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Updated: The Three Branding Opportunities in the Local Knowledge Panel

Google is always testing new ways of organizing and presenting Search results, including Local Knowledge Panel results. Business owners must be aware of these changes, and of the benefits of claiming and optimizing their Google My Business listings.

In the following article, I discuss the three opportunities for business branding in the Local Knowledge Panel, including:

Your Business Logo
Your Map & Search Photos
Your Business Description

I've also updated the article to reflect the removal of Recent Posts on Google+ from Local Knowledge Panel results.  Actively Posting to your Google+ Page might still be valuable in other ways, but is no longer of benefit for Local Knowledge Panel results.

#LocalSEO   #LocalSearch   #Branding  
Your local business is a brand. Maybe you already know that, or maybe you've been thinking of brands as a mighty entity like Apple or Coca Cola. However, whether you're a Small Business of one, a Medium Sized Business of hundreds, or a Mega Corporation with thousands of employees, your company is defined by its brand.In the Internet Era one of the most important places to define your brand is online, and in that online world, one of the most if n...
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+Ratan Kalburge I like it
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Eli Fennell

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Florida's 'Prison Houdini' Nearing Release

Florida man Mark DeFriest earned the nickname of 'Prison Houdini' for his repeated escapes from Florida prisons. He escaped, in fact, a total of 7 times... though, this was out of 13 attempts, so the comparison to Houdini is somewhat generous. Nonetheless, some of his escapes were like the stuff of movies, such as duplicating guard keys solely from memory.

Ironically, it all began with an arrest as a young man for stealing his father's tools after he died, earning him a mere 4-year sentence. An autistic savant, he found prison life intolerable, and through a series of escapes, escape attempts, and disciplinary issues, this short stay ultimately became a virtual life sentence.

A misclassification ultimately landed him at a maximum security prison in Oregon, where he was still considered a prisoner of Florida, and landed him in solitary confinement. There he suffered severe and untreated health issues, so that now he has no teeth left, among other health issues.

Recently, Florida's parole board voted to grant him parole some 70-years early, after he finishes a period of as little as a couple years in California for a drug related offense. He will, by then, be nearly 60-years old, having spent most of his adult life behind bars despite being non-violent.

His greatest trick, therefore, will be remaining free.

#OnlyInFlorida #PrisonHoudini #FloridaMan
Longtime inmate Mark DeFriest — "the greatest escape artist [Florida] has ever known" — is inching closer to freedom.
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I doubt there is a happily ever after on this one. I'm suprised the Washington post would run such a blatant article about white privilege though.

But that's none of my business
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Eli Fennell

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WhatsApp Reverses Privacy Stance To Share Data with Facebook

WhatsApp, the behemoth of Instant Messaging, is pulling a 180 on its privacy stance to profit its parent company Facebook.

When the Social Network acquired their sort-of competitor, the company promised, “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible," and that the acquisition wouldn't change this.

Now, however, they are updating their Privacy Policy to share your phone number with the parent company, allowing them to more effectively track users across services. While the company would like you to primarily focus on how this will help them improve your service, block spammers, etc..., even they aren't denying that part of the point of this is to improve their ad targeting.

This is well timed, since WhatsApp has plans soon to open their service to businesses, and this could make those efforts much more valuable.

The only way, going forward, to protect your privacy would be to use a different phone number with each service, which is obviously not convenient or practical for many users, some of whom will see this as nothing less than a betrayal.

Do you use WhatsApp? How do you feel about this decision?

#SocialMedia #Privacy #WhatsApp
WhatsApp is to start handing over user information to parent company Facebook, in a huge reversal of its previous policies. The company has long been committed to ensuring that WhatsApp user data remains private – telling users when it was acquired by Facebook that “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible”. But it has just announced that it will be making a c...
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Competition in to many places and the Spammers are every where . They don't give a demmn about any "WhatsApp" and "Digital Privacy,Security and Censorship. That's the reason why I don't get around much to the Internet....
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Eli Fennell

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Google To Penalize Obtrusive Mobile Ads & Remove 'Mobile Friendly' Label

Everyone hates interstitial ads and obtrusive banner ads, i.e. ads that hide or cover up most or all of the content of your web page. Everyone hates them. EVERYONE. Especially when browsing on a Mobile device.

That includes Google, apparently, and now they're going to do something about it: starting next year, Google will apply an algorithmic ranking penalty in mobile Search results for web pages that use interstitial and obtrusive ads. Previously, Google only penalized app interstitials specifically.

Such sites may appear lower on SERP's starting in January of next year (2017). This will not affect interstitials used for specific purposes such as tracking cookie disclaimers or age checks. Nor will it affect unobtrusive banner ads, or vignette ads which only appear only when users navigate between pages on the same websites but not when navigating directly to web pages from Search Engines, Social Networks, etc...

In addition, Google will no longer display the Mobile Friendly tag on appropriate web links in Mobile Search results, as nearly all results in Mobile Search now meet this criteria. The algorithmic penalty for non Mobile Friendly web pages will, nonetheless, remain in effect.

