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The Moments Between || The Lone Tree

After visiting this spot a few times over the past few years, I'm totally convinced that it I was planted just for photographers. ;)

Seriously though, it's a really great spot for sunrise photography and the perfect scene to do some long exposures with my Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters.

Last time the lake bed was dry so I'm really excited to share some new versions soon!

#themomentsbetween #wanaka #newzealand 
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ove this image. ther focus on camera and tripod makes it quite spectacular
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Elia Locardi

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We're now into week three of our massive $12,000 photo gear giveaway at Dream Photo Tours!

It’s exciting week because we’re giving away tons more great stuff including one of my Signature Edition Formatt-Hitech travel filter kits, a Really Right Stuff Safari Clamp plus bullhead combo, and a Wacom Intuos Pro Small Tablet!  

This is a five-week giveaway with new winners being announced each of the five weeks. Winning a prize one week does not disqualify you as a potential prizewinner in any of the other following weeks. Participants of the giveaway may share on social media several times each week via the widget shown on the official giveaway page for additional entries per week as indicated."

A huge congrats to everyone who’s one so far! 

Good Luck!
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If this is really a true and valid giveaway I hope you might like the photos that I share with the world! It doesn't matter if I win or not but sharing my beautiful photos with the world is a win already, G E R R I LAGRANGE
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Elia Locardi

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The +Fstoppers and I have been burning the midnight oil every night over the past few nights working on the astro photography portion of our tutorial video. And of course, by burning the midnight oil, I really mean burning through countless shots of espresso. :)

Photo by +Patrick Hall. 
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Look at that beautiful 
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The Moments Between || Appreciating Cambodia

It’s always bittersweet saying goodbye to Cambodia and with all the great footage we got, this visit was certainly no exception. There’s just something incredible about being here, standing in the early morning light among these beautiful and ancient relics. The stories that grace the carvings upon the walls, whispering of a magic from the far and distant past that make for a truly unique experience.  

Cambodia inspires me to want to give something back, to leave it  maybe just a little bit better, a humble offering for all the inspiration it has given to me over the years. That’s why it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I’ll be returning again this December to lead my third photo tour here, and to have a chance to share the magic of this place with others.

This all-inclusive philanthropic photo tour will be a mix of exploring the ancient temples of the Angkor complex, visiting the floating villages of the Tonle Sap and spending time working with the kids of local non-profit Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) and helping them to improve their photography skills. JWOC works to promote economic, educational and improved health opportunities through access to basic services such as clean water, micro-finance, education and community liaison programs. These sustainable programs also build capacity and increase self-reliance, helping struggling communities to face daily challenges and better their own future. I’m also excited to say that a large portion of our proceeds from this tour will go straight to JWOC to support their on-going programs. :)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, visit the link for the complete details:

Shot by Lee Morris : DJI Phantom 2 + GoPro 4 Silver. 

#cambodia   #dreamphoto   #themomentsbetween  
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The Moments Between || Temple Trees

Some of the temples in Angkor Wat are over a thousand years old but it's only in recent history that they've been excavated and protected by Unesco.

When the archeologists first came here, they removed as many trees as possible to reveal and save the temples. It's amazing to think that the trees that have become so iconic and popular are only there because removing them would destroy the temple underneath.  

Shot with: +Fujifilm X-M1 - 28mm - f/3.2 - ISO 400 -  1/240

#fujifilm   #themomentsbetween   #cambodia   #angkorwat  
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Cambodia, This is my Country
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The Moments Between || Hong Kong Rush

Even though I love landscape photography with a passion, urban cityscapes are sometimes my favorite subjects to photograph, especially when I'm in such a densely populated city environment like downtown Hong Kong. When the night lights come on here, the city comes alive and there are countless little details to photograph.

Shot with: Fujifilm X-T1 - 12mm - f/22 - ISO 200 - 30 Seconds.

