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Google to start adding "Boosted Content" Like Facebook?

This is going to make for a different feel to G+ 
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They've had post ads for a while....
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We've had a rash of buyers recently who were told they did not qualify for a USDA Home Loan in North Carolina because they had too much money in the bank after s closing.  Fortunately someone referred them to us, and we were able to explain the program CORRECTLY! 

Misinformation is all over the Internet - we keep our site current, so if you have questions, or don't think you are getting the "right" information - call us! #USDALoansNC  
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Is there a way to report purely WRONG information to Google?

There's a site that ranks well on Google (disclosure: Competition) that has absolutely WRONG information on the pages.

"To qualify for a Rural Development Loan in North Carolina, the property has to:
Be located outside of the city limits
Have a population of less than 20,000 people"

This is not simply inaccurate - it's WRONG.  You CAN get a USDA Loan in NC for a home that is located WITHIN the City limits... so my question is - how do you get GOOGLE to recognize that the "authority of this site is not so great?

#USDALoansNC  can be made in every square inch of Johnston County (for instance) and there are a DOZEN Cities in that county alone!  In fact, every county in NC has some portion of it that qualifies for a USDA RD Loan.  
USDA Loan Eligibility Map NC 2014: Contrary to what you've heard, the USDA Eligibility Maps in NC are still scheduled to change 10/1/14 in NC
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In what respect? Are they advertising that a plant is a tree? Or are they committing credit card fraud? If it is a known illegal activity, Google tends to take action. If it's just false info, probably not-so-much. Google doesn't view their company as a depute mediation. Rather a source of known information on a subject. Weather the info is good or bad or useful or not, it's simply processed and placed where it feel it bears relevance in a search. There are SEO techniques used to counter these misleading sites and to generate better content. I have pushed competitors pages off the first pages of the SERPS by adding better pages and more relevant content above a competitor that is lying to the public.

Here is the Page you go to for reporting Illegal activities. You can click the link on that page to review Googles sites policy.
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Great Information on USDA Loans in Charlotte NC

We are lucky that we an do loans all over the State, and many of our clients are in the Charlotte, NC area.  Here's a comprehensive list of Requirements for a USDA Loan Approval in Charlotte, including the various USDA Eligibility Maps, and the various USDA Maximum Income Limit charts. 

Many loan officers in NC do not offer clients the Mortgage Tax Credits, and we are always surprised!  For those who qualify, that's $162 EXTRA each month that we can use to offset higher interest rates (for instance).

USDA Home Loans Charlotte NC Eligibility Requirements for this no down payment requirement mortgage loan differ based upon the County you are buying in
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*This would be a great practice for Real Estate Agents to use too! * Create local maps for clients, create an Emergency Doc they can use with those Refrigerator Magnets - RedBox locations... This is good stuff!   #realestatemarketingtips  
Moving to a new neighborhood is scary for many renters. They are vulnerable and uncertain. Use these 5 tricks to help make their transition a success.
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I told friends last night that the area from Rocky Quarry Road to 40/42 is so bad /  I think people who have to sit there on a regular basis should keep drinks and those little Pretzel Packs in the back seat so they can get out and make friends!  Who wants to drive in this daily?    #Garner
A report released Tuesday morning by TRIP, a national transportation research group based in Washington, D.C., finds that the average Raleigh-Durham driver loses more than $1,005 each year as a result of driving on roads that are congested, deteriorated or lack some desirable safety features.
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I used to live in the Cleveland Springs area, it is that bad almost every day. I avoided 40 like the plague.
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Eleanor Thorne

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Here Here! Thanks +Martin W. Smith 

If you are on Google Plus, you should be listening to, and Following +Mark Traphagen 
50 Great Content Curators - Mark Traphagen

Today I get to, ever so slightly, repay an impossible to repay debt - the one I owe to +Mark Traphagen. Mark's generosity is amazing and knows no bounds as many know. His DEEP G+ expertise means he is in demand.

Mark speaks all over the country about his understanding and deep love for +Google+. Evangelical support can be damaging to an Internet marketer UNLESS that support is RIGHT (lol). Mark's call on GPlus was early and perfectly timed. When people were making fun of Google's attempt to catch up in the social space Mark stayed the course.

At one time he may have been the only boat in the G+ ocean. Not so much anymore and for good reason. I won't evangelize about G+ here since that is not today's mission, but Mark's call was perfectly timed and way more right than wrong and, in my experience, that is how you make millions online.

