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Electronics for Audio Circuits.
Electronics for Audio Circuits.

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De lleno con el prototipo del futuro  #PedalSHIELD  para +ElectroSmash   Gracias a la #CyclonePCB y a nuestra impresora 3D! No nos cansaremos de agradecerte tu trabajo +Carlos García Saura

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pedalSHIELD Workshop by Droide Comunidad
El viernes pasado, grandes y pequeños disfrutamos aprendiendo a construir y programar un pedal de guitarra con #arduino... ¡¡Hasta hicimos una jam session!!
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Today I came across some interesting videos by Visual Sound focused in overdrive, distortion, compression, true bypass, etc  

This one shed some light on the old op-amp mojo myth...

Visual Sound: Myth Buster #2: Op Amps

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¡¡Ya tenemos todo preparado para el taller del pedal de guitarra con #Arduino y Electro Smash!! Además queremos daros las gracias por vuestro interés porque ¡¡está completooo!! si quieres más información de próximas fechas...

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We have released the Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 Analysis in ElectroSmash, maybe the best selling guitar pedal of all time by copying the VOX circuit.

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If you want to learn about Audio Music Engineering you should sign up for this free course!


Week 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to wave propagation, simple oscillating systems, sound pressure, sound waves, the speed of sound, wavelength, frequency and wavenumber, sound pressure level, and auditory directional cues.

Lesson 2: Electronics fundamentals - charge, current, voltage, resistance, Ohm’s law, DC circuits, finding currents and voltages in simple circuits

Week 2

Lesson 1: Reflection and absorption of sound, resonances in air columns, resonances in enclosures and rooms, diffraction of sound, reverberation.

Lesson 2: Power, impedance matching, operational amplifiers, voltage buffer, inverting amplifier

Week 3

Lesson 1: Mathematical fundamentals for AC circuit analysis, phasors

Lesson 2: AC signals, capacitors, inductors, impedance, AC circuits and AC circuit analysis, simple filters (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass)

Week 4

Lesson 1: Electric guitar electronics, pickup design, volume control circuits, tone control circuits, pickup placement, frequency content and tone, wah pedal, talk box

Lesson 2: Converting electrical signals to sound – loudspeakers.

Week 5

Lesson 1: Designing speaker enclosures, basic principles, interaction of speaker driver with the cabinet, why a cabinet at all? Closed-box speaker design.

Lesson 2: The ported / bass reflex speaker design.

Week 6

Lesson 1: Overview of a simple guitar amplifier, preamp, volume control, tone control, gain and distortion, tube circuit distortion, power amp section.

Lesson 2: Building the guitar amplifier, how to solder, getting the amp to work - systematic testing and troubleshooting.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT “TRUE BYPASS ” (and some other goodies).
by B. Andrew Barta
Tech 21 USA, Inc.
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