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Where You Can Find Me After Google+ (and Why)
A Survival Guide for Connecting with Me After the Pluspocalypse
Check Back Regularly for Updates

Rather than shoot out a new Post each time I test out a post-Google+ social network, I'm going to Pin this Post to my Profile, with links to the networks I am currently committed to or testing where you can find me. I will also include, in some cases, resources for Tips, Tricks, those sorts of things for these networks. Eventually, I will expand this to a full review and comparison.

I will Update this Post whenever necessary, and Reshare it, but you can also check the top of my Google+ Profile Page for the Pinned Version, which will always be Up-To-Date for as long as Google+ allows Post Updates.

Here is where you can find me, ranked in-order of Committed, meaning I am as committed to remaining on it unless and until it closes down as I have been to Google+; Active, meaning I am Posting to it actively but not Committed; Signed Up, meaning I have an account, so you can find me there, but I may not be at all active or at best slightly active in using it and may not commit to it.

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not be held responsible should you encounter anything by other users of this network that you don't like or is unwholesome. I am not seeing much to bother me, or am good at ignoring it, but your mileage may vary from mine.


ETER9 - -
User Guide: _

Google+ - Like Features: Public Posting, Collections (Preset Categories; No Ability To Follow or Unfollow Collections and no Asynchronous Following; Assign Any Post To Multiple Collections; Add Other User Posts to Your Collections without Resharing); Verified Accounts for Passionate Users. Vanity URL's.

Special Features: Optional Artificially Intelligent Sharing When You Are Inactive or Become Deceased; Multiple Stream Display Settings, Chronological-for-Connections by Default; Followable A.I. User(s).

Advertising: None (Unpledged)

Apps: Web App. Works Well But No Push Notifications

I've put 3-years into ETER9 and written a User Guide. I will definitely stay put.


MeWe -

Google+ - Like Features: Easy To Connect with Other Google Contacts Who Join (Including Google+ Contacts) by Linking Your Google Account (But No Asynchronous Following; Said To Be In Development.); Contact Suggestions (Similar To But More Manual and Less Categorical Than Circle Sharing); Use Your Existing Profile and Cover Images; Text Formatting (with WYSIWYG Editing) for Posts (But No Public Posting; Said To Be In Development); Fairly Clean White Layout, Reminscent of Google+; Community-Like Groups; Quasi-Vanity URL's.

Special Features: Privacy Oriented By Design. Emoji Reactions, Once You Get Used To Them, Are the Best Social Media Reaction System In My Opinion.

Advertising: None (Pledged)

Apps: Native Mobile App. Works Decently. ; Web App. Works Well.

I am slightly active here and want to like this place, so I will give it time to evolve, but will not commit deeply until they add Public Posting at least. I am active in helping onboard new users from Google+ with Contact Suggestions, Tips, etc...

Signed Up

Pluspora -

Google+ - Like Features: Public Posting, Text Formatting (with WYSIWYG).

Special Features: Open Source and Decentralized

Advertising: None (Pledged)

Apps: Dandelion (Android; Requires FDroid or Side Loading). Works Well. ; Diaspora Native WebApp. At-A-Glance-Good.

I don't really like this very much in its current state, and I have long-term fears that it is deliberately a niche, to the point of being a mere lifeboat for former Plusers, but I do have an account, so if it just be a lifeboat, you can Follow me there until you join me somewhere else or it grows more on me.

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We don't have news media anymore, we have media that reports what's happening on social media as news. Now we just need a form of media that reports about the reporting about social media, and the Great Circle will be complete. It'll also be the harbinger of the end of our civilization, but we'll all finally be connected with each other, like it or not. And that's what really matters, right Mr. +Mark Zuckerberg?

Today's Social Media outrage is over Katy Perry's shoes wearing blackface. You think I'm joking? Google it. Her shoes are accused of blackface! It's like someone compiled a story out of two or three separate trending stories, except it really happened! This was a real thing!