#GoogleUpdates #SEO

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+Barbara Wiesenberg Facebook doesn't use interstitial ads or obtrusive banner ads, so no.
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Eli Fennell

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U.S. Prisoners Will Literally Kill For Ramen Noodles

The quality and nutritional value of U.S. prison food has gone down so much in recent years, as prison budgets have flattened while prison populations explode and private prisons become increasingly common, that Ramen Noodle packs have overtaken cigarettes as a prison currency.

In effect, rather than provide sufficient nutritional value, prisons have de facto shifted an increasing amount of the financial burden for food costs onto the prisoners themselves and their support networks.

#ThatHeadlineThough #PrisonLife
Instant ramen has overtaken cigarettes as the go-to currency in U.S. prisons, according to a study.
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+Rachel Smackahoe​ coming from someone who's using the last name smackahoe... Yes child rapist, woman beaters, and murderers may deserve this but to be honest the people who run our country/our world are worse criminals than most people in the prison system. So you're drug addicts deserve treated like this? Alcoholics deserve this? Not all criminals are bad. They are people too. 
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Eli Fennell

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“Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” - William Paul Young
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You people have dirty minds. I like that. ;-)
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Eli Fennell

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Teenager On Run From Police Asks News Station FB Page To Use Better Picture Of Her

An 18-year old Australian girl, on the run from police after escaping a Corrections facility, let her vanity get the better of her when a news station ran her mug shot on TV.

The suspect, Amy Sharp, logged on to the station's Facebook Page and asked them to use a nicer picture of her, which she helpfully provided.

It appears this may have led to her recapture after police checked the location data from the Post itself, thus affirming the Biblical axiom about pride going before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the downfall.

#ThatHeadlineThough #Vanity
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – An 18-year-old girl who had escaped from an Australian correction center responded to police after her mug shot was posted on Facebook. She asked them to please, use a bet…
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+Libris Fidelis Well, sure, I never said that isn't the case. What I said was law enforcement isn't building policy from every random internet commenter. Big difference.
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Eli Fennell

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Science Rant Alert

Occam's Razor was nothing more than a way of explaining the scientific concept of parsimony, which in science means 'economy of explanation'. In plain language, if two different 'scientific' explanations for a thing both predict the same outcomes, but one does so with fewer steps/invokes fewer assumptions and/or entities, the 'simpler explanation is usually the correct one...

...BUT, the usual phrase ascribed to Occam never even appears in his writings! Occam never said, "The simplest explanation is usually the correct one." What he actually said was, "Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate,", meaning, "Plurality must never be posited without necessity." By plurality, he meant multiple explanations/formulations/entities, etc... where one, or at least fewer than supposed, can provide an equal explanation.

The classic example of this in-action is Heliocentrism v. Geocentrism, i.e. whether the Sun is the center of our Solar System or whether the Earth is the center. In practice, and viewed from ground level (leaving aside more modern data from Satellites, Space Ships/Space Stations, etc..), both theories predict the exact same outcomes, i.e. both Heliocentrism and Geocentrism correctly describe the movement of Celestial Bodies such as Planets and Stars in the sky. Heliocentrism, however, does so with fewer parameters. Geocentrism has to invoke additional concepts such as epicycles, imaginary circles around which Planets orbit in addition to their imagined orbit around Earth, in order to explain motions (e.g. retrograde motion) that aren't explained by simple orbits around Earth. Heliocentrism doesn't need these; epicycles don't exist when one assumes the objects are orbiting the Sun, not the Earth.

Consequently, even without being able to literally see from Satellites and Spacecraft that the Earth goes around the Sun, a Scientist would tend to favor Heliocentrism over Geocentrism, because the former requires fewer steps, fewer assumptions, and fewer entities to arrive at its predictions.

This is why anyone well versed in the scientific method is likely to blow a gasket when the popular phrase, "The simplest explanation is usually the correct one" is invoked: not only did Occam never use the phrase, but whereas Occam's version was very specifically saying one should never invoke multiple steps/assumptions/entities where one would equally suffice, the common non-Occam version introduces the subjective notion of 'simplicity'. The problem with the latter, is that some would argue that Geocentrism is 'simpler': you can look up and 'see' that Celestial Bodies go around Earth. It's 'simpler', subjectively, to believe that than to believe your eyes are lying to you and, in fact, the Earth's rotation on its axis makes it look that way. Likewise, some would say it's 'simpler' to say God created the Earth in 6-days than that the universe and life evolved over billions of years to its current form.

In fact, as it is usually (mis)understood, Occam's Razor violates the logical fallacy of 'the argument from incredulity', i.e. 'I can't imagine this explanation is correct, therefore it must be wrong.' Just because your imagination and/or understanding is deficient doesn't make an idea wrong.

This is probably why another, more accurate but still problematic variant is, "All else being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one." Outside of competing Scientific theories, 'all else' is rarely 'equal', and frankly it's pretty rare that all else is equal even with regard to Scientific theories, if one evaluates all the evidence.

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Thanks Eli. I love your rants. It's now laughable the way Hollywood so overused the phrase, incorrectly, at every opportunity, a few years back.
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Eli Fennell

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Luxury Panic Rooms Are The New 'Super Rich' Amenity

Panic Rooms are rooms designed as a safe space for homeowners to retreat to for protection during break-ins, disasters, terror attacks, and in some cases even biological and nuclear warfare. But that's no reason they can't be swank, right?

