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Updated: The Three Branding Opportunities in the Local Knowledge Panel

Google is always testing new ways of organizing and presenting Search results, including Local Knowledge Panel results. Business owners must be aware of these changes, and of the benefits of claiming and optimizing their Google My Business listings.

In the following article, I discuss the three opportunities for business branding in the Local Knowledge Panel, including:

Your Business Logo
Your Map & Search Photos
Your Business Description

I've also updated the article to reflect the removal of Recent Posts on Google+ from Local Knowledge Panel results.  Actively Posting to your Google+ Page might still be valuable in other ways, but is no longer of benefit for Local Knowledge Panel results.

#LocalSEO   #LocalSearch   #Branding  
Your local business is a brand. Maybe you already know that, or maybe you've been thinking of brands as a mighty entity like Apple or Coca Cola. However, whether you're a Small Business of one, a Medium Sized Business of hundreds, or a Mega Corporation with thousands of employees, your company is defined by its brand.In the Internet Era one of the most important places to define your brand is online, and in that online world, one of the most if n...
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The Tight Rope of Money on Social Media

Following up on my previous post, about social media 'gurus' and their sometimes very sudden and complete shift from people to salesmen (, I have a few additional thoughts about making money and social media.

Authenticity. It's a word 'Social Media Gurus' like to throw around, while rarely answering the question: what is authenticity?

+David Kutcher​​​ of +Confluent Forms LLC​​​​ in a post titled "You can't fake authentic, nor do you need to work at it" ( put it brilliantly:

"What is an authentic interaction? An interaction based on knowing the other person's goals in doing/saying what they're doing/saying, and accepting them at face value."

Accepting them is the part of the social transaction that requires you to trust them, and this is where it gets tricky. Because once you've signed that trust contract, they can potentially use it against you.

I have followed a number of people, some of whom I nonetheless respect overall, but who preached a gospel they did not follow. They spoke of authenticity, and yet the reasons I once followed them are so far gone I can't remember why I still am (and sometimes no longer am), and with no evolutionary process to understand it.

They seemed to experience a rapid evolution in response to the smell of dollars and change, and the possibility of making more.

I've no problem with the money itself, or even the use of a social media profile to make it. Social Media has been professionally useful for me, to be sure. It is the breaking of the contract: what was a person became a business, as if through a hostile takeover. Great Posts and shares became replaced by endless litanies of hard selling, punctuated by the laughable pretense that engagement still mattered in their plan.

They pulled a bait-and-switch, to put it bluntly.

So lest I be misunderstood, here is my authentic truth: this account, the one I am posting this to (and any I cross-post this to) are PERSONAL accounts. I will share to them what I wish. I will never hard sell you, but money is part of my life like everyone else's. I will never say something because I think it will get more clicks (click-baiting). I won't promise to engage with everyone, since people do not scale that way, but I will promise that on my personal accounts you will never deal with a manager.

And if there is any way to do it, I will prefer rather than to ask you for money to give away what I can for free (or ad supported) to my followers and friends, because if I have gone farther in the Internet Marketing Industry than some it is because I followed a basic rule: don't pretend to be social if you're just out to sell people stuff. It may be impossible to quantify the ROI of followers who never pay you any money, but not the cost of driving away your most loyal supporters.
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Succinctly put.
I do not own a huge mutli-national organisation and therefore cannot hide behind the intern (when getting social) so I had better be me. 100% me.
Some love, some hate.
It's my job to be authentic and exhume empathy towards those who are on my side because I know that one whiff of "buy my stuff" will drive them away.

Treat those how you want them to treat you.
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Hitler Finds Out My Downfall Meme Made a Top Ten List

+Matthew Kaboomis Loomis enjoyed my latest Downfall Meme "Hitler Finds Out Google+ is Now a Standalone Google Product" ( so much that he gave it a spot in his Top Ten "Blogs" for July.

Thanks for the honorable mention, Matthew!
My top ten blogs for the month of July, 2015. Lots of great reading here, on link building, LinkedIn profiles, travel blogging, working from home, and more.
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+Matthew Kaboomis Loomis Close enough.  ;-)
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First Two Female Rangers to Train in Florida

Two female West Point Academy graduates are 17-days from becoming the first women to earn U.S. Army Ranger tabs.

The next stop in their amazing G.I. Jane-like adventures bring them here to the Sunshine State to Eglin Air Force Base, the largest military base in the free world, where they will train in our unique swampy conditions.

If they survive the skeeters, gators, and drill instructors, they will have completed their historic journey.

Good luck ladies, and good hunting.
The two soldiers, both of whom are West Point graduates, are within 17 days of becoming the first women ever to earn a Ranger tab.
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+Ruprecht M.F.A. Why would you tag me in that
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Terminal Lucidity and the Evolving Science of Death

Some patients with extreme conditions of the brain and mind regain remarkable, even perfect (if brief) lucidity on their deathbeds.  For centuries this has been a well-described anecdotal phenomenon, but modern medical sciences have gone beyond the anecdotes to study the phenomenon in as controlled a fashion as possible.

