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Google's New Voice Assistant Blows Siri Away

Don't believe me? Watch for yourself. Siri may still have a few small advantages, but considering Google's hasn't even been released yet, I think it's fair to assume it can close those gaps quickly. The demo also shows that Google's assistant sounds a lot more human and does a lot more than answer Google Searches.

So much for S Voice, too, and frankly all other competitors, at this point it's Siri vs. Google and it looks like Google will absolutely stomp Siri in the long run.

h/t +Tim Moore 
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+Joshua Kiley As soon as I'm on my desktop, I'll do that. It's really amazing how badly Sir I fared, given she's had a heck of a head start.
I had never even considered needing a voice assistant in day-to-day usage, but seeing how quickly (and fairly accurately) both of these respond (in a non-Apple-ad setting) is very impressive. It really makes me wish I had a Nexus device so that Jellybean would actually be a viable upgrade for my phone. I don't think I'll make the same mistake of an OEM handset running a custom version of Android again (Samsung and HTC take too long to release OS upgrades).
Android blows Apple away,,, Just saying Android is growing leaps and bounds while Apple is ,,, how should I say this? Stagnant. Still looks the same, Phone hasn't changed significantly, screen size is pathetic. There is a lot more but why go on. Apple needs a huge revamp sorry to say. 
+Ron Norgaard I completely agree. One thing I love about Google is the rate of change. The fact that we are updated so regularly for free makes being a Googler just so much more enjoyable. Though I guess some people like the stability of an unchanging product. That's one reason why many companies choose local word processing solutions like Microsoft Word rather than the plethora of products found in the cloud such as Google Drive.
+Joshua Kiley You can watch that directly even in china,try google "goagent", it is free and it is easy to use. Thanks google.
+Joshua Kiley have you had any level of success with a custom ROM on your Desire HD that is able to access all of its hardware? It looks like we both have the same phone. I keep reading reviews of people who say they get a custom ROM to work, but then there is always that caveat that either the camera doesn't work or the bluetooth doesn't work or the WiFi doesn't work. I'm holding off rooting my DHD and giving it a go because HTC have promised an ICS upgrade in a matter of weeks, but I'd happily blow away my telco's bloatware if I was convinced I wasn't losing any functionality in doing so.
Exactly, and that's what I'm hoping for. Once HTC gets ICS playing nicely with all of its hardware, then I wouldn't mind getting a trimmed down ROM without any of Vodafone's junk taking up all my space
Good video +Eli Fennell looks like our overlord stomped a mud hole into poor old Siri. Impressive! The voice modulation is way better on Jelly Bean than the iPhone, but perhaps not as funny for things such as this:

I want an iphone 4

Oldie, goodie, and still makes sense.
Hmmm, I wonder who'll design a better voice assistant?

Google: (gmail, goggles, earth, google mars, project glass, driverless cars .... etc)
Apple:  (iPhone, iPad, ????)
This demo actually made me reconsider getting a GSIII instead of a Galaxy Nexus. 
+Craig Froehle Hopefully Samsung won't screw GSIII users with a slow JB upgrade. But, they haven't seemed to be bothered by screwing their flagship customers so far.
+Eli Fennell Exactly my fear. JB seems to have enough systemic improvements as to be worth worrying about, much like Froyo -> Gingerbread.
+Craig Froehle You'd think the "Apple of Android", Samsung, would care more, but then they didn't do right by their original Tab customers when they said "No ICS for you because we can't make it work with Touchwiz!"  Because, ya know, Touchwiz was TOTALLY worth staying on Honeycomb... LOL
Right! TW is my least preferable of the three OEM overlays. I've been a fan of Sense for a long time, but Moto has really done wonders with Blur recently. TW is still clunky and junky, IMO...could do without, especially given Duarte's work on Android's UI.
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