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Google+ Comments Come to Google News

This is an excellent feature, and a great method of social discovery of content. Google news is one of my top news sources, and gets more relevant the more I engage with the Google+ social platform. Google News was one of the earliest ways I found people to follow. See you all in the funny pages.

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+Ronnie Bincer One thing is for sure... this is how you turn a miltimillion dollar profit maker into a multibillion dollar profit maker. Google is evolving beyond advertising to content, and they're not pussyfooting around about it.
+Eli Fennell I wonder if all the new partners on YouTube are getting this offered to them or if it is just for us 'legacy partner-types'... mo money if everyone can 'sell on YouTube' IMO.
I don't see anything wrong with further integrating your products and increasing their previous functionality, unlike how +Wil Wheaton saw it. In that +Wil Wheaton linked article it also points out how Facebook users spend an average of 7+ hours using its platform and Google+ users only spend a few minutes on the average in comparison. My mom is on Facebook more than 7 hours a night playing games and not really being social at all. So it's a padded stat in my book, in the face of making a social comparison that is. If we had stats on all of the time that people spend across all of Google's products it would assuredly overtake Facebook's 7 hours. So it's in Google's best interest to unify their TOS in order to unify their stats to combat the Facebook stat mentality the media insists on meandering about.

I understand +Wil Wheaton and his stance, but we're all in the middle of this no holds barred fisticuff between the social big boys. Functionality changes, further integration, and some low blows are to be expected along the way. Kind of like Google+ comments on the news, which is a great way for people to gain some increased exposure :)
+Long Nguyen Same thing, but Google's just launching it early on their own products. YouTube will come soon.
+Patrick Sharpe The padded stats are the big thing. It's a perception thing. Google needs to be able to give a unified report of the average number of hours a user pends on their products, while ideally (for them) increasing that number.
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