Elcobit's new free ClickCuts VST plugin enables sample-accurate loop integration.

Although being an FX, ClickCuts produces sound output on it's own. Just load a WAV file or record any audio from an input source. The current loop section can be exported as WAV file. Fine tune controls allow granular selection of start / end section - you will never again miss a single sample point.

Record what you hear and manupulate and tweak your music as you like it. Stack your favourite FX plugins on top. It is all at your hands now, start today - and benefit from ClickCut's intuitive and inspiring user interface.

ClickCuts finally brings Ableton Live workflow to the digital audio workstartion (DAW) of your choice.

If you want to record what you hear (for example, YouTube-Videos) - we recommend using Propellerhead's Reason sequencer (DAW) together with Soundflower and SoundScource apps on a Mac. ClickCuts is available as Mac OS 64bit VST2-Plugin and Stand-Alone app for Mac OS.

Download free ClickCuts Mac OS app: https://d.pr/free/f/7nXyUW
Download free ClickCuts VST plugin: https://d.pr/free/f/lRpwkz
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