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Apple Unlikely to Win Samsung Sales Bans

I said when Judge Koh refused to issue any injunctions, and the appeals panel overruled her on the pretrial Galaxy Nexus ban, that the patent wars are over.  There may still be a few landmines hanging around, most notably the ITC which seems to play by its own rules at times, but in general the guns have fallen silent, and as it should be winners and losers will be picked by consumers voting with their wallets, not by judges inserting themselves into the marketplace.

This will mark the second time Apple has failed to litigate the competition out of the market.  But hey, I'm sure in 2030 they'll have much better luck against The Company for infringing on their "System and Method for Breeding Xenomorphic Aliens in the Chest Cavities of Space Miners" patent.  Watch out, Ripley!  That queen had nothing on Cupertino.

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+Cliff Wynne I always figured, if the world ever rallied around Apple as a technological standard, they would BE The Company.  You wouldn't be able to say "you know what, I don't think I like HP's PC's anymore, I'll buy Lenovo's instead" or "I need a tablet with a keyboard dock, so I'll buy Asus instead of Samsung".
It will be interesting to see how the will do this year and 2014.. my guess by start of 2014 apple shares would be around 200. I wonder if they know that they are wasting their time in all this patent shit and soon competition is going to get even tougher with lots of multitasking os where as ios has no multitasking and still no nfc. If i was Tim cook I would be worried about apple future.  
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