Most of this post from +cecil howe is about DriveThruRPG rather than Kickstarter, but there's one part that grabs my attention (emphasis mine):

"And again, I stress, let your backers know they’re helping you with this. Don’t pull wool over their eyes. People backing your project can actually go here to see how much the base cost of your POD book costs. They can easily figure out what the at-cost price of the book and then call you out for charging more than that but saying it is at-cost. If your backers are cool with getting a 90% coupon in exchange for a low pledge instead of a 100% coupon for a high pledge, and they know they’re helping you take over the DTRPG world then it should be fine. Don’t be shady, don’t be an ass. Answer any questions they have about it. Again, I do not, in any way, condone lying to your customers."

It's never occurred to me that this is something backers would tolerate. On the one hand, it feels like a scummy business move to me. On the other hand, the math checks out and if it's all out in the open then I suppose there's no problem with it.

Anybody wanna chew on this with me?
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