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Eldon Yoder

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Lightroom let's you do so many cool things...
I had a couple of questions about how I created that grid of photos for my NFL teams poster. I did a tutorial last week showing how to do a similar layout (abiet with less photos) from an Audi R8 shoot I did. You can watch it here (below) or follow this link:
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Eldon Yoder

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4 Year Old Cowboy Hero Photo Edit #2 - CorePresets Show #30

In this episode we work on another image from my session with the little cowboy (my nephew).

We basically dive right into Lightroom, apply a quick preset and then adjust a number of settings in the develop module to end up with a photo that is almost ready to ship.

I'm still thinking through how I want to continue approaching this show. For now I'm going to try to do two videos per week and shorten them both up a bit while focusing on one image.

Let me know what you think about the length... would you rather get fewer long videos, or more short videos?

Thanks for watching!

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Eldon Yoder

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Since it is so easy to shoot video along with still images it makes sense to work with both kinds of files within the same infrastructure.

Now, I’m no movie maker, most of what I shoot is simple and short clips. If you mostly or only shoot video you’ll probably want to do something a bit different.

Lightroom was built to work specifically with images, video support was added a few versions ago and has made it much easier for me to shoot short clips and work with them along side my photos.

Also, if you've subscribed to the email newsletter you'll notice that I've added a number of new presets to the free Lightroom preset pack. If you'd like to get a copy head over to

Hope you enjoy the video!

Eldon Yoder

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Final Project Overview and Walk Through

The past day and a half have been spend doing gloriously little coding. This morning though I couldn’t stand not looking at code any longer so I fired up some older projects, made a few bug fixes to my final project and then recorded the video above.

Basically the video above is an “in depth” look at the functionality of the Ruby on Rails application that I built for my final project at The Iron Yard.

Eldon Yoder

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A #video  covering the Setup and Overview of the Crawford #wordpress #Theme
Today's post is an overview look at the Crawford WordPress Theme, a theme designed specifically for writers. Easy to set up and nice to look at!
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Eldon Yoder

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Photoshop Blend-If - 32 Bit HDR - 4 Image Edit - CorePresets Show #31

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Hey folks!

This video covers the edit of four images - using Lightroom and Photoshop.

The first image we work with is an HDR image. We start out by merging it to HDR pro inside of Photoshop. Then we tone map it in Adobe Camera Raw. Finally we bring another exposure into Photoshop and use several techniques to blend part of the HDR image into the other image to achieve the look we wanted.

The second image we work with is one I took a number of years ago in Guatemala. In the frame is a light fixture, hanging from a chain. The only problem is that the light is off. So we dive into Photoshop and "turn the lights on." The image isn't the best one ever, but it does serve to show how a person would go about turning lights on in Photoshop.

The third image is an environmental portrait type shot. Again it is from a trip I made to Guatemala. My cousin ran a book store for a while in a small town down there, so I wanted to make an image of him and his book store. All of the editing of this image happens inside of Lightroom.

The fourth and final image is a bit of a "fine art" type photo. We start out in Lightroom and get the image pretty close to what we want it to look like. We then head over to Photoshop to use a similar technique to "turning the lights on" to add a bit of interest to the image.

And that my friends is it for this week!

See you again soon.

Photoshop Blend-If - 32 Bit HDR - 4 Image Edit - CorePresets Show #31

Eldon Yoder

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This week's show explores using luminosity channels to make selections and masks. This is a tool that I've just recently begun working with and I see a lot of potential going forward with this...
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Eldon Yoder

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Hey guys,

So, I didn't post anything yesterday.

I'm not really even sorry about that.

It's been crazy around here and the next two days promise more of the same. Basically  I have two things on my mind. Finishing up my Final Project as much as possible and then getting ready to present it to a bunch of people on Friday.

Should be an interesting couple of days.

#CrunchTime - #Testing - Final #Presentations
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