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Steve Ballmer is officially insane.

That awkward moment when you realize you needed the Consumer Electronics Show after all, the year after dramatically exiting the scene.
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Mr. Ballmer is the perfect CEO for Microsoft. 
Mr. Ballmer seems like he'd be much more at home selling things on late night infomercials.
+Joseph Moosman You must wish evil things on MS to think that.

+Craig Froehle Have you ever seen that old video of Ballmer acting like a crazy used car salesman from a TV commercial to sell Windows?
+Saeed W "Now, I like Android and all, but Windows Phone's da best mobile OS of all time, of all time yo!"  LOL
"imma let you finish, but, have you seen these sick ass tiles bro?" 
Steve Ballmer? Kickass guy. Not much of a CEO though.
+Craig Froehle have you seen the early Microsoft commercials? If not, search YouTube and be prepared for some awkward laughs. 
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