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Welcome to the Dark Side, +MG Siegler . We have cookies.
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He does this every now and then to somehow convince himself that he's not 100% biased.
Waiting for an article on how Nexus 4 is pretty good but still no match for iPhone 5. /s
I stopped following that clown a long time ago...
MG is an idiot. He defends Apple & Facebook and tries to bash Google in every way he can.

Google removed his offensive profile picture (one showing the middle finger) and he ranted about it.

Google moved the Android source code to another location and he ranted again.

I can go on and on....
Once in a while I go to his blog and check out whats happening... Recently he has been writing less against Google (since Android is winning) and more against MS and W8, since he believes that is likely to fail...
+Ganesh Nayak Well he is writing less against Android because it does not work anymore. Google has turned Android into a fantastic platform that looks and feel better than iOS. And hardware manufacturers are no longer aping Apple's design because well... they feel outdated already. 

The last complaint anyone had was the poor quality of Android tablets (and apps) and even that was eradicated with Google launching Nexus 7 few months ago and manufacturers and developers catching up at a rapid pace. 
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