The Forest’s Awakening || 森の覚醒

There’s nothing better than spending a morning all alone in the Sagano Bamboo Forest near Kyoto, listening to the soft rustling sounds of tall stalks and leaves as the sway gently in the breeze. On a clear morning, the light shines brilliantly though the tangle of beautiful green, making the forest seem as though it’s illuminated from within. It’s a truly extraordinary place to be.  

#kyoto   #japan   #arashiyama   #bamboo
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Nature's bounty at it's best.
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The Moments Between || Osaka Castle Sakura

There's just something special about the Sakura season in Japan that keeps us visiting again and again. It's not just because the cherry blossoms are beautiful, it's also because everyone in Japan is in such a great mood when the trees are in bloom. You can feel the cheer in the air as so many people gaze at the flowers with huge smiles on their faces, while couples hold hands and families have picnics underneath the beautiful flowery canopies. It's a wonderful thing to experience.

I was delighted to have an afternoon to shoot Osaka Castle and this time I found a great spot where two different species of cherry blossoms surrounded the castle in a beautiful composition. While I was shooting, dozens of photographers checked out my setup and gave me smiles and thumbs up. There were also a lot of admirers of the Fujifilm Graphite X-T1 which looks pretty sweet siting on top of my Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead. It seems to be quite the attention grabber.

#themomentsbetween #japan #osaka #sakura #hanami
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Elia Locardi

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The Moments Between || Japan + Fujifilm = Awesome

Of course no trip to Japan would be complete without adding some exciting new Fujifilm gear to the family!

With so many back-to-back projects, the past four months have flown by and I've been waiting for the opportune time to make some fun new upgrades. Thankfully, with about 10 days worth of rain in the coming weather forecast, the timing couldn't be more perfect. Having a 100% water sealed graphite X-T1, 16-55, and 50-140 is going to come in really handy while I continue to chase the sakura and scout locations for next year's photo tour. :)

I've been shooting with everything you see here for a solid few days now so if anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot them my way.

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Sri lankan
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The Moments Between || Kurashiki

I’ve been having a great time visiting some new spots in Japan over the past week, including the old town area of Kurashiki. With the classic architecture and beautiful canals spanned by stone bridges, I thought it would be the perfect place to shoot panoramic images with my Fujifilm X-T1 and test out some new prototype gear from +Really Right Stuff

You’ll likely see this new pano gear become available in a few months and it’s designed to be an ultra light weight and portable solution for shooting seamless multi-row panoramic images. Thought I’ve also tested it thoroughly with a Pro DSLR (to which it performs very well), with its compact size, it’s more perfectly suited for all types of mirrorless bodies and lenses since they have a smaller over all profile. For the past few weeks, it’s been the perfect compliment to my Fujifilm X-T1, 10-24 lens, and ultra light TQC-14 Tripod legs. :)

#reallyrightstuff   #themomentsbetween   #japan   #kurashiki  
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Thankyou Elia. for this beautiful share ! Enjoy :))))
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Whispers From The Past

In the Eternal City of Rome, there’s nothing more iconic, more recognized, or more mesmerizing than The Colosseum.

#italy   #rome   #colosseum   #workshop  
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