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Will Nokia Go Android?

Maybe not, but Stephen Elop (perhaps sensing that he's headed towards the corporate guillotine and dragging the former Finnish giant with him) seems to have left the door open. Nokia entering the Android market might just secure Android's position as the dominant mobile platform in perpetuity (because their patent portfolio makes them well nigh immune to Apple's lawsuits), give Samsung some strong competition, and probably deal a final fatal blow to Windows Phone (and with it, Microsoft's mobile ambitions). This could be interesting.
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Under Elop, not going to happen. Nokia Board would have to fire him to make that happen. Fact is, I know a lot of people who would buy a Nokia manufactured Android device. I would! 
I don't know, the fear of getting fired is a powerful motivator. His two-year timeframe for a Nokia turnaround is drawing to a close.
I am sure he has a job waiting for him at Microsoft :P 

Plus Nokia's market value is so little. I am sure Microsoft would go for the kill (acquisition) if Nokia board decides to change their game plan. 
+Sushubh Mittal I can't see how it'd help Microsoft at this point. How many turkeys can they tie together trying to make an eagle?
Well, fact remains, Nokia is still making the best looking Windows Phone devices in the market. Add to that the patents and the R&D (PureView is an example) and the global presence. They get a lot for very little. Microsoft could get Nokia for less than what Google paid for Motorola! Though I am sure competitors would jump in with their own bids if this ever happens! 
+Sushubh Mittal Oh, hell yeah, Google and Apple would never let it happen, they'd drive the bid so high it would probably force a joint buyout with patents equally distributed between all three. Samsung might even get in on that.
I remember reading that Microsoft and Nokia outsourced patent licensing to a subsidiary. I cannot locate that article now. Mosaid was one of the many companies that appeared in Google search results. I wonder what kind of deals are in place between Nokia and Microsoft which might block Nokia to ditch Windows Phone. Though the deal is supposed to be non-exclusive. 
If nokia made an android I would buy the hell out of it. 
Yeah sign me up for Nokia with Android, bonus points for a Nokia Nexus. 
I would love a decent Nokia Android phone.

I'm not changing until my contract's out in the summer of 2014, so it's a bit academic.

Can't wait to see what's released at CES next year (well, that and the S5)
First of all, I believe it was some other Nokia executive that said Nokia's building Android phones would be like peeing your pants in the winter to keep warm.  In any case, I would love to buy an Android phone made by Nokia that has a form factor like the Nokia E7.
I saw this story earlier but my thoughts are, it all depends on M$. No one really knows the circumstances of their relationship with Nokia. They may have contractual privilege to block Nokia from making an Android phone. It's hard to tell from this vantage point.
+Ryan Pond They don't, though, they couldn't in fact, that would be anti-competitive behavior like when they used to threaten OEM's with higher licensing fees if they sold Linux.  Remember the hot water that got them in?  No, Nokia almost certainly has the right to do whatever they want, though MS might find less blatant ways to "punish" them (reducing cross-advertising support, for example) and in their current position Nokia might worry about that (still, it doesn't seem to be doing them much good).
They'll sell more Android phones in the first year than they will sell windows phones. Probably outsell about 5 to 1
+Antony Jackson Yeah, and they can finally bring their full PureView tech to a platform people want to buy.  The so-called PureView for their new Windows Phone is a shadow of PureView's full 40mp glory.
That reminds me of another point. Why do these companies have to compete for the thinnest phone in the market. Why cannot we have a slightly thicker phone if it gets me a larger battery and the pure PureView camera experience! 
+Eli Fennell And with the addition of new quad core processors (and full os support for them) they'll have a phone that actually can handle PureView 
+Antony Jackson I am not sure but Nokia handled PureView just fine on ancient hardware on 808. Of course, the display resolution was horrible. But speedwise it was just like normal cameras :) 

Sony has just showcased HDR video recording on Xperia Z. I guess we might finally have something solid to compete against PureView :P 
Ok, a phone that can handle it in something smaller than a cinder block 
I want elop gone and wp buried from nokias walls before I consider purchasing from them again.
Not having Android offering(s) in the current mobile climate is a grievous decision and Elop should be out on his ear.
I believe you are a little too kind to Flop there +Brian Fuller... there needs to be some tarring and feathering at the very least.  It's the most humane thing to do to him.
Nokia, its called money, and you need it. If they did this, they could potentially become #1 in Europe again.
Just make it with the Tegra 4, bring it to Sprint, and I'm sold.
Nokia Board would have to fire his CEO, he is the spy from microsoft.
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