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Updated: The Three Branding Opportunities in the Local Knowledge Panel

Google is always testing new ways of organizing and presenting Search results, including Local Knowledge Panel results. Business owners must be aware of these changes, and of the benefits of claiming and optimizing their Google My Business listings.

In the following article, I discuss the three opportunities for business branding in the Local Knowledge Panel, including:

Your Business Logo
Your Map & Search Photos
Your Business Description

I've also updated the article to reflect the removal of Recent Posts on Google+ from Local Knowledge Panel results.  Actively Posting to your Google+ Page might still be valuable in other ways, but is no longer of benefit for Local Knowledge Panel results.

#LocalSEO   #LocalSearch   #Branding  
Your local business is a brand. Maybe you already know that, or maybe you've been thinking of brands as a mighty entity like Apple or Coca Cola. However, whether you're a Small Business of one, a Medium Sized Business of hundreds, or a Mega Corporation with thousands of employees, your company is defined by its brand.In the Internet Era one of the most important places to define your brand is online, and in that online world, one of the most if n...
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+Ratan Kalburge I like it
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Eli Fennell

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Breaking: Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine As Vice President
#Election2016 #ImWithHer
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What's funny to me is the same people who always argue that the government can't do anything right are the same ones who note argue that a private server could never be as secure as the government ones... 😜

Eli Fennell

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Latest Research Fails To Find 'Dark Matter'

Dark Matter is a theoretical form of matter meant to account for part of the so-called 'missing mass' of the universe. Visible matter, as you may or may not be aware, can only account for a single digit percentage of the mass that binds galaxies together, based on gravitational considerations.

Dark Matter purports to fill in at least some of this gap, but in theory does not interact with visible matter in any conventional manner such as gravitational or electromagnetic interactions that might be readily detected.

In fact, no single model even agrees on what it would be, though at least one model suggests it might be a weakly interacting particle. The latest attempt to test this model comes from the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) detector, a detector built underground in South Dakota which uses one-third of a ton of ultra pure liquid Xenon in hopes of detecting an interaction with a Dark Matter particle. Unfortunately, the detector failed to find any evidence as such.

Undeterred, the detector will soon be upgraded to much greater sensitivity, though one may be forgiven at this point for suspecting the whole thing may be a Wild Goose Chase.

For all the effort being expended to find it, Dark Matter may well be a mathematical phantom taking the place of some unknown factors or variables affecting our current physical models.

Only time will tell.

#Science #DarkMatter
It’s official: Scientists with the Large Underground Xenon dark-matter detector have combed through 20 months of pristine data and found, buried deep in the measurements ... nothing out of the ordinary.
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Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. I was sold on the anti-matter argument rather than the dark matter one, and anti-matter and dark matter are not one and the same.

To me, dark matter doesn't sound like it would even exist in theory: there's either matter having mass and taking up space or there isn't at all. But if this fancy detector machine can't find it, what can? It's null and void(double entendre intended).

I'd rather accept that matter has finite limits on how it affects things around it(with all the applicable natural forces), rather than dark matter having a part in such.
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Eli Fennell

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New Godzilla: Resurgence Trailer

American filmmakers may finally have found their footing with Godzilla movies, after debooting the Roland Emmerich Jurassic Park ripoff, but that isn't stopping Japan from still making their own.

There is a new Japanese version of Godzilla, a reboot in its own right, called Shin Godzilla, or Godzilla: Resurgence, and if the new trailer is to be believed, it looks pretty good, and a bit creepy.

#Godzilla #GodzillaResurgence #ShinGodzilla
Shin Godzilla is just about to premiere in Japan, and so it’s time for a new trailer. Just like the first, it’s solemn, but jam-packed with a) concerned Japanese people, and b) the King of Kaiju shrugging off some pretty hefty resistance like it’s no big deal.
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Eli Fennell

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In addition to fixing a lot of bugs and accessibility issues, the latest G+ Web Update includes some exciting additions.

