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Updated: The Three Branding Opportunities in the Local Knowledge Panel

Google is always testing new ways of organizing and presenting Search results, including Local Knowledge Panel results. Business owners must be aware of these changes, and of the benefits of claiming and optimizing their Google My Business listings.

In the following article, I discuss the three opportunities for business branding in the Local Knowledge Panel, including:

Your Business Logo
Your Map & Search Photos
Your Business Description

I've also updated the article to reflect the removal of Recent Posts on Google+ from Local Knowledge Panel results.  Actively Posting to your Google+ Page might still be valuable in other ways, but is no longer of benefit for Local Knowledge Panel results.

#LocalSEO   #LocalSearch   #Branding  
Your local business is a brand. Maybe you already know that, or maybe you've been thinking of brands as a mighty entity like Apple or Coca Cola. However, whether you're a Small Business of one, a Medium Sized Business of hundreds, or a Mega Corporation with thousands of employees, your company is defined by its brand.In the Internet Era one of the most important places to define your brand is online, and in that online world, one of the most if n...
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Happy Birthday, +Noble Ackerson!
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happy birthday sir
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Eli Fennell

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Offline Hotword Detection Coming to Android

+Android Police's latest APK Teardown of the Google App  v4.8 for Android reveals code for offline hotword  ('OK Google') detection, as well as some other cool new features and integrations.

With Google Voice Search promising more and more control over apps and app functions, offline support is especially important.  We all understand some things require the internet, but not everything should.
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+Josh Goewert​ I understand there are a few groups out in places like Montana who also think modern technology is out to get them. I think you might like it out there... You'll never need GPS, email, or any modern conveniences.
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Eli Fennell

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U.S. Gay Marriage FAQ

With gay marriage now legal in all 50-states of the United States, some people may have questions. Here are some answers:

1) Do I Have to Get Gay Married Now?

No. You do not. Ever. Unless you want to.

2) Won't This Lead to Polygamy?

Not likely. SCOTUS ruled that same-sex couples deserve the same Due Process and Equal Protection rights as opposite-sex couples, interracial couples, etc... Their ruling requires only that the right of two consenting adults to marry not be limited by race, gender, sexuality, creed, etc... Subsequently, were a state to legalize Polygamy, they could not discriminate between one straight man marrying two straight women, one bi man marrying one straight woman and one gay man, one lesbian marrying two others, etc... However, as long as no one can enjoy the benefits of Polygamy (i.e. as long as it is equally illegal for everyone), Polygamy needn't be legalized.

3) Won't This Lead to People Marrying Animals?


No. No it won't. Because animals aren't people, cannot consent, and do not have Constitutional protections like the right to marry. Does that answer your question, Mister Santorum?

4) How Will This Affect My Straight Marriage and Family?

It won't. Unless maybe you're in denial about being in the closet, and this gives you the courage to come out.

5) Won't It Violate My Religious Rights to Have to Treat Gays as Equals?

No, it really, really won't. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll find some way to still treat them as lesser beings if you try hard enough.
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+Nathanael Rudolph I am aware there are many arrangements in this great country. I can only discuss precedence and scientific fact. That is what my experience speaks to regarding these cases.
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Eli Fennell

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The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision Friday that bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional, concluding decades of hard-fought battles by gay rights activists to grant marriage equality to all. Here is a timeline of milestones in the gay rights movement in the U.S.
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He does, +Dene Venter? I thought he was completely beyond denying or acknowledging anything — being that he's deceased... 
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Eli Fennell

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"But gay marriage is coming to America first and foremost because marriage here is a secular concern, not a religious one. The objection to gay marriage is almost invariably biblical, but nobody's legal vows in this country are defined by interpretation of biblical verse - or at least, not since the Supreme Court stood up for Richard and Mildred Loving. A church wedding ceremony is a nice thing, but it is neither required for legal marriage in America nor does it constitute legal marriage in America. What constitutes legal marriage in this country is that critical piece of paper that you and your betrothed must sign and then register with the state. The morality of your marriage may indeed rest between you and God, but it's that civic and secular paperwork which makes your vows official here on earth. Ultimately, then, it is the business of America's courts, not America's churches, to decide the rules of matrimonial law, and it is in those courts that the same-sex marriage debate will finally be settled." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn't have to get one." - James Carville

#MarriageEquality   #LoveisLove   #SCOTUS  
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Exactly. I'm waiting for the next argument/issue about no big gay church weddings. My gay buddies want that more than the paperwork. :-)
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+Eli Fennell Oh, I've been there...

Worst pick-up line I used that actually worked:
You're hot, and I'd love to take you home and f*** you, but I wouldn't want you to call me after that.
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Happy Birthday, Google+!

Happy 4th Birthday, +Google+!  It's been a truly amazing four years, and I look forward to many more to come.  Hard to believe that, just a little under 4-years ago now, I was surfing my Facebook News Feed one day when, all of the sudden, I spotted a Post from a Friend offering early invites to something called Google+.

I came over, fell in love with all the great tools and clean white space, and though my friends did not follow me, I stayed nonetheless, and explored this online realm 'cross all horizons.

And that has made all the difference.

#HappyBirthday   #GooglePlus   #PlusOnly  
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+Daniel Price I don't know that the IQ of the users has gone down... but access is open, now, so the days of a select crowd are gone. 

