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Robert Gerhart - Osseo Area School Board Director
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Reducing Class Sizes (K-3) - The Osseo School District is considering a plan to reduce class sizes next year in K-3 classes.  Whe
D279 is lucky to have not one, but THREE nominees for MN "Teacher of the Year"!
Dennis Loeks (Palmer Lake), Kristin Pengra-Anderson (Edinbrook), and Lisa Schutte (Edinbrook).
FF Version - 20160202_Wk Session_Part 1 of 1 - Feb 03, 2016 - The agenda for FF Version - 20160202_Wk Session_Part 1 of 1 dated Wednesday, 03 February 2016 has be
WCCO TV did a very nice piece on Osseo Senior High's very own principal, Michael Lehan. #OrioleWay
Principal Michael Lehan in his first year as a principal at Osseo High School. As you will see there is so much more to him than being that guy who used to play in the NFL and that's what makes him this week's Minnesotan to Meet.
Reconnecting with my friend, State Representative Dennis Smith, at the D279 Legislative Coffee event.
Spent some valuable time with some of our district's state Senators and Representatives at our annual legislative coffee event, where we get a chance to express our interests and concerns about the upcoming legislative session.
"At some point in your life (and, if you're lucky, many times), you're going to find yourself playing the role of a mentor to someone, somewhere. It can be both exciting, and a little confusing. What exactly does it mean to be someone's mentor, and how can you really stand out in the role?"
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"We don't want to be a soft target." The pendulum of public opinion seems to be swinging back, and there is no question that "no weapons" signs have no effect on the bad guys. It is within the Board's power to do something similar here, so how do YOU feel about D279 schools being soft targets?
Officials at an Oklahoma school district said they wanted to send a clear warning to protect against potential attacks, so they put up signs on Monday alerting that staff members could be carrying guns.
School Board Work Session - Feb 02, 2016 - The agenda for School Board Work Session dated Tuesday, 02 February 2016 has been archived. Access i
On January 29, 2016, I had the opportunity to meet with most of the state representatives and senators who represent the various parts of our district. This is an annual opportunity for the district to express our interests and concerns for the upcoming legislative session.
Why are we smiling?  Because the video we just recorded somehow gave me even more gray hair than I already have :/
School Board Work Session - Feb 02, 2016 - Purpose:The purpose of School Board Work Sessions is to build trust and teamwork and to exchange inf
Cares about students, respects the taxpayer.
Vice Chairman of the Osseo, MN Area (Independent School District 279) school board. This district includes Osseo, Maple Grove, as well as portions of Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, and Dayton, Minnesota.

My goals are to bring greater
  • Student Achievement
  • Transparency
  • Classroom Innovation
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
Please visit my campaign website to learn more about my goals for the school district, and follow my profile to receive updates.

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