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Underwater Rocks
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i was thinking the model closer to the rocks.. but its awesome anyway.

Great work..
This is like a sexy shark attack - I am all confused inside
I love the algae and how it contrasts with the introduction of pink. 
Oh, I miss snorkeling too! This is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
It is so damn beautiful....fabulously captured....unable to take eyes off it...
looks like blood,but stilll beautiful.
Amazing.. Super jealous i am no one of them under the water. I'm from Key West and i know what its like to be underwater and lost in the beauty of it :) Just amazing photos...take me back. 
So flippin' fabulous. Now if only pufferfish could be trained as backup dancers
Yes it Do...I have spent 25 years underwater to depths most have and never will go. All who have explored the depths are that much the wealthier, if not kinder for it. Keep Exploring!
My first thought was "blood in the water" 
yeah i like the way she goes down in the water
nyangore lual bellissima.
+Marione Pt i don't know what you said but i do know you said my name at the end.....hehe. 
i wish i was instead of her it would be  fun
At first I thought it was a jellyfish, =P
Note:  Adding to my bucket list.. Learn underwater photography from a master!
I misread the title as "Underwater Racks"
I just discovered your site +Elena Kalis  through a share.  I am part mermaid and love water and photography, so underwater photography...  Your photos are amazing.  I'm adding you to one of my circles and looking forward to more of your work.
i dont see rocks, i see a lady and so wonderfull...
I want to be there with her.
How can you take pictures underwater? Is it a special type of camera, or an accesorie? Please, answer, and sorry about my english.
etre mas veo quiero ver mas hermosas fotos como tu no ay otra gracias...
superbe photo   .... félicitation 
prcioso como todo lo que publicas tocaya te admiro mucho quidate.
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