And you know what happened? The same thing that usually happens when a bunch of zealous weirdoes kick up a scuff about some imaginary issue, she gave in to The Online Mob. Because the shoes... the shoes!... were supposedly blackface, and the Online Mob can do no wrong, whether in shoe fashion, facial expression correctness, political campaigns, or major Hollywood Directorial casting decisions.

Poor +The Onion. It never stood a chance against Real Life in the 21st Century.
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It's oddly appropriate that +Mr. Jingles will die with Google+. He was truly a part of this place.
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If you bought a Chromebook that supports Power Stylus input, you should check out your Chromebook Offers Page:

Right now, there are three premium note taking apps available for free, each worth $9.99 USD. I can confirm these offers are available for the HP Chromebook x2, and probably for other devices, as well.

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I propose replacing our current system of justice with Social Media Justice. From a technical perspective, it's clearly faster and more efficient, a truly Disruptive approach to an antiquated system based on low-tech arcana like Due Process, Right To Cross-Examine, Presumption of Innocence, Privacy Protection/Eventual Record-Clearing for Juvenile Offenders, etc...

What's that? You say, "That's a terrible idea! That wouldn't be Progress, it would be Devolution back to the time of Vendettas, Clan Feuds, and Lynch Mobs!"

Actually, I completely agree. So... why are we doing this, anyways?
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Chrome OS To Let Managed Devices Choose Own Crostini Linux Distro

Chrome OS, once a souped-up-web-browser-based Operating System, has evolved substantially in recent years, first with the addition of Android app support, and more recently with Beta Linux app support through Crostini.

At present, Crostini only works with a Debian-based Linux using a Material Design-inspired theme called Adapta. According to new code spotted in Chromium, Chrome OS will soon allow a choice of Linux distros for Managed Devices, i.e. Chrome OS devices managed by an Institution, Organization, etc...

The feature will allow Administrators to configure their Device Policies to point to the URL for an alternate Linux distro, which will then be downloaded onto those devices, and this will also presumably allow installation and management of the appropriate repositories and apps used by the organization.

With Education, Government, and Business clients around the world running a wide variety of Linux distros, this move can help open a market for millions of potential new users of the Chrome OS platform. Google itself uses a custom Debian-based distro called gLinux internally, and thus is certain to be one of its own clients in this regard.

Presumably the revenue from these paying clients will help bankroll the optimization of Crostini for these different Linux flavors, while for mainstream users there will likely continue to be a single, Debian-based, Material Design-inspired version. It is possible, of course, that in the future there may be an option for ordinary users to switch distros, but likely only once a given version has been sufficiently optimized for paying clients that it becomes ready for 'Prime Time', and even then probably not easily.

#ChromeOS #Crostini #Chromebook
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A little perspective on the state of D.C. movies versus Marvel. Really, you don't have to pick between them, they're not really competing teams (at least, unless and until a D.C. vs. Marvel Cinema Crossover happens).

But given the comparative number of films, D.C. is actually achieving something; their movies are performing better relative to where Marvel was mostly doing at the same time in their film slates.

So, Phase 1 D.C. movies performed better than Phase 1 Marvel movies at the Box Office, but not as good as Phase 2, and D.C. Phase 2 is outperforming Marvel Phase 2 but not beating Phase 3. We're talking numbers, of course; we could debate Critical Reception endlessly.

As long as subsequent films maintain and build on the high performance of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, they may eventually catch up, or at least keep nipping at Marvel's heels, which means better movies for everyone.

And it's nice to see both studios embracing B Level characters who have never received great cinematic treatment before. If we can't get more original characters in film, better we not just get treated to the same Superman-Batman-Spiderman stuff forever and at least elevate some lesser characters.
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Windows 10 Overtakes Windows 7 in Market Share

Three and a half years after its debut, Windows 10 has finally overtaken its predecessor Windows 7 for market share. This is a less spectacular accomplishment than it may seem, however, when one considers that its growth rate has been weaker than Windows 7, despite a long period of being offered as a free upgrade.

