Teaching Javascript as a first language.

Funny how at first sight this seems crazy, but after just a few seconds of balanced thought actually makes sense. Isn't JavaScript a weird language with a lot of warts? Yes, but isn't any other language too? When teaching it, you're free to show some parts and hide others.

What really "sells" for JS is that it's probably the only language currently with which you can start to write interesting programs with graphics (go HTML5 canvas) without actually installing anything (*). For Python you'd minimum need to install Python itself plus some kind of graphic library such as PyQt or maybe Pygame.

With JS it's also by far the easiest to share your program with others instantly via the internet, without needing to email it around and expect others to install the same environment.

(*) Assuming you have a fairly modern browser.

P.S. This is what I did to learn some JS & canvas a couple of years ago: http://apps.thegreenplace.net/colorful_lines/ - I love this game :)
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