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You Gotta Love Those SEO Curves!
..we caught the #SEO unicorn...

A client of ours, +Hunter Labour Hire from sunny Sydney, had an absolutely stellar year last with continuous upward organic traffic growth month on month! We caught the #SEO unicorn, check out the curves here!


The process for the success here is no great secret, just doing a lot of little things right - continually. They have been a client for over a year now and their results show that the methodology works! Build sites with an SEO focus then feed them regular SEO focused content - simples!

Ultimately SEO is all about results and the organic traffic to the site generated between 40-45% of ALL BUSINESS for the year. That is a crazy stat but shows that if you get the SEO right then you'll have the basis for a strong business. And the real proof of that is that the Hunter Labour Hire team have had to hire new staff, had to move to a new bigger office and are now planning on opening up a second office in a different part of Australia - now that's an SEO result.

You can read all about the Hunter Labour Hire case study here;

If you'd like to see if we can catch an SEO unicorn for your business then send me a mail!

And, any SEO case studies of yours to share with always upward curves? Share 'em below, love a good case study!

#SEO #WordPress #OrganicTraffic
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Another new infographic for +Robert Ryan, check it out!!
Content Is The Conduit For Connections
...and without them both you'll be hamstrung online!...

No man is an island and on the digital ocean no site can survive and thrive in isolation. The recent sharing of the No-Blogging Experiment hammered that point home and so I expanded on the idea of content being the conduit for connections here:

There are 3 main concepts at play when it comes to looking to create content that will get hopefully get you some traction and help your business.

Craft The Content
who are you writing the content for and what is the purpose of it? Each post you write should have a focus and purpose - like the repurposed article & infographic that was mentioned from a hangout with the amazing +Rebekah Radice. Some posts you write might be heavily #SEO focused or others might be attempts at going viral but each post should have a focus.

Cultivate The Connections
You've got to identify your peers and work to get on their radar. Do this by creating value or decent content that they'd like to share. In the post I give examples of specific content types that helped get me on the radar of some of the peeps I look up to like +martin shervington and +Mark Traphagen (sorry for having you as examples gents!)

Continue With Consistency
Rome wasn't built in a day and your online empire won't be built with first post you share. You've got to be consistent. With each post you share look to leap frog your past achievements. With each connection you make look to continually expand your social footprint so that your message can travel further and once you start to generate some online momentum - don't stop!

Why Bother?
It was +Stephan Hovnanian who chimed in last week when the notion that "Content is The Conduit for Connections" hit me and he eloquently summed it up that:
"Traffic and connections have a symbiotic relationship if they’re to help you with what I hope is the ultimate goal: sales."

And that is what it all boils down to. Creating content and connections isn't done for fun or as a popularity contest but should be a key part of your marketing strategy. As you can see from the traffic spike in the #infographic ; content & connections generate traffic which then in turn generates leads - and we all want more of them!

Anyway, hope you find the post useful, make sure to check it out here:
- and if you've any questions feel free to ask.

And would love to hear your thoughts about it. How do you get on an influencers radar or what is your best tip for making new connections online? Comment below!

P.S. thanks as always to +Elena Montes Casado for the graphics!
P.P.S - riddle me this, what do you think was the purpose/focus of this particular blog post?

#contentmarketing #blogger #blogging #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing  
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Blogging or Not-Blogging - that is the question, and you have the answer in this #infographic
#blogging #seo  
The No-Blogging Experiment Is Over
..find out what happens to your site when you don't blog!..

Have you ever wanted to stop blogging or thought that it was just a waste of time? Well, I've taken one for the team to see what happens your site when you stop blogging. I didn't post any new content to the site for 251 days and then took stock on #independeceday to see how no blogging impacted site traffic, rankings and business.

You can read the full post here:

They key results from the experiment are:
Site Traffic: Down 32%
Organic Traffic: Down 42%
Contact Page Views: Down 15%
Conversions: Down 28%
Rankings: Drop from 1st to 6th for main keyword

This experiment flies in the face of everything I tell clients and that I've learned from blog heroes like +Mike Allton, +martin shervington, +Dustin W. Stout, +Mark Traphagen, +Wade Harman & co but wanted to see, first hand, if not blogging would impact things..