Edit Your Introduction in About Me

'Related Collections' on Post Pages (i.e. when you open a single Google+ Post in its own web page)

Map Info Panel For Images with Location (you can also hide this)

Better Presentation for Comments on Reshared Posts


#GooglePlusUpdates #NewGooglePlus #PlusOnly
G+ Web Preview Update July 20
We're rolling out another update to our Google+ Web preview today with many fixes and some new frequently requested features:

* 182 bugs fixed
* 10 accessibility issues addressed
* edit your introduction in About Me
* see related Collections on post pages
* view map in info panel for images with location
* new presentation for original comments on re-shared posts

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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Eli Fennell

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She is the most beautiful but she's got to learn English
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"An unjust law is no law at all." - St. Augustine of Hippo
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+Ganesh Nayak​ There's probably no single answer to that question but a good rule of thumb is that if the law creates more suffering than the crime, especially if it greatly exceeds the suffering caused by the crime, then that law is unjust. Laws against various regulated substances make good examples. Marijuana prohibition causes almost infinitely more suffering than the virtually nonexistent suffering marijuana itself causes.
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Eli Fennell

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"Experience does not err; only your judgments err by expecting from her what is not in her power." - Leonardo da Vinci
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Beautiful photograf & feelings
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In case you missed Donald Trump’s Convention Speech...
#GOPConvention #DonaldTrump
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+Eli Fennell At least they predicted that he will be running against a female candidate. She did seem to be playing Hilary's part though. Not surprising since there weren't many options there to choose from.
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Eli Fennell

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Those Were The Days (the 90's, I Mean)
Remember the 90's anti-hero figure? The kind from movies like Office Space, Fight Club, American Beauty, and even to a degree The Matrix?
He was a generally-law-abiding (if sometimes rule-bending) guy with a boring office job that enabled him to have lots of material comfort and possessions, usually (though not always) with an unfulfilling relationship to his wife or girlfriend, and usually (but again, not always) with spoiled and ungrateful children.
And this, we accepted, meant there was some deep dark hole where his soul and sense of purpose should be, and cheered them on when they finally 'snapped' or were liberated from this materialistic intoxication and set out to tear down the system while simultaneously giving a giant 'Screw You!' to their bosses, relationships, and families.
You know you had it good when your biggest complaint was how good you had it.
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I had a dream girl came in and alien cut your hair Eli .
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Eli Fennell

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Any Twitter User Can Now Request A Verified Account
Twitter, which traditionally has tended to only verify public figures, brands, and other high profile types of users, is now allowing users to request verification via an online form.  Most people shouldn't get overly excited, however, as you will still have to make a compelling argument for why you need verification (i.e. why verifying your account would be in the interest of the public).
Nonetheless, this should significantly expand the appearance of Verified Accounts on the network.  This should also indirectly benefit Google, due to the companies' Search integration deal.
#SocialMedia #TwitterVerification
Twitter is opening the blue checkmark to everyone. Starting today, the company will let users request a verified account on its website by filling out a form with a verified phone number and email...
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I so much love this i wish i have all the requirement the right country to do this.
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Eli Fennell

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OK, even I think this is funny, and I liked the movie!

#BatmanvSuperman #HonestTrailers
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So are you a stoned alien kick me 
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The Key to Social Media is Being Social
I love technology and how it changes our lives.  There's something almost spiritual about how new technologies connect and empower us.  And it's really cool, too.

I talk about Social Media Marketing, Technology, and assorted nerdishness and geekery, and occasionally try my hand (with some successes and some failures) at a bit of humor.  I love to create conversations across my social networks, and to help others find their own voice through social media and social media marketing

I work with On Track Tips | Wiser Sites on SEO & Social Media Marketing, and am always looking to learn and grow in my career.

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How to Get the Most Out of Google+

Be yourself.  Be passionate.  Be open.  Share.  Leave great comments.  Make great stuff, whatever it is, photos, memes, thought provoking articles, selfies, geekery, stories about your children, your adventures and misadventures, your day, your home life, your professional life.  Use Social Media however you want to!

