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Okay, I'm calling it: This rumor about Google+ being the #2 social network is true.  I was skeptical, I admit, almost no one I know is on Google+, but you don't get this kind of response from a Googler on an average day.
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+Eli Fennell what blows me away is how grounded senior folks at Google are.. Specifically Vic..
Well, it's #1 for me. I get more out of this platform than any I've been on. The only platform that came close was MySpace (don't laugh, this is when MS was the big shot, before FB opened to everyone). Twitter (again back in the beginning) is also close. 

FB and LinkedIn aren't even in the running.
+Vinod Menon Ditto.  Not doing the end zone boot-scoot, these Googlers, just letting others sing their praises
It's number one as far as I'm concerned; anyone I consider relevant is here.
+Jannik Lindquist Apprently so, Mike Elgan just shared this post.  Only the second time he's ever done that with one of my posts.  Jesus I am scared about the coming comment onslaught.
These numbers should not be surprising... I share my photos on G+ and all my close relatives HAVE to log into G+ to see those... Hence all become monthly active users, though none of them consider G+ as their primary social network...
+Ganesh Nayak Ah ha.  Fascinating insight there/  Basically, G+ throws a thousand lassoes to hook you, and they only need to land one.
+Eli Fennell Come to think of it, FB is most vulnerable since there is primarily only one motivation to use it - "To keep in touch with people you know".. whereas for G+ there are multiple touch points through with there is constant engagement... Everytime a user enters, there is a chance that he/she will become loyal to the platform
That's kinda the beauty of G+, you don't need to know people, you create new connections through it. Its much more social then Facebook considering that i talk to people in China and India rather then my friend in chemistry. Im actually being social on it and meeting new people instead of communicating with people i already know.
+Robert Cox exactly... FB started very antisocial... Then they tried to copy twitter... And then G+ came along. twitter is still very peculiar because of the 140 char style. Makes it compact. Not the same kind of rambling. 
I have a feeling that the features of FB and G+ have been converging... However I am not going to FB much because my network there are the old connections... Not boring, but there is a cost to adding new faces to the old ones... Not sure why... I believe G+ wins for me because it can silo people in circles much more effectively than FB groups... Hence I feel more at ease posting techie stuff to my techie circle and baby pictures to my extended family... 
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