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I did it also playing in Photoshop ;)
Here is my result in the abstract version :D
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Thank you guys learned that today didn´t know that technique :)))
Had not seen this one, it looks really great Eleni!
Thanks Alex, even if its soooo simple :) red is my favorite color :) This abstract was formerly a red rose :) I think this might get a "new trela" from me :)
Great abstract image! I love Eleni's photo works.
Hehe simple and nice Brian :) glad you like it
Very interesting results. You should consider trying this in camera using panning. Something I plan to experiment with this year as I have seen some striking results from a number of talented photographers.
Thanks +John Dunne i had exact the same thought, will try that out and hope to get also a good result and not a frustated one. :))
By all accounts you should expect lots and lots of frustration initially :-)
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