And, unsurprisingly, it did.
You can read the full post here:

So, now that this experiment has ended it's time for another to start as the march to top of the rankings and to recoup the lost traffic begins.. More on that as it unfolds!

Have you ever wanted to stop blogging? After not blogging for 251 days, and seeing how it has impacted the site, I'm doubling down on my beating of the drum about blogging but would love to hear your thoughts so do chime in!

If you have a business, and you have a website, you should have a blog section which gets new, relevant content added to it at least once a week, blogging > not blogging.

#blogging #bloggingtips #onlinemarketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #seo #blogger #wordpress   #infographic  

P.S. big shout out and thanks to +Elena Montes Casado for the graphics..
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Nice mention by +Canva :D thank you very much.
Design The Perfect Google + Banner Image

+Canva have been putting together some great tutorials and the likes for design and I was bowled over to be included in a recent post on how to design the perfect #googleplus banner image along with the likes of +David Amerland, +Pauline Cabrera, +Mia Voss and, eh, +NASA :) To infinity and beyond I say..  

You can check out the full post here:

Big time thanks to +Elena Montes Casado who did my branding/design, most awesome :)

#design #googleplustips #socialmedia  
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How to Create your Own Stuffed Toys

This Christmas I designed something special for my niece and nephew and I enjoyed the whole process so much that I wanted to share this #infographic and blog post about the whole story with you.

If you are interested in starting your own stuffed toy project and want to have your own FARM I made the design public for anyone to buy  at +Spoonflower so you can have your own soft toy farm. Check out my post for more details!

Do you like to sew? Do you have any interesting crafts or design related hobbies? Let me know below!

#infographic #graphicdesign #stuffedanimals #spoonflower  
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Best Logos of 2014. Logo Design Review

Time to review 2014! It's was a great year, moving back to Madrid, new home and lots of #logo .
2015 can't let me down I wrote a blog post about what I think are my best logos of 2014. Love to read your thoughts!

#logodesign #bestlogo   #review2014  
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You Want An Amazon Affiliate Update, An Honest One?
do you remember that experiment I started a few months ago? Well...

Boy oh boy time flies and getting involved in Amazon affiliates kind of makes that time fly quicker, no rest at all. Anyway I received a request for an update on my Amazon Affiliate WordPress Guide post  from +Cormac O'Kelly and you know me, always happy to oblige.

You can check out the full post here;
and the main points have been highlighted on this #infographic , thanks to +Elena Montes Casado  .

Anyway, let's quickly have a look at the key things I've leaned since I started experimenting.

1) Choose Your Region Carefully
Don't go for global domination straight away, pick one region and just sell products from there, having Amazon products from multiple regions can result in your affiliate account getting shut down.

2) Less Products, More Content
It's key that you have some unique content surrounding each of your affiliate links. Unique content is good for SEO  but also important for your Amazon affiliate account, if your site is too much Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V then Amazon can terminate your affiliate account.

3) More Tightly Focused Affiliates
Really find products that are related to each other, that you are passionate about and that are objective rather than subjective. Ideally you want your affiliates to be worth €100 or more so that they payout is worth something.

4) Look Into Different Affiliates
Amazon aren't the only gig in town, they are huge no doubt but the size can also be a downfall when trying to find good affiliates. Also, the sales process and conversion rate on Amazon doesn't seem to perform well compared to other affiliates.

5) Ways of Integrating
Don't take the easy/quick route when it comes to integrating your Amazon/affiliates into your site. Some automation is ok but try keep it to a minimum. This will also help with points 1,2 & 3 above.

And that's pretty much the key take aways thus far. I haven't made a cent from my experiment site yet but I don't see that as a failure, it's opened up lots of other opportunities for me (which are making money) and knowledge is no burden... You can view the full post here to find out what other affiliates I'm involved in:

If you have an affiliate site I'd love to hear your tips/tricks/suggestions/ideas etc.. Or, if you think we should team up to take on some niche, well, I'm all ears!