#hongkong   #lighttrails   #themomentsbetween  
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Elia Locardi

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+Saleh Nass created this beautiful video when he joined us on our inaugural Italy Photo Tour. He did a wonderful job highlighting some of the memorable experiences we all shared. The only problem is that now I really miss Italy. ;)

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Che bello! :) Grazie!! Ma non è solo l'Italia che ti manca...  ti mancano gli amici che erano lì con te.
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The Moments Between || The Ambitious Journey

I know that I’ve been much less active on social media than usual lately. The Fstoppers and I are still in New Zealand and almost done with the 2.5 months of filming our very ambitious education video series about photography. We’re very proud of what we’re working on and the entire journey has been an amazing experience. 

For the next few weeks we’ll be driving around the South Island and exploring some of the my favorite places in Middle Earth. Just bear with me a bit longer as I remain a little slower than usual to respond to all of the emails, comments, and messages. :)

Shot by: Lee Morris - DJI Phantom 2 - GoPro Hero 4. 

#themomentsbetween   #newzealand  
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Good for wallpaper
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The Moments Between || Back in New Zealand! 

Yesterday, the Fstoppers and I kicked off a new shooting adventure in New Zealand! Over the next 26 days, we’ll be cruising many designations on the South Island to wrap up principal production on our upcoming Landscape Photography Tutorial Video. As you can see, just two days into the trip and we already got some epic light at Punakaiki on the west coast. Not too shabby for our first real day of filming. :)

We’ve been shooting in 6 different countries over the past few months, working on an upcoming educational series. If all goes according to plan, the first video should be available early this summer. For early access and a sweet discount, get more information and sign up here:

(photo credit: +Naomi Locardi  - Fujifilm X-E2 | 18mm | f/5 | 1/35 | ISO 200)

#newzealand   #themomentsbetween   #travelphotography  
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Hey very nice
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Elia Locardi

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I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our new photography tour company, Dream Photo Tours!

In celebration of the momentous occasion, we’re giving away an incredible $12,000 in prizes from our favorite partners and sponsors. Even more awesome is the fact is that you’ll have multiple chances to win each week for the next five weeks! 

For a chance to win, visit:

By participating in this giveaway, you'll have a chance to win prizes including Cameras from Fujifilm, Filter kits by +Formatt-Hitech, annual memberships from +SmugMug, +PhotoShelter, and +500px, Image editing software from +on1, Capture One, and +Macphun Software. hard drives from +G-Technology, tripod and grip gear from +Really Right Stuff, input devices from +Wacom, and camera bags from +Think Tank Photo

The grand prize is a weather-resistant FUJIFILM X-T1 with FUJINON XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens kit valued at $1,900.00 USD!

Launching Dream Photo Tours has been a two year labor of love which I’ve had the honor to share with my wife +Naomi Locardi and my dear friend +Ken Kaminesky. We’ve meticulously scouted and researched dozens of countries to develop a collection of some of the most amazing and life changing photo tours ever constructed. It’s hard to express just how proud I am to see all this hard work come to life. 

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Congratulations, How PERFECT for all!
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Elia Locardi

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Cambodia. ;)
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Now is that Boko Haram!! hahaaahaaa! Im scared...
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The Moments Between || Hong Kong Haze

Even though it’s super hazy out tonight, I can’t help but be amazed by the extraordinary view from Victoria Peak. The immense urban sprawl of the HK skyline impresses me each and every time I see it. 

As far as photography goes, it’s way too hazy to compose a good shot tonight which means we’ll definitely need to have a few more early morning tries to get it right. Personally, I don’t mind getting up early for stuff like this but +Patrick Hall and +Lee Morris on the other hand, well let’s just say they’re definitely not big fans of 4:30AM wake up calls. ;)

Shot (handheld) - Fujifilm X-E2 - 17mm - f/4 - ISO 1250 - 1/13th

#hongkong   #travelphotography   #themomentsbetween  
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