Trolls to the left, trolls to the right... But we're still here, in the middle.
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Adding Facebook Authorship to Your Site

+Mike Allton has updated his recent article on Facebook Authorship (which you should definitely be using if you're a content creator!) with instructions on setting it up for WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and more.

What Google once tooketh away, Facebook now giveth back: you can now make sure that all of your content links back to your social profile when shared... if only on Facebook.

#FacebookAuthorship   #FacebookMarketing   #SocialMedia  
Facebook's latest feature is designed to give content consumers an easy way to follow and see more great content from the writers they like. This will be huge for bloggers!
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Thanks +Mike Allton! 
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About Those 'Nine Unelected Judges'...

You might have heard this phrase over the past few days: nine unelected judges.

It is a phrase typically uttered by whichever political party's voters feel they have lost,  or will lose, on an issue decided before the Supreme Court of the United States.

It is a deceptive phrase, meant to convey a false impression of the Supreme Court as something akin to American Royalty, a power base above and beyond and unanswering to the people.

In a sense, the latter at least is correct: SCOTUS Justices do not answer to the people, or politicians, hence their Lifetime Appointments to the bench.  Keeping them above partisan politics and public opinion was part of the point: as symbolized by the many statues in our courthouses, justice should be blind.

However, in any other sense, this characterization of SCOTUS Judges or Judges in general is inaccurate.  While many Judges, including SCOTUS Justices, are 'unelected', they are appointed to the bench, and approved for the bench, by our elected officials.

These are, literally, our "Representatives" in government, and in choosing them, while we can never be sure what they will do in office, we wager with our votes (or don't) that they will honor their promises, and wherever possible make appointments who will likewise honor these promises, or attempt to reject appointments that would compromise these promises.

If we fail to vote, then we voluntarily surrender our right to influence this process.  If we vote, but our chosen candidates lose,  we have nonetheless been fairly represented.  If opposing candidates win the right to make appointments, we may expect those appointments may not satisfy us.  We may also expect the leaders of our parties and factions to fight against appointments we would object to, but not always to win this.

Whether we choose to be aware of it or not, every vote we cast or do not cast determines our representation in the courts.  This is a process in which there are and will be winners and losers.  There are always more elections, and no judge shall live forever.  Such is the system called America which we all agree to live by as citizens.
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+Patrick Ford  interesting but she did go there for a short time. see here :  Wikipedia.     She graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government on June 23, 1954.[4] In fall 1956, she enrolled at Harvard Law School, where she was one of nine women in a class of about 500.[5][6] When her husband took a job in New York City, she transferred to Columbia Law School and became the first woman to be on two major law reviews, the Harvard Law Review and the Columbia Law Review. In 1959 she earned her Bachelor of Laws at Columbia and tied for first in her class.[3][7]
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Eli Fennell

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"America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours!"... Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the "land of the free." - Andrew Shepard,   The American President
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Thanks +Lee Rickler I'm afraid this country has sold out it's soul to the last grain of sand :-/
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Authentic Texas Barbecue, anyone?

Update: If he does go through with it, maybe this guy can pull him out at the last moment...
The pastor made the bold declaration during a conference call with a former Virginia GOP politician that he would rather burn himself to death than sanction same-sex marriage.
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Hasn't he read the Bible on suicide 
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I talk about Social Media Marketing, Technology, and assorted nerdishness and geekery, and occasionally try my hand (with some successes and some failures) at a bit of humor.  I love to create conversations across my social networks, and to help others find their own voice through social media and social media marketing.  I am available to help small businesses succeed at SEO & Social Media, and for I.T.  You can contact me by email at

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Every story of social media success begins somewhere.  Mine began with the following post on Google+ (which was also an article on my personal blog): Google+ IS and WILL BE a Huge Success

The article was shared by Mark Traphagen, who has since become a true friend, and from there spread farther and faster than I had ever imagined anything I wrote would.  Nearly two years later, I still stand behind the substance of that post, and I'm glad I saw the potential of Google+ in the early days.  That first spark of social networking connection inspired me to dive deeper into the online realms, and now I get to enjoy the company of thousands of great minds and great souls all around the world.


I've lived in South Florida my whole life, and it would be hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.  I was born to two wonderful parents who are still together after all these years and into a wonderful and supportive family that stuck together through all the trials we faced.

I'm an absolute technology geek.  If software runs on it, I want to know about it.  I've had many passions in my life, and nearly all of them have involved technology and science, but art, philosophy, and even a mystical streak also help define me.  I can also geek out on stuff like Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, and Homeland.  The geekery runs deep within me, but so does the artist and the dreamer.

I'm also an Elder Scrolls addict, 1/16th Ewok, half Vulcan, and three-quarters Irish potato stew.

Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, or follow my blogs at Social Media ForecastTech Nerd Corner.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
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[APK Teardown] Google App v4.8 Prepares For 'Ok, Google' Offline, Voice ...

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Box now integrates directly with the Files app on a Chromebook | ZDNet

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Google unveils Fi, new wireless service

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BOINC - Android Apps on Google Play

Use your phone or tablet to study diseases, predict global warming, or discover pulsars! BOINC harnesses the unused computing power of your

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