What they've found only deepens the mystery.  For example, in many cases a patient's brain has been so thoroughly shrunken, destroyed, or replaced by malignant tissues it is inconceivable by our current standards that there is any ordinary medical explanation for their sudden recovery.

(Though it's worth noting, there is a small category of cases of people with bizarrely undersized brains somehow living cognitively normal lives: ; while this doesn't explain anything, it does call much of our nueroscience into question.)

Proof of 'Survival' beyond death, or just proof the brain is still a greater mystery than we can yet fully explain?  This remains a subjective choice until much more data is gathered and many more hypotheses tested.

What does seem clear, however, is that death and dying are not the binary "On-Off" classifications modern scientists tend to use.  People have widely intuited this from observations of the dying over thousands of years.

The Tibetan Bardo Thodol, among its many topics, devoted much time to studying the pre-mortem to post-mortem transition process, in what many regard as an almost scientific empirical approach to  the matter.  That it was empirical, i.e. was not meant to prove a religious view, is confirmed by the fact that it generally rejected any Personal Postmortem Survival as an explanation... though it did not rule out postmortem "non-physical" experiences entirely.

While the Scientific Community has understandably rebelled against the theistic interpretation of these matters, it now appears there may have been 'something to it' to after all... if only that the boundaries of life and death, sickness and health, and brain-consciousness are not so clear as we may have convinced ourselves.

It's a mystery how some people can go years without even knowing their own names, then suddenly regain their memories moments before death.
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Windows 10 is the Best Windows Update Cycle To-Date

OK, so Windows 10 isn't iOS levels in terms of adoption yet, in fact it is pretty much what MS aims for these days: somewhere between the terminally slow and frustrating 'rollout ' of a new Android OS and the crushing upgrade levels of iOS. But it went remarkably well and generated a great deal of enthusiasm for MS.

There are, ironically, now two 'New Coke' brands in technology being rolled back as we speak: Windows 8 and Google+ (the social layer, not the social network; the fact I even have to specify which is which proves the brand confusion of the latter). And ironically but not unexpectedly, much as when Coca Cola rolled back to the Classic brand, users are largely approving of the changes from both.

This is exciting. Google is hitting back against the Facebooks of the world with app store search ads and blowout quarterly earnings; Microsoft is hitting back against the Googles and Apples by showing what an established install base still means.

If we've ever had a chance in the technology market to end the permanent duopoly status it is now. Everyone is doing well in their own ways. There is overlap but no one is 'killing' the core market of the other. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are the five horses (sorry Samsung; you're the one horse of hardware in some ways but you've got no growth markets beyond that). This is the time as a consumer to sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch it all unfold.
Windows 10 passes 14 million installs its first 24 hours
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+Keith Bloemendaal I meant I have not received the update yet on my computer. Hopefully, it arrives over the weekend. I am just going to wait for the computer and use that time to backup my files.
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Imitarier Ergo Sum

I meme, therefore I am.
My name is Eli, and I’m a Meme-aholic.  It has been, oh, six seconds since I last used (see image above).  I love memes.  I look at the social media landscape around me on the internet, and everything I see I think, “This would be so awesome… as a meme!”  Some people say it’s a… Continue reading Confessions of a Serial Memer →
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Nolite irrumatus - it's my company motto (and on the website so it must be true)
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GoPro Goes Spherical

Proving that it's still possible to innovate in the dedicated camera market, GoPro has introduced yet another multi-camera rig in partnership with Kolor: GoPro Spherical.

Growth potential has been a concern in some circles for the GoPro brand, but creating a compelling reason to buy multiple GoPro's is definitely one solution to the problem in theory.

Disclaimer: I own shares of GoPro, but my opinion of the brand is uninfluenced by this.  After all, who would own stock in a brand they don't believe in?
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+Christopher Davis - many thanks for the link. Looks like what I need.
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RIP Roddy Piper -

He came.  He chewed.  He kicked.
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Wherein I ruminate on the virtues of failure for business...
Fail Fast and Fail Often

Is your business 'playing it safe'?  If so, you could be leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table.  You've been leaving out one of the ingredients to business success: failure.

I know, it's an ugly word to most business-minded people. It means lost money and wasted time and talent.  Who wants to fail in business, right?

Not so fast...

Did you know that many of the most valuable companies in the world fail more often than they succeed?  Five names from the technology world, where stock prices are hottest and valuations highest, spring to mind:

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon

Apple's history of failures was lampooned long before I came along.  For every Mac or iPhone, the company has churned out a myriad of flops like the Newton and the Mighty Mouse (if you've never heard of either, you didn't miss anything important).  They've also had their share of duds, which sometimes they powered through to success, like their early experiment in dark art landscaping known as Apple Maps before they improved it.

Google has a similar graveyard of failures.  Buzz, Wave, Jaiku, Schemer, and Orkut all spring readily to mind.  They also once killed a product which was arguably a success: Google Reader.  And even when they do succeed, such as with Chrome or Android, it often isn't without its stumbles.