Seek out people with similar interests and passions, or people whose interests inspire you, or people who are just great to talk to.  Make it your own.  Talk to the world, and be prepared for the world to talk back.  If no one you know is using Google+, try meeting people who are, because in my experience we're mostly a friendly lot.  Above all else, be authentic.

Did you know Google has made an Official Guide for growing your presence on Google+?  It's called the Google+ Partner Playbook and it's free to download.

My First 'Viral' Post

Every story of Social Media success begins somewhere.  Mine began with the following post on Google+ (which was also an article on my personal blog): Google+ IS and WILL BE a Huge Success

The article was shared by Mark Traphagen, and from there spread farther and faster than I had ever imagined anything I wrote would.  Four years later I still stand behind that statement, and I'm glad I saw the potential of Google+ in the early days.  A lot has changed since then, but Google+ is a huge success in its own right with a large and passionate user base.  That first spark of social networking connection inspired me to dive deeper into the online realms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook again, and now I get to enjoy the company of thousands of great minds and great souls all around the world.


I've lived in South Florida my whole life, and it would be hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.  I was born to two wonderful parents who are still together after all these years and into a wonderful and supportive family that stuck together through all the trials and tribulations that we faced.

I'm an absolute technology geek, especially for personal computing.  If software runs on it, I want to know about it.  I've had many passions in my life, and nearly all of them have involved technology and science, but art, philosophy, and even a mystical streak also help define me.  I can also geek out on stuff like Doctor Who, The Avengers, and Homeland.  The geekery runs deep within me, but so does the artist and the dreamer.

I'm also an Elder Scrolls addict, 1/16th Ewok, half Vulcan, and three-quarters Irish potato stew.

Follow me here on Google+, or on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and ETER9.

Follow my blog at, my memes on Tumblr, my videos on YouTube, and my photos on Instagram.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
Bragging rights
I was there at the fall of Arcadia. Someday, I might even come to terms with that.
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    Planting, Harvesting, and Measurements for Horticultural Research at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in Davie, Florida.
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Donald Trump’s candidacy is the culmination of 30 years of antipolitics.

Spotify says Apple won’t approve a new version of its app because it doe...

"We cannot stand by as Apple uses the App Store approval process as a weapon."

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Google+,Google’s attempt to out Facebook Facebook, launched June 28th 2011 and has spent the past few years usually brought up in context of

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It's difficult to look at pictures of cars shown on a computer and then keep yourself from saying "car" inside your head the next time one s

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Trump campaign manager charged with battery in Florida - The Washington ...

Corey Lewandowski faces a misdemeanor count for allegedly grabbing a reporter.


A tool that helps prevent online bullying behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time with a red line.

Google is making a keyboard for the iPhone

Google has been developing a third-party keyboard for iOS that would put the company’s search engine in a highly used part of the interface,

ETER9 - Living Cyberspace

It's a world that never sleeps and where you can interact and intervene without stops, relying on a counterpart that will be active while yo


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Reports: New Haven hit-&-run driver was a "wolverine with vampi...

It is unclear if the witness meant the character Wolverine from the XMen comics or an actual wolverine.

A busy little diner and lounge serving American and Greek fare with a 'family diner' feel and a cozy bar lounge.
Public - 3 months ago
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A hip and contemporary microbrewery in the heart of downtown Oakland Park. An amazing place to have a few drinks with friends.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Gourmet Mexican dining in an intimate and authentic dining setting with quick and courteous staff.
Public - 3 months ago
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Excellent Mexican cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere with friendly wait staff.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
35 reviews
Fantastic, high quality diner and bakery at surprisingly affordable prices, in a comfortable dining environment with friendly staff.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Decent stock, good prices, helpful staff, a bit poorly laid out.
Public - 3 months ago
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Quality wings, sandwiches, and other types of food in a relaxed, sporty atmosphere with friendly wait staff. Great for dine-in and take out.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago