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You have to enjoy a good laugh !
(at their expense ?)
His kitchen looks alot like mine;  even the same oven
You just can not make this stuff up!! 
This really is about as good as it gets. 
Hows that LOTR meme go?

One simply does not delete a tweet to stop a viral picture.

I love how they go all crazy because she should have never gotten the picture yet it was because of how FB works that she got it. LOL.
I look forward to 'shopped versions of the image :D
"Human decency"? He really can't admit his websites privacy flaws. He owns the largest website community in the world and can't admit something like this even though he's a victim. This is why I hate Facebook and why I use google, at least they had the "Human decency" to admit they've made a mistake (Nexus Q coming to mind) and are trying to fix it and to the people that ore ordered them got them for free. Facebook just says they own your posts, pictures and whatever else you have. 
+Jake White The ultra-rich always figure they play by a different set of rules.
+Eli Fennell

That may be true, but I don't understand why people would use a product that even the creator seems to be unhappy with.

Maybe not unhappy but frustrated with its privacy settings. Just like everyone else. 
+Jake White I predicted that "The Social Network" would reveal Zuckerberg as the unstrustworthy liar that he is. That was 2010 on G Buzz.

But no one cared, all people care about is what they get, and if they get to flirt with the opposite sex and keep up with family posts, then that is the product they will use.

Until the pain outweighs that benefits, the pain can be ignored.
+Chris Lang

If everyone was on G+ and made a family circle which isn't difficult since everyone and their brother has a gmail anyway. It would be a safer way to post and ONLY share with your family not your family and their 50 friends and 550 fake friends that are just there to look at your pictures and troll your statuses.

I guess I couldn't handle the pain anymore. 
The problem is that 80% of G+ accounts are not active +Jake White, even Google admits that, 500 mil, 100 mil active. (or something like that)

I have over 100 20 something friends from my 1999 days as a bartender before IM biz took me over. I have never heard from any of them here, even though I have continually encouraged them to come here.

All my male real world friends are on Facebook, because they are single and want to get laid / date. So I hear from none of them here either.

Right now Google+ just does not deliver what normies want, and that is a network were everyone they know is every day and is active everyday. For now, that is Facebook unfortunately.
Look at it this way, I found Buzz in 2010 to be of high value to me. 99% of the rest of the world did not. 
+Chris Lang

That makes a lot of sense. I have one or two "real world" friends on G+ whom are active but don't really talk much here. I use this for news, debate and conversation about topics I'm interested in, it's never let me down and I'm very happy here. I guess G+ is going to have get a little creative as to how to get people laid.

It's sad how its come to that. 
Give G+ time, as long as no big marketing fiascoes occur like they did with Buzz and Gwave, and Zuckerberg continues to chase his tail to please shareholders, G+ will continue to grow.

Also remember that Gwave and Buzz got bashed because Zuckerberg paid bloggers to write malicious reviews, luckily USA Today revealed that and shut it down.
Maybe this is wishful thinking but one day Zuckerberg may just push FB users one step too far.
+Carl Draper Not until some popular high-profile person stands up and makes an issue out of it and gets a lot of other high profile types to agree.  As long as Facebook seems to be the cool place to be, as long as celebrities are encouraging people to follow them on Facebook and the like, people will overlook the suckage.
+Eli Fennell

That's publicity, I don't that'll ever change honestly. I'd be surprised to even know they control their own page. Although companies could possibly get screwed but I believe a lot of their business comes from Social networking. 
Right now most of the world LOVES Facebook, I learned a long time ago saying negative things about Facebook is a good way to get peeps pissed up.

It is not quite time yet for anyone to stand up to Facebook, especially since most businesses have spent so much time building large networks there and promoting their services / business / consulting / personal reputation.

It is the "Emperor Has No Clothes" thing.
+Chris Lang What good is building up a following you then have to pay to reach?
+Eli Fennell That is for FB Pages, not personal profiles. The average person is just fine with FB. They are not there for business.

The average person on FB has 130 friends. We here on G+ we can surpass that with one shared Circle added.

The average person on Facebook only wants to hear from people they know. G+ers are here to get to know others.

The average person on FB follows the Page to get coupons. Most businesses on FB are there to use ads to drive traffic to pages, where the coupons lie.

The average person has no idea what EdgeRank is or that their sharing may or may not reach all their followers.

The average person on FB has no idea what Goolge+ is, could care less about privacy BUT they don't want their posts public and would be livid to see people they don't know on their posts.

Try this, go to Happy Hour tomorrow, ask 5 people you don't know if they have heard of Google+. Then report back here. Love to hear what you find out.
#irony A good Jewish family's celebration of Christmas made public.  
She is a hypocrite. The irony of it all is the fact she used twitter to vent. What happened to Facebook and the billion plus users Ms. Zuckerberg? #irony
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