At least, that is what many super wealthy households have decided. Sure, these are meant to be very temporary shelters in a crisis, but that isn't stopping the 0.001% from outfitting them like stylish luxury hotels.

“Odd Mom Out” creator and star Jill Kargman says, “It becomes a competition at dinner parties … who has what state-of-the-art hazmat suits, and kits where you can drink your own pee, etcetera."

#ThatHeadlineThough #RichPeopleProblems
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+Joel Seltmann THEY DO ? ? ? At least they don't eat Moon Pies... do they... ? ? ?
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Eli Fennell

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File and Folder Homescreen Shortcuts Added To Google Drive for Android

The latest update to Google Drive for Android gives it the ability to let users add file and folder shortcuts to their Android Homescreen.

For Android users who frequently access the same files or file folders in Google Drive, this will help them find and open those files just that little bit faster, improving their productivity, or at least saving them a few taps here and there.

#Android #GoogleDrive
You can easily access your favorite Drive files and folders from your homescreen.
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Joe Lee
keep up tha good work
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Eli Fennell

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Allo Linked To Google Account As Well As Phone Number

Google's soon-to-be-publicly-released AI Powered Chat App Allo is a bit different than its previous one, Hangouts, insofar as, like competitor WhatsApp, it is tied to the phone number of the device it's installed on. This seemingly means it isn't capable of syncing between different devices, or of being installed on devices other than phones.

However, there is a caveat: in order to power its AI, Allo does in fact link to the primary Google account on your phone. This can be changed in the Settings, or even disabled though doing so would make it a lot less intelligent to say the least. This isn't actually surprising, if you think about it: for Allo to learn, and serve up better AI Chat functionality, it would need to be tied to a Google account. This doesn't necessarily mean anything as far as syncing across devices or being useful on devices other than phones.

It does mean, however, that it would be easy enough in the future for Google to enable such syncing and functionality, and if nothing else means it can learn from your behaviors across devices, as long as linked to the same underlying Google account, in order to improve its AI.

#AI #Allo
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OK, can't wait to see it work. 
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Eli Fennell

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Got back from Suicide Squad. I have to conclude that anyone who didn't like this movie is one or some combination of the following:

A Marvel Fanboy/DC Hater
Poor Taste in Music
Not a Fan of Comic Book Movies/Comic Book Characters in General
Had Impossibly High Expectations
An Overrated Film Critic Trying Sound Clever

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+Ana G. Yeah, it would have been nice to see more Joker... but then, since he wasn't actually part of the Squad, too much Joker could have meant too little time for the other characters, so I see why they limited his screen time.
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I talk about Social Media Marketing, Technology, and assorted nerdishness and geekery, and occasionally try my hand (with some successes and some failures) at a bit of humor.  I love to create conversations across my social networks, and to help others find their own voice through social media and social media marketing

I work with On Track Tips | Wiser Sites on SEO & Social Media Marketing, and am always looking to learn and grow in my career.

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Seek out people with similar interests and passions, or people whose interests inspire you, or people who are just great to talk to.  Make it your own.  Talk to the world, and be prepared for the world to talk back.  If no one you know is using Google+, try meeting people who are, because in my experience we're mostly a friendly lot.  Above all else, be authentic.

Did you know Google has made an Official Guide for growing your presence on Google+?  It's called the Google+ Partner Playbook and it's free to download.

My First 'Viral' Post

Every story of Social Media success begins somewhere.  Mine began with the following post on Google+ (which was also an article on my personal blog): Google+ IS and WILL BE a Huge Success

The article was shared by Mark Traphagen, and from there spread farther and faster than I had ever imagined anything I wrote would.  Four years later I still stand behind that statement, and I'm glad I saw the potential of Google+ in the early days.  A lot has changed since then, but Google+ is a huge success in its own right with a large and passionate user base.  That first spark of social networking connection inspired me to dive deeper into the online realms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook again, and now I get to enjoy the company of thousands of great minds and great souls all around the world.


I've lived in South Florida my whole life, and it would be hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.  I was born to two wonderful parents who are still together after all these years and into a wonderful and supportive family that stuck together through all the trials and tribulations that we faced.

I'm an absolute technology geek, especially for personal computing.  If software runs on it, I want to know about it.  I've had many passions in my life, and nearly all of them have involved technology and science, but art, philosophy, and even a mystical streak also help define me.  I can also geek out on stuff like Doctor Who, The Avengers, and Homeland.  The geekery runs deep within me, but so does the artist and the dreamer.

I'm also an Elder Scrolls addict, 1/16th Ewok, half Vulcan, and three-quarters Irish potato stew.

Follow me here on Google+, or on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and ETER9.

Follow my blog at, my memes on Tumblr, my videos on YouTube, and my photos on Instagram.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
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A hip and contemporary microbrewery in the heart of downtown Oakland Park. An amazing place to have a few drinks with friends.
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Gourmet Mexican dining in an intimate and authentic dining setting with quick and courteous staff.
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