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Can't get a better deal than free.
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They could pay me to watch them. Wouldn't that be best o_O
Well, okay, yeah... find that world for me, because I want in.
They can start by opening in more markets! Even Apple iTunes is now available in India! And Apple does not even take Indian market seriously. 
Would be nice! If I could get it in Norway that is... :(
Google Play should really come to India. iTunes is a mess here.

I asked my mom to search anything she wanted to on iTunes. She searched for a very old Hindi movie (Gol Maal). Legally, this movie is available for ₹25 (45¢) on DVD. But on iTunes, the rent price is ₹80 ($1.46) and purchase price is ₹190 ($3.46).
Well, pricing of digital media is rather freaky at times. I remember seeing something funny. Buying all the songs of Dil Chahta Hai was more expensive than buying a DVD of the movie itself from Flipkart. But iTunes is a good start. Now competition is needed. 

In any case, video content is unlikely to become popular in India because of the obscene prices of data transfer in India. Downloading a movie could potentially cost more than the movie itself if the user is on a crappy plan. 
we used to have that in aus till the net companies started bringing out capped unlimited download packages
What they need to do is partner with all the major ISPs in the country to ensure that data transfer from these digital stores is not counted against the usage limit of the user. I believe Netflix and Amazon Prime users in USA face similar issues... 
+Sushubh Mittal So people will still stick to those ₹20 (36¢) pirated DVDs outside the railway station I guess. I consider myself lucky to have an unlimited data plan.
i have no idea about that. all i know is for home data packages over here our best is through optus, 100 bucks a month for 500gb download limit
Well, people who do not appreciate the quality or the content itself would not pay for it no matter what. I still try to watch good movies in theaters even though it ends up costing a lot more than buying a DVD at a later stage. I mean Flipkart is selling songs for 5-15 rupees per track which is like 10-30 cents per song. If this is not affordable, what is? I do not think a lot of folks have started buying songs from there (or iTunes which is a bit more expensive). Competing with free is very hard. 
i download mine through torrents for free, lol
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