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Who's Ready for Free Internet Everywhere?

OK, so, free internet everywhere may or may not be the end result of Google acquiring Titan Aerospace (previously a potential acquisition target for Facebook), but add these together with Project Loon and you've got your bases covered with the advantages of each compensating for any disadvantages to the other approach
As usual, the most obvious target here for Google is the developing world, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually expand the scope of Loon to cover the entire globe, effectively ridding themselves of all those annoying middlemen like cable companies and wireless carriers whose potential power to devastate the business models of web companies has hung over them like the Sword of Damocles since the day their company was founded.

Google has acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace, the autonomous solar-powered flying vehicle company believed to be next in Facebook's sights, in a move it says will help Project Loon in bringing internet to developing markets
Google has acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace, the autonomous solar-powered flying vehicle company believed to be next in Facebook’s sights, in a move ...
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Oh wow. I thought FB already snagged this...(for later reading, thanks for the share)
I believe I've read that the speed of internet from the Loon balloons is similar to 3G speeds.  That may be sufficient for the developing world, but I'm guessing that it wouldn't do very well in the US.  Having said that, if they could figure out a way to put an Artimus pCell ( onto one of their drones or balloons, it would be unbeatable.
+Tim Lewis That's where these new things come in; the solar drones would be capable theoretically of faster and more reliable speeds.  Besides, free 3G would still cover the needs of a lot of first worlders still on 3G.  Remember, the Moto G captured 6% of the U.K. phone market recently and that's 3G.
+Eli Fennell very interesting, I too thought that FB had already closed the deal. Wonder what happened, the $60M price-tag doesn't exactly scream "bidding war"...

Does FB have an alternative source of more or less the same tech? (it's not exactly rocket science)

Some other concern? Then again, here's what I just quipped over on Martin Shervington's reshare of this:
Skynet is assembling all of its pieces... :) It was irritated at the FB acquisition attempt, and pulled some strings...

Says one astute commenter on the BI post:
"...eilonwy on Apr 14, 3:25 PM said:
I'm envisioning Google and Amazon drones engaging in dog fights over major cities."
+Noble Ackerson ah... thanks. So.. it's on I guess... Maybe Amazon drones will resupply them both with darts and rubber bands... :)
P.S. Yep...

"...Mark Zuckerberg is putting together a lab where a team of Facebook engineers will build flying drones, satellites, and infrared lasers capable of beaming internet connections to people down here on earth.
...According to Zuckerberg, the lab’s engineering staff already spans “many of the world’s leading experts in aerospace and communications technology,” including researchers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA’s Ames Research Center, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. And the company is now adding engineers from a British company called Ascenta, an outfit that helped create the world’s longest solar-powered unmanned aircraft."
+Eli Fennell I have a prediction. The aquisation of Titan Aerospace perhaps will be the beggining of a new space race. SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are paving the way for a new market-the consumer space flight market. SpaceX is already planning a manned (need a fact check here) trip to mars and is the first private contractor to dock with the ISS. It took the Cold War and 4% of our GDP for seven consecutive years to place a man on the moon. The next wave of Space awesomeness is going to be funded by the private sector because the extreme cost would be political suicide for any politician suggesting something as ludicrous as a moon colony or as inconceivable as a Mars Colonization attempt. I think Google will ride this tech higher and higher over the years, eventually leaving the earth for grander projects like those of SpaceX. Okay I just spilled my coffee on my pants, gtg cannot finish making point right now. 
Can there be multiple winners so that there is no single publicly traded mega corp running things? #hoping
Odds are there will be at least two or three big players.
Who said anything about there being free Internet? You won't be allowed access unless you join their terminators and get a chip implant in your brain.. 
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