A #mustfollow Traphagen's army already has more than 80,000 followers and will grow to many times that number because Mark is generous, kind and he shares what he knows so well. A great teacher, mentor and coach Mark Traphagen is one of our 50 Great #contentcurators .
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+Eleanor Thorne Thanks for sharing +CrowdFunde's +Mark Traphagen profile and MAN do I  love the kitchen on your header. WOW.  I don't cook so half of it would be wasted, but love the comfortable look and feel. Bet its easy to cook in too. My last house, my goal was to have the kitchen looked like new and I almost achieved that (lol). Thanks for the share :). Marty
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USDA Loans Charlotte NC

MANY areas around Charlotte qualify for the USDA Home Loan Program.  Although there are websites that say you can't buy a house that is WITHIN a city limit - that's just not true!  

Sometimes a ROAD will be what is dividing what homes qualify for the USDA Loan Charlotte NC mortgage - and what doesn't. Here are current USDA Loan maps for the Charlotte area - but be aware... even though the Farm Bill passed, the USDA Loan Maps are STILL scheduled to change on 10/1/14! #usdaloanscharlottenc  
USDA Loans Charlotte NC: Maps showing where you can buy a home in Charlotte NC that qualifies for USDA Home Loan no down payment required
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Eleanor Thorne

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Do you put Peanuts in your Coke at a Football Game - or is that just a Southern Thing? So good! Love the new #NCSU Cups / funny how happy they made me :) 
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I did it in the midwest growing up but we were in southern Illinois on the Mississippi River and really country so I am thinking it may be a country thing.
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I had a stroke last week.  I'm looking for ways to help others who might also be experiencing obstacles. Patience is appreciated :) I can communicate - and that is such a blessing! 

Here's updated information regarding #MedicalColections  / so many people are just letting them go.  USDA Home Loan Underwriters will no longer allow you to close with unpaid Medical Collections (in NC) that are less than 5 years old.
Health Issues, Medical Collections and buying a home in NC means we can count disability insurance for income, but many medical collections will need to be paid
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It is truly a blessing that you are here, in improving health and still so dedicated to helping buyers navigate the market! Get plenty of rest and take care.
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Marketeeer! Mortgage Lender Team!
I have the ability to make Complex things simple to Understand... Mortgage, Technology, Parenthood (Wait! Maybe not Parenthood!)
  • NC Mortgage Experts
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    NC Mortgage Experts with TONS of experience helping first time home buyers in NC buy their Dream Home! You will find more information on our site,; or you can connect with us here, on Facebook or Twitter. I work with my husband, Steve Thorne, Mortgage Loan Originator #60596
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Mortgage Lender + USDA Home Loan Expert + First Time Home Buyer Programs + Real Estate Social Media Website Consultant + Boomer Who Undertsands Technology

I work in the Mortgage Lending business with my husband, +Stephen L Thorne.   We were named one of the Top Origination Teams in the State (by the NC Association of Mortgage Professionals, and Mortgage Originator Magazine. 

As entrepreneurs, one of our mortgage companies received the coveted Triangle Fast 50 Awards by The Triangle Business Journal three years in a row!.

As a Mortgage Origination Team, we specialize in FHA Mortgage Loans, Veteran Home Loans, and we probably do more USDA Home Loans than anyone else in the State of NC.  In addition to this, we offer the Best Mortgage Interest Rates for all programs, including Conventional/Jumbo mortgages. 

We have over 20 years of experience as Mortgage Loan Professionals in Cary, NC and enjoy working with First Time Homebuyers, as well as folks who are Refinancing! 

We recently finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and love sharing his principals of soundly building wealth with our mortgage customers!

I am a Boomer - and I've spent over 6 years learning the "language" of Social Media, Websites and SEO.  Because of that - I teach many fellow Boomers the language - and I work with Real Estate Agents to gain better exposure for their Real Estate Practice!
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The Shiracha sauce is good - but HOT! :)
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I do not recommend this Salon. We had a miserable experience with disastrous color treatment that even the owner said was, "too intense." After going back a second time, they suggested maybe adding "streaks" to fix it. Ended up paying another Aveda Salon for Color Correction. I would not go to this Salon for ANY color treatment.
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We've done several transactions with Raleigh Cary Realty and found them to be very professional an knowledgeable about the market. We recommend them!
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These folks are WONDERFUL! Love this Jersey Mike's!
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6 reviews
This is a great park. Fishing; trails; ballparks and playground.
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It's so great to work with Web Design (and "execution") folks who understand Real Estate. Too often, I see agents and Brokerages working with a WebTeam that understand good web design, but they don't understand how that translates to Real Estate. These guys get it.
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