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Robert Gerhart - Osseo Area School Board Director
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I wholeheartedly support this idea. Too much homework is repetitive busy work that only causes fatigue and resentment towards school. If a student doesn't understand how to do a problem once, making them do it 100 times isn't going to fix it.
It's a pretty good endorsement when your own students come back as teachers. #WelcomeHome
Dr. Patrick Deneen: “What our educational system aims to produce is cultural amnesia, a wholesale lack of curiosity, history-less free agents, and educational goals composed of content-free processes and unexamined buzz-words like ‘critical thinking,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘ways of knowing,’ ‘social justice,’ and ‘cultural competence.’

Our students are the achievement of a systemic commitment to producing individuals without a past for whom the future is a foreign country, cultureless ciphers who can live anywhere and perform any kind of work without inquiring about its purposes or ends, perfected tools for an economic system that prizes ‘flexibility’ (geographic, interpersonal, ethical).”
According to Patrick Deneen, modern students' ignorance is the education system's "crowning achievement".
Hosting a #NationalNightOut party. We got a visit from the SWAT truck and my friend Maple Grove Councilman Phil Leith, and finished the night watching Zootopia under the stars.
Last night we approved a new long-term facilities maintenance plan. Decades of well-intentioned efforts to save costs and squeeze just a little bit more life out of hundreds (thousands?) of individual issues has reached a point of diminished returns. Based on expert, impartial, 3rd party analysis by an engineering firm that has no conflict of interest in their recommendation (which was reviewed for several months by a school Board that includes two engineers and an accountant), it has become more expensive to keep patching things together rather than to bite the bullet and actually fix them.

This is a preservation effort more than an "investment". These buildings are used by the community for more than just school, e.g., community education, political caucuses, church rentals, cultural gatherings. Decades worth of previous boards and taxpayers have entrusted us with the responsibility to care for nearly 4 million square feet of the people's' property, and the current board has been slapped with the cold hard reality that a different tactic is needed in order to fulfill that obligation. We didn't create the problem, but by gosh we are going to fix it.
The biggest long-term facilities project is underway at Osseo Senior High.
"Whether you’re a kid or an adult, local libraries have always been an ideal place to savor a quiet moment with a good book. And today’s public libraries offer so much more."
Summer's arrival can mean a more relaxed pace for many families, but some parents wonder about how to keep their students' academic skills sharp.
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As federal financing has grown, so too have efforts to dictate local school policy from Washington. This election season, listen to what various candidates want to do: return more authority to you and your local school board, or take more of your rights as parents and community members and give that power to unelected strangers in St. Paul and Washington D.C.
As federal education financing has grown, so too have efforts to dictate local school policy from Washington.
"Free", voluntary pre-K classes will be available this year at Birch Grove, Crest View, Edinbrook, Fair Oaks, Palmer Lake, Park Brook, Zanewood, and Garden City Elementary.

These schools were selected based on their concentration of students who receive free or reduced lunch (FRL). The federal FRL program is a fraud-filled "honor system", with almost zero confirmation of parents' claimed need, and zero consequences for parents who lie in order to qualify. I will continue my work of fighting this abuse in order to make sure that taxpayers' FRL dollars are going to the kids who actually need them, and that subsequent decisions based on FRL are accurate.
Sorry Michelle: that's the job of PARENTS, not the government.
Former PCHS student Quinton Hooker making a name for himself on the court at my alma mater, the U of North Dakota.
Quinton Hooker was Minnesota's Mr. Basketball in 2013 at Park Center, now he's working on re-writing record books at the University of North Dakota...
"Looking for some good summer reads for your kids? These books, which we've sorted by age (4-8; 9-12; 13-18), are so much fun, kids will dive right in!"
Cares about students, respects the taxpayer.
Vice Chairman of the Osseo, MN Area (Independent School District 279) school board. This district includes Osseo, Maple Grove, as well as portions of Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, and Dayton, Minnesota.

My goals are to bring greater
  • Student Achievement
  • Transparency
  • Classroom Innovation
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
Please visit my campaign website to learn more about my goals for the school district, and follow my profile to receive updates.

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