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Elaine Torres

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Tiny snow...but snow nonetheless!! #winter #wfaa #mckinney #snow 
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yep! That's where I am and saw the start of it when I went out.
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Elaine Torres

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With all the drama that's been going on in 2016...I hope that your new year is full of light and love. Hug the ones you love every chance you get and let them know you care because tomorrow is not promised.

Have an excellent New Year!

(So ready to kick this year to the curb!)

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Elaine Torres

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Elaine Torres

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Guys...barring ANY setbacks... I graduate in May. (OO) .... I'm almost there... so close I can smell the new graduation gown...

#UTDallas #UxUI #EMAC #SoonToBeGrad #unbelievable
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Elaine Torres

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Love needs you. All...

Human Kindness
Human Dignity


#Love   #BeyourBest   #BeHuman   #Connect   #YouAreNotANumber   #YouAreHuman  
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Elaine Torres

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Hey guys... Here's your chance to participate in a project!! Many of you remember my call to "artists" for a project a few years ago where I made an awesome book of your submissions... this one is a little less WORK's what I need if you want to participate...
I need you to....
1. Take a photo of your bed...AS IT IS RIGHT NOW! Don't make it up, don't mess it up...if there are humans in it...please get their permission to photograph them first.
2. Email your photo to me here: with the subject line #InBedWith
That's it.
I don't need anything else. Please consider participating, it's going to be a cool project. (this won't be a "public" project and will only be shown in my classroom to my peers, so no worries) #Project #ClassProject #UTDallas #YourBed #People
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Elaine Torres

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Why can't this happen IRL.

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Elaine Torres

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Hi! As we go into this new year here are 17 things I'd like you to know....

1. I am happy to have you all in my circle of friends and family.
2. Don't let little things bug you...Kids can be ruthless sometimes. ;)
3. Don't let big things bug you...they give you wrinkles on your forehead.
4. Take stuff that happens to you as a lesson and learn from each experience...sometimes that chili is too hot to have again.
5. If you're at the bottom...never fear because the only place you have to go is UP from there. 6. If you're at the top remember that it only takes one quick stumble to be at the never step on anyone below you...if anything lift them up!
7. Love those around you like crazy while you can.
8. Be kind. Buy that man on the corner lunch...he might not want it but at least you can say that you tried to help and that's always a good thing.
9. If you ever need me...I'll be here.
10. Dont make the same mistakes you made last year that weren't good for you...history will only repeat itself if you do.
11. Try something different.
12. Be brave.
13. Dare to dream big.
14. Move out of your city for a me you will love it.
15.Read paper books...yes comic books count 16. Hug your parents if they're still around...if they're not let their memories hug you.
17. I love you and wish you the best in the coming year and beyond!!!
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Great points.
Healthy and Happy New Year, to you and your loved ones.
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Elaine Torres

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My heart hurts.... so much.
#RIP #Leia #myhero
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She created the B beats earphone
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Elaine Torres

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Sitting over here sipping my tea wishing every voter out there a very Merry Christmas.

I'll take them in <3
#Christmas in the #USA #MerryChristmas #JesusWasARefugee 
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Elaine Torres

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Look to the sky tonight! Leonids are a peakin'... :)

#LeonidMeteorShower #Sky #meteor 
Just in case you missed this week's amazing supermoon show , there's no need to beat yourself up about it, because the night sky is here to console you with another awesome spectacle.
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Elaine Torres

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Guys... look at it.... just look at it... #MicrosoftSurfaceStudio  I just hope the OS is as good if not better than Apple OS. I was REALLY disappointed by Windows 7...which is the LAST time I've ever used a PC. That should tell you something.

This thing looks f*cking amazing....Please don't let this OS suck.
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Windows 10 is way better than 7. 
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I am totally the droid you are looking for!
Hi. I'm from Austin, but currently being held hostage in Dallas.  :)  Please send money...and a Large Conans pizza with pepperoni...deep dish, on wheat. 
Bragging rights
Give me a pencil and paper and I can draw you under the seriously...I can literally draw a picture of you under a table...
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First let me say that at first glance Longorias BBQ isn't the prettiest spot in town. What they lack in aesthetics they more than make up for with their beans and brisket read that right ...brisket sausage. By far it's the best I've ever had. The irony here is that I didn't like their brisket this trip... it was a little on the dry side. Maybe I'll give it another go next time through. HOWEVER....what really made my two meat plate hop was the beans!! I don't know who they have making those frijoles in the Longoria kitchen but they are GOOD. I'm talking like your abuelita putting a yummy bowl of beans in front of you when you're 7 good... that's really really really good for my gringo friends. I'd go back just to eat a bowl or two! The sausage is great...really good. The bbq sauce...not so good and the vinegar concoction doesn't blend well with the smokey meaty flavor of the meats. I'd prefer something a little sweeter...bit that's just the diabetes in me talking. It may work for you so try it. The pecan pie...oh sweet lort eat it all. The sweet good. Overall this was well worth the drive. I left full and with 3 dozen tamales for later. (What...I'm Hispanic. ..we always leave with a plate for later. :)) Give Longorias BBQ a go next time you find yourself in the Everman Tx area. Tell them I sent ya! They might look at you a little weird because no one knows who I am really...but we can pretend that their great customer service is a result of my sending y'all there! Ha ha.
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This is a little hidden gem for Pho. The noodles are great and the soup so yummy on a cold day. Definitely want to hit this one up!
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The doctors at this practice are GREAT!...a little too great as I can't seem to get in to see my doc anymore. Appointments are always booked for weeks or months out. Often if you're sick or ill, the doctor isn't available and you end up seeing a nurse practitioner. It's annoying as you want to say you have a regular doctor, when in fact you have a regular nurse practitioner. It's unfortunate, but I'll be looking elsewhere for a more available doctor. :(
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My husband and I have used Legendary Self Storage for the past 7 months and have been pleased with the level of service that the front office provides whenever we have any questions. Our questions are always addressed in a timely manner and we have had nothing but a positive experience in storing our items with this company. With 24 hr access and coded access gate, this location was perfect for us as we sought a place where our items would be secured and safe. I'd recommend Legendary Self Storage to anyone in the area seeking peace of mind when storing their items.
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8 reviews
Had a great experience with this place. My little Bean is all the more healthy now and Dr. Sue is great with the little guys. So glad I found it.
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hWhen my daughter suffered a severe ankle sprain during a game we went to see Dr. McNutt, the staff was awesome and the Dr. was quick to see us. He checked out her ankle and xrays and we were thinking she'd need surgery, but he reassured us that she wouldn't need it. I'd recommend his office again and again.
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I have to say that the food is great and the atmosphere is great. I have had a few problems with the people they've hired, but the manager has always been considerate enough to address our concerns and welcome us back. We'll be back.
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reviewed 5 years ago