Microsoft seems to follow an "Every-Other-Fail" model for their operating systems, where each positive release follows on a flop, e.g. XP for ME, 7 for Vista, 10 for 8.  They've failed too many times to count in phones, tablets, music players, and other areas.

Facebook: Facebook Phone.  Need I say more?

Amazon: Fire Phone.  Enough said.

Yet these are among the most valuable companies on Earth.  Some are valued in the billions even when they lose money in a given fiscal quarter.

Why?  iPhone & iTunes.  Gmail and YouTube.  Windows and Office.  Facebook and Messenger.  Amazon (Enough Said).

What they share in common, at most times, is a fast-fail approach.  We never hear about their failures most of the time, because they bury them faster than they birthed them.  The ones where they kept pushing it are the ones we remember, the rest are quickly forgotten, and the myth of the 'unstoppable' (insert company name) resumes.

Don't be afraid to fail.  Be afraid of not heeding its lessons soon enough.  An innovative business can fail seven times before breakfast and be stronger for doing so.

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO, +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites 
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+Kenneth Trent I've read a bit about that.
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I'm just going to leave this here...
I don't often share press articles about our products – they rarely seem to say much of use – but this was just such a good case of a journalist Getting It Right that I had to share. Google+ is very much alive, and our recent changes are focused on making it be the best product it can be for what it's best at: helping people meet people and have great conversations about things they're passionate about. 

One particularly noteworthy thing in this article is its discussion of the "majority illusion:" people tend to assume that their friends are typical of the wider world, but almost by definition they aren't – for one thing, they all have one uncommon attribute in common, which is being your friend in the first place. And since people don't choose their friends randomly from the entire spectrum of humanity, one's friends are always a distorted sample. 

So yes, we have here a tech press article which (correctly) uses an important result in cognitive psychology to explain why lots of tech press articles are nonsense.
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Google+ ROCKS !!!
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Face the Strange Changes (on Social Media)

In the years I've been doing social media, for fun and profit, I've learned that there are two types of people who become 'successful' at it.  They're the same types involved in any area of life where even ephemeral and meaningless fame cloud the judgment:

1) Those who took their taste of fame and Al Bundy'd it (four touchdowns in a single game!).  You'll see them beat it to death until the folks who liked them in the first place can't say enough about how sick and tired they are of them.

We all know these types.  They got 10K followers and now they're ready to Prophesy the Great Truths of Twitter Virality.  They go from posting really thought-provoking stuff one day to selling you a course for success, which of course comes with a $150 price tag and a meaningless certificate that might well as be a receipt.

2) Those who face the temptation to become like this, and they remember why anyone cared what they said in the first place: because they weren't that type.

Everyone thinks they're better than that, of course.  THEIR program for success REALLY DOES WORK.  Their Infographics are so supremely high quality, +Matt Cutts would surely burst into flames before the ruling intelligences of the universe would let him penalize it.   Surely a young Bill Gates would have sold off all his early Microsoft investments to throw themselves behind him.

But we all know better.  Making money is fine and well, but we know who promised to be different, who promised their first concern was engagement and their first priority their followers; and it doesn't take long to recognize the ones who were blowing smoke from their every orifice.
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Publish a book on how Google is learning that the words car and automobile might mean the same thing to many people.

Keep going on and on and on and on about that book.

Earn £$1000s from it.

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Seek out people with similar interests and passions, or people whose interests inspire you, or people who are just great to talk to.  Make it your own.  Talk to the world, and be prepared for the world to talk back.  If no one you know is using Google+, try meeting people who are, because in my experience we're mostly a friendly lot.  Above all else, be authentic.

Did you know Google has made an Official Guide for growing your presence on Google+?  It's called the Google+ Partner Playbook and it's free to download.

My First Viral Post

Every story of social media success begins somewhere.  Mine began with the following post on Google+ (which was also an article on my personal blog): Google+ IS and WILL BE a Huge Success

The article was shared by Mark Traphagen, who has since become a true friend, and from there spread farther and faster than I had ever imagined anything I wrote would.  Nearly two years later, I still stand behind the substance of that post, and I'm glad I saw the potential of Google+ in the early days.  That first spark of social networking connection inspired me to dive deeper into the online realms, and now I get to enjoy the company of thousands of great minds and great souls all around the world.


I've lived in South Florida my whole life, and it would be hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.  I was born to two wonderful parents who are still together after all these years and into a wonderful and supportive family that stuck together through all the trials we faced.

I'm an absolute technology geek.  If software runs on it, I want to know about it.  I've had many passions in my life, and nearly all of them have involved technology and science, but art, philosophy, and even a mystical streak also help define me.  I can also geek out on stuff like Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, and Homeland.  The geekery runs deep within me, but so does the artist and the dreamer.

I'm also an Elder Scrolls addict, 1/16th Ewok, half Vulcan, and three-quarters Irish potato stew.

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Next stop, Florida swamps: Two women qualify for final phase of Ranger S...

The two soldiers, both of whom are West Point graduates, are within 17 days of becoming the first women ever to earn a Ranger tab.

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I’m typing this article on a Microsoft Surface tablet, using Windows 10. That's important for two reasons. First, Microsoft released Windows

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