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ElectroCycle Electronic Recycling
Computer Recycling & Hard drive destruction
Computer Recycling & Hard drive destruction
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Looking for a place to recycle old electronics and computers? 248-991-4749

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Helping out where we can!

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The DoD decided that secure information that must remain secure must be destroyed. Can your employees information be at risk?

If the Department of Defense formatting is good enough why does the Department of Defense shred their top secret hard drives?

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68% of consumers stockpile unwanted devices in homes. 

300 million computers and 1 BILLION cell phones are put into production each year.

Let’s face it an old laptop, tablet or cell phone you haven’t used in a year is hardly likely to be of use! Recycle, and save the environment

Think twice about throwing your old copy machine away. Photocopiers are the newest threat to identity theft. Shred the hard drive inside. 248-991-4749
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