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Don't vote Blue no matter what. But DO vote against anyone at all who has a chance of beating Trump.

I've said it before and I will say it again, if you manage to get Trump elected, I will come over there and feed my fist to all y'all!

It's fine to support Sanders. Super-swell if he wins the nomination! But if he doesn't win the nom, vote for Clinton.

The world cannot afford even a single Trump presidency.
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Eli Tripps (SoE)

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Eli Tripps (SoE)

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New York voters, check your registration status!
There have been many documented cases of voter registration anomalies in New York State.  Even if you are sure that you registered Democratic, please click here to verify it:

If you have any questions about voting in New York, contact New York Elections Office for more information.
Phone: (518) 474-6220

To all Bernie Supporters: Winning New York is critical to Bernie winning the Democratic nomination.  If you can spare a few minutes or hours, please pitch in and help Bernie win NY:

#NewYorkForTheWin   #BernieSanders   #FeelTheBern   #mydailybernie  
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I am 40 yrs old and have been fighting against the Abrahamic blood cults since I was 9. No, I was never abused. Your religion didn't make it past 3rd grade Mythology. A god may exist, yours does not. If he did exist I would denounce him as an evil god and definitely not worthy of worship. Don't confuse my Purpose: I aim to show the world, Judaism, Christianity  and Islam are FALSE!  We evolved, we are Apes, Adam and Eve were not real, Original Sin is a lie, and an evil god did not have to father himself to sacrifice himself, to save us from himself.
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Gamer on a budget. From cheap to neat they had options. Going back today for a neat one, for the wife of course.
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They changed their noodles and I've reduced from 5 star to 3
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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How its calls it self BBQ anything is beyond me...they sell crappy store bought shredded pork on a stale bun..pfft...4 beers on tap all the same ...the bartender saw my wife and I sit down and then ignored us for more than 5 mins as she smoked a cig less than 10 feet away...not even a Hi ...never going again
Atmosphere: Poor - FairDecor: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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7 reviews
I've consistently gotten poor quality food, horrible bar service, and dingy atmosphere. While some of the servers have been friendly they are poorly trained or just don't care. Of the places to eat in Sullivan it is on the bottom only above the Blue Diamond.
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Great place to have a beer and enjoy a Secular hangout
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Its the local pizza stand ...2 tables enough for kids on a Friday ..or local fantastic take home must eat
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