We identified an issue affecting a small number of ESO beta applications submitted last week. The following steps represent the best way to resolve this issue.

If you have not received a confirmation e-mail documenting our acceptance of your beta sign-up application, please re-submit your application using a different e-mail address. Be sure to add noreply@zenimaxonline.com to your ‘safe senders’ list. We apologize for the inconvenience--this is the best way to ensure that we receive your ESO beta application.

Please keep in mind that we have NOT yet begun to send out beta invitations. When we do, we will make an announcement on our website and social media pages. The only e-mail that you should receive from us right now is the beta sign-up confirmation, which indicates that we have accepted your beta sign-up application.
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I thought I had this problem, but it turns out it was in my spam folder. I recommend everyone checks theirs.
+James Whitehead Same here. Gmail seems to automatically mark it as spam so for those that used a gmail account, definitely check your spam folder. 
How do I add noreply to my safe senders list
Note: the sign-up form (with the CAPTCHA) doesn't work properly if you have an ad-blocker installed in your browser...
Cool, must have been fixed...
Thanks for the update. It was in my gmail spam folder. Any tine frame when the beta invites might go out? A month, two months, a year?
it was also in my spam folder. please check your gmail spam folder if you have not gotten one.  and i take it if we have gotten one all we need to do is sit back and wait?
My husband has been trying to apply for beta status and every single time, he clicks on the submit button and it grays out and the webpage gets stuck. He's tried IE and Chrome and they both do this. Has any one else had this problem and is there a workaround for it? Thanks!
I would try other browsers as Chrome worked for me...Perhaps try Firefox as one?
+Deborah Maxwell We're sorry your husband has had trouble signing up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta. Would you please ask him to disable all ad- and script-blockers, and then try again? This should resolve the issue and allow his application to go through.
+Andrew McAtee Our first beta event will take place in the weeks and months ahead. While we haven't specified a date, we'll announce on our website, http://elderscrollsonline.com, and social media channels when we send out the first round of invites; that way, everyone will know to watch their e-mail. Hope this information helps!
I want GW2 and The Elder Scrolls Online to make babies!
+Ben O'Hanlon I think if that happened you'd witness total global lack of productivity. People would be quitting their jobs left and right and the entire world economy would spiral out of control as people shift all their money into gems and other various online currency. But with that said, I too would like to see this love child happen. 
Turning off the ad blocker did the trick! Thanks everyone! :D He's so stocked for this game!
HI, I've sent an application for the beta twice now after seeing this post and my second application was sent in on the 30th January. If I am not chosen will I still receive an email saying that i haven't been chosen or will an email never come? Thanks in advance. 
+Ben O'Hanlon :P Do you reckon the Elder Scrolls online team will reply because if the beta ends soon, there is no point
+Tom Brown I'm surprised they don't monitor or answer comments in their thread... looks really bad tbh.
+Ben O'Hanlon Yeah as a business this big you'd expect them to check this regularly.
Perhaps we should screenshot this thread and tweet it to them?
Yeah, on twitter or Google+
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