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Latest News in Nigeria: Jobs for Women at Risk – Fourth Industrial Revolution
It seems to be an unfortunate event that the fourth industrial revolution will have a profound negative overall impact on the economical labour prospects among women. This is despite the focus on talent which has been brought about by the radical changes that is often caused by certain disruptions within the labour force. This event will certainly result to more women advancing to higher positions, according to a study discovered by a new study conducted by the World Economic Forum.
According to the report presented by the Industry Gender Gap, the impact of these job losses resulting from the automation, as well as the disinter-mediation that comes as a result of this Fourth Industrial Revolution will have an ultimate impact on men and women at an equal level. This simply means 52% of the 5.1 million net job losses that has been expected in a global scale between now and the year 2020 having an impact on men, as compared to the 48% of the affecting women. The fact that all of those women fill up the smaller portion of the workforce simply means that the economic gender gap of today may even widen out further as compared to the currently existing 40%.
There is no question that this is a blow towards gender equality. This phenomenon can be completely explained with the fact that the roles that are mostly at risk are those that are being done mostly be women. At the same time, it is also a result of the idea that women are generally being mis- or under-represented when dealing with jobs that are often expected to be growing real fast during the next five years. For instance, this is true in the field of architecture, engineering, computer and mathematics.
Another way to consider this is to understand the fact that, provided the low participation of women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) professions, women only gain at least one new job for each 20 lost jobs in other industries and fields. However, the ratio among men is one job for each four that is lost in other fields.
This data shows the ultimate urgency in which leaders in the field of business and policy should search for new ways to make sure that the talent pool of both men and women is properly educated, hired, recruited, and eventually promoted. The good news is that there are signs that this issue is currently being addressed. In fact, according to a survey, while employers traditionally struggle to retain their women employees, there is an expectation to see an increase to the promotions towards senior positions held by women.
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Nigerian Politics and the Chance for Fresh Start
The buzz about Nigerian politics of late has focused on the anti-corruption war of the country’s president which has led to the arrest and prosecution of the top brass of the erstwhile administration as a result of the billions of dollars that have been reported missing. The election of the new president in May 2015 set the tone for the sweeping changes in the country’s polity.
The previous administration led by Goodluck Johnathan was swept away during the last elections with his party-the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) losing control of the country’s parliament and the governorship seats in most of the country’s 36 states. The new president, Mohammadu Buhari belongs to the APC-All Progressive Congress- which is the ruling party presently.
A New Order for Nigerian politics
The election of the Mohammadu Buhari was premised on his clean image of incorruptibility and his military background which his countrymen believed stood him in good grounds to defeat the raging insurgents in the country’s North-East. The Boko Haram terrorist group have displaced a large number of people from their homes over the last five years with estimates putting the count at about 3 million. The terrorist activities got mired in the cloak of Nigerian politics and corruption and along the line tales of misappropriation has ensued.
The new president came into office at a time that the price of crude oil was on the downward spiral with prices dropping below the $30 USD mark for the first time in a decade. The stark reality that confronted other resource-rich countries also stared Nigeria in the face and the president has vowed to recover the stolen defence budget from wherever they were lodged across the globe.
The goodwill attracted by Mr Buhari is expected to translate to cooperation by western powers to aid the recovery of looted funds. This hopefully will help to plug the country’s deficit budget for the year if the recoveries prove fruitful during the course of the budget year. The country, in reality, faces an uphill task in the face of mounting infrastructural demands and the paucity of inflows from the traditional oil export source of revenue.
Tackling the Challenges
The chance, however, exists for the country to diversify its revenue base away from oil during Mr Buhari’s first term with better tax reforms, funding of local manufacturers and deepening of the country’s agricultural productivity. The country boasts of huge swathes of arable land from the arid north to the mangrove swamps of the Niger Delta. Years of rent seeking by the political elite has set the country back for the better part of her the period since independence from Britain in 1960.
The wind is in the sail for Mr Buhari, and it is expected that sustained reforms, due process and accountability will be helpful in moulding the country of his dreams and help entrench genuine accountability in Nigerian politics and steer it away from rent seekers.
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