#amazon #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #affiliatemarketingtips #affiliateprogram #wordpress  
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Infographic: Best Tools For Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Check out my last #infographic #design   with the Best Tools for your  #blog . Designed by myself :D +Robert Ryan and +Blogging Warfare

Have a good weekend!!!!
Best Tools For Bloggers!
find out what's in our toolbox!

The last +Blogging Warfare Hangout with +Carolyn Capern, +Thomas E. Hanna | and myself was all about the best tools for #blogging and we discussed the tools we used.. We also had a special guest +Nicholas Cardot join us to talk about the new +Social Warfare plugin.

You can watch the HOA replay and see full review here:

with a list of all items/times discussed below.

Big time thanks to +Elena Montes Casado for the #infographic and if you think someone you know might find this useful please feel free to share..

The ToolBox
2.00: We first discussed the various platforms such as +WordPress and +Blogger to see which is best, we all use WordPress.

Tools & Sources for Idea Generation
- 7.20: Why not try some news jacking a la +Mike Allton
- 8.00: Check out sites like +Quora and +Yahoo Answers to see what people are trying to figure out, can you help?
- 9.40: Can you get ideas for content from some of the problems your clients face?
- 11.50: Keyword research tools like +Übersuggest can be useful for finding SEO focused content to write about.
- 12.50: Subscribe to other bloggers mailing lists to see if something to stay in touch with the blogging community & new ideas.
- 14.00: Check out tools like Google Alerts and +BuzzSumo to see what people are taking about and monitor for content ideas.
- 16.35: Peel back the onion and give some "behind the scenes" style posts, especially useful for creatives.

Tools for Images & Photos
- 19.50: Tools like +Canva & +PicMonkey are great for creating images quickly for blogs
- 21.50: Finding a trusted graphic design you can work with long term can help if you don't have much design flair.
- 23.50: If you have the skills PhotoShop is an excellent tool for images, especially combined with photos from great free online sources.

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogging
- 24.50: For #SEO check out +Yoast, for site speed and caching check out W3 Total Cache - getting these in place properly will help your WordPress site big time.
- 26.30: For resharing old content check out the Revive Old Post Plugin, make sure that tools like these only share evergreen content though.
- 31.10: For receiving enquiries the Contact Form 7 plugin is a must.
- 31.45: For tying a lot of different elements of blogging together +Triberr is a great tool/community/platform to tap into.

Social Warfare Social Sharing Plugin
As I mentioned at the start we were lucky to have Nicholas join us to talk about the new plugin he has launched in conjunction with +Dustin W. Stout & +Jason T. Wiser. From the 34 minute mark he talked about how and why the plugin came about as well as some of it's great features like..

Pinterest Optimisation - you can use a +Pinterest optimised image along with custom description for pins of your blog post.

Custom Tweets - craft the perfect tweet and embed images into tweets that get shared.

Fast Loading - the plugin is only about 8kbs when loaded on the front end which makes it really fast.

In Page Caching - allows the share counts be associated with the page improving speed and performance

Beautifully Responsive - watch the icons snap to size

Sidebar Share Count Widgets - show your readers your most popular posts sorted by most shares, not based on just page count or comments

Real Easy Click To Tweet - no more fiddling to get Click to Tweet to work, integrated to make it easy

Anyway, that's the HOA review for the last show and an insight into our collective blogging toolboxes.. Again, you can view the full post at:
and feel free to share!

Now, what's in YOUR Toolbox? Comment below and let us know!

#bloggingtools #bloggingtips  
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If you are looking to make your YouTube thumbnails stand out maybe you should read this, if you are not really interested in this issue and you just pass by, maybe you can check the thumbnail designs - love to know what you think - :D

#thumbnails #graphicdesign #youtube  
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How Does FREE Sound To You?

We've kicked off our huge Christmas sale with up to 50% off all products and as an added bonus on top when you spend over €20 we'll give you a limited edition notebook for free! Ideal stocking fillers :)

Head to to see what tickles your fancy!

#christmasgifts #christmas2014 #sale #free  
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