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Elaine Masters
Ever curious & hungry for adventure. Freelance travel writer.
Ever curious & hungry for adventure. Freelance travel writer.

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Beyond world-class snorkeling, swimming, and exploring Lana'i City, here are five more awesome things to do on Lanai, Hawaii. #LoveLanai #discoverLanai #FSLanai #Hawaii #LanaibyFourSeasons

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A must-visit in #Israel is #Masada, a mountain right next to the #DeadSea. And the best time to see it is just when the sun comes up over the mountains in Jordan.

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Loved Sydney and wish I'd had your list. We were on a mission though to find housing for a semester abroad. Loved everything I did see - except getting caught navigating through traffic and one-way streets.

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About Myself

This collection is about my passion for everything and anything to do with Hawaiian lifestyle, adventure, food and travel.

I live almost full time in Hawaii when I'm not out traveling the world for a variety of projects. I've explored many beautiful areas around the state and love sharing the stunning landscapes, small towns and unique locations on each island that are exciting and always changing every day. I hope you enjoy these posts of the Hawaiian islands - I'll keep adding more photos and experiences daily.

Last, if you also like reading more about my travels and photography, please check out my website, called Travel Photo Discovery below

Aloha and enjoy,

Noel Morata
Photographer, artist and freelance writer

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I'm conflicted. These lists rankle me. I know they can lead to over-crowding and jacking up prices for travelers! (However, I'm adding several spots, like Iran, to my own bucket list.) How about you?! 
See where National Geographic named the "Coolest Place" in 2017! Is visiting #Donegal, #Ireland or any of the other 16