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We just received a batch of LightBlue Beans. Sounds delicious, right?

But we don't mean beans as food, we talk about a microcontroller, with which you are able to connect any physical thing to the digital world!

The Bean is the first Arduino-compatible microcontroller board, that's wirelessly programmable over Bluetooth LE. It features an RGB LED, a temperature sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer. The board is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery.

Maybe you always wanted a motion alarm which goes off if someone moves your bike? Or you want to build your own DIY Nerf gun turret?

Than LightBlue Bean is the IoT device of your choice. It's small, favourable and easy to use.


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Maybe you've already received the latest issue of our newsletter today. It's all about the amazing Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3), the new version of the successful Compute Module from 2014.

The CM3 simplifies the design process engineers need to undertake when developing a System on Module (SoM) solution into their final product. The CM3 is also a formidable platform for advanced home automation.

We've also added a new feature to our shop, which allows you to add all products from a completed order to your current cart. This is pretty neat, if you need to order the same products again (e.g. components for a project).


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Today we've released the current issue of our newsletter, in which we present to you the new LEGO Education products.

Let your pupils or children explore their world with those three kits. Engage them to have fun collaborating and constructing different environments.

Happy Friday and have a nice weekend!


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The holiday season is around the corner and the end of the year 2016 is coming.

We would like to thank all of you for your support!

It has been a great year, we've truly settled in our new offices, optimized various interal procedures, and also developed and implemented new processes.

One thing is clear, 2017 will be a year of changes.

The whole team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year 2017!

Few weeks past, Electronic-Shop could be spotted in the national media.

First, there was the interview with Carlos taken by the "Lëtzebuerger Journal". It was published in the issue N°256 of the newspaper, which is also available online (http://bit.ly/2eZ0ToO).

Then, we managed to be on TV for the first time. There was a story in the national newscast "De Journal", about the shopping behaviour in Luxembourg and the future of eCommerce, entitled "Nohuelbedarf am digitale Beräich!". You can watch it online at rtl.lu (http://bit.ly/2ePnaId).

Enjoy reading and watching
Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

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Pimoroni Flotilla - Mega Treasure Chest - Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

Flotilla helps you make reactive and interactive projects - a robot, virtual pet, weather station - anything you can think of! It's designed to progress with you as your skills develop. You don't need any coding skills or electronics knowledge to get started, you can simply plug and play.

• Powered by Raspberry Pi
• Unique plug-and play hardware project kit
• Go from absolute beginner to ninja-maker


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LinkSprite - New products available! Since this month we are an official reseller for LinkSprite, the manufacturer of various amazing shields for the Raspberry and Arduino. Learn more about the products in our newsletter.

Learn more about the shields in our recent newsletter

If you are looking for pcDuino by LinkSprite, you can take a look at this link

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Buy a Brady BMP21-PLUS for only 89,- EUR!

You are looking for an industrial grade label marker? Then check out the Brady BPM21-PLUS, which is now available in our "Back to School" sale.


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Back to school offers available

From today till 15 September we celebrate the start of a new school year! During this time, we offer you a discount on various products from our stock.

Have fun exploring and discovering!

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