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With a Nexus 7 in hand, I'm holding a glimpse at the future of Enterprise tech. I'll explain soon.
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Yeah man, what's the big deal? You think its better than the Galaxy's? Do tell.
+Mark Smith There is no Santa,

Says the pouty bastard who didn't get Google Glasses.
Enterprise tech...I'm leaning warp drive. :-D 
enterprise tech? oh this has my attention!
Hmm, I've been in " enterprise tech" for 25 years. Install, re- install, configure, call support, pay license fees, debug.
+J.C. Kendall You worked for a company building the Enterprise future. You know how it starts with small steps. I'll tell you the steps I see.
+Eli Fennell No, dude. We won because we knifed the competition, and a few of us understood how to market technology. 
Rich G.
One of the things I love about my N7 is that it reminds me of the PADD on Star Trek. Now, if I could get an LCARS skin for it (with sounds) I'd be giddy!!!
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