Nonetheless, for Microsoft, this represents a turning point in switching users over to a more modern platform built. And with Windows still dominating the Desktop OS market in general, Microsoft can afford to miss a few target growth deadlines and still stay ahead of the competition, at least for now.

#Microsoft #Windows10 #Desktop
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Since it's become something of a gag to speculate on what the monsters in Netflix's Bird Box really were, allegorically, I'd like to offer my own entry (Warning: Very slight spoilers.):

The monsters are allegories for babies.

Think about it: The central character is a pregnant-woman-come-mom, who also inherits another child from another pregnant woman, who are like flip-sides of a coin, one terrified they won't be ready for a child, the other eager to birth a Disney Princess into the world (complete with picked-out Disney Princess names). This same central character is an artist whose interest is in depicting the difficulties people have truly connecting, a fear pregnant women the world over and throughout time can understand, i.e. whether they'll be able to connect with their child as 'normal' mothers do emotionally.

Like unborn babies, the monsters of the movie have no clear form, and the central character even deliberately resists being told the gender. And, like the fears expecting parents have, their imaginary forms evoke existential dread, regrets, fears, obsessive hopes that can drive one to do reckless things, etc...

The immune people, the crazies able to see the monsters, are like those who bond strongly with their offspring and with the role of parenthood: it makes them peculiar, but they think their children are the most beautiful things that ever existed, won't listen to anyone who says they're ugly, and even insist that everyone must share the joy with them. They've more-or-less literally got stars in their eyes for these 'most beautiful' things. The idea that anyone else might not be able to handle it, doesn't process for them, just as many enthusiastic and loving parents can't comprehend that anyone else isn't ready or able.

And there's the parallel fact that neither the monsters, nor the children cared for by the central character, are ever given names, except at the very end when they reach safety and the children are finally named, like the fear new parents have about bonding with their children and losing them. Given historic infant mortality rates, these instincts run deep, and in fact it wasn't long ago that children were rarely given proper names until they reached a certain age where the mortality rates started to decline.

Moreover, the refusal of the characters to look outside or remove their blindfolds, and their willingness to rush blindly into situations just to protect offspring or even pregnant women, is not unlike the willful bliss and reckless devotion good parents need to have in spades to navigate their journey, for no one has ever written a clear map. Parents all rush blindly into parenthood, navigating through it with little sense of what's ahead and often afraid to look back at how they got there, driving towards some Promised Land where we finally feel safe and secure that we've done out duty, like the colony being sought in the movie.

And no, I'm not being entirely serious. I don't think Bird Box was meant to be quite so allegorical, but I also think some of the parallels are too obvious to miss and that they were, at the very least, drawing some analogies.
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I don't get why some folks get upset that 'The Force' in the Star Wars movies acts like a deus ex machina, i.e. like a supernatural force that favors the protagonists, rescues them from peril, and demonstrates new qualities and abilities whenever the script needs it.

News Flash: The Force is a deus ex machina, in pretty much the most Classical sense of that term in fact. It's clear from A New Hope onwards (going by release chronology rather than Continuity chronology) that the Star Wars universe is neither amoral nor nihilistic.

Even Anakin's rise in the prequels (yes, sorry, I'd like to forget they existed, too) occurred only when the Jedi became sufficiently arrogant and corrupt to lose the 'Grace' of Force Protection. We know the Light Side is stronger, so the only way for the Dark Side to win is by the Light Side's representatives failing it.

Again, this is a Classical deus ex machina theme, wherein the Deity, Fate, Magics, or whatever else abandon the supposed protagonists because they've proven unworthy of it, e.g. their King neglected to offer Zeus a sacrifice after victory or whatever.

So, basically, if you've accepted the premise of the Star Wars universe that Good will always win as long as it stays true to the Light Side of the Force because Good is stronger and survives death (where Evil perishes, i.e. Dark Siders don't become Force Ghosts), then you have no room to complain when it overrides all previous Causational Logic for story purposes, or demonstrates previously unsuspected qualities.

Star Wars is deliberate mythology. The Force being a deus ex machina is neither an accident nor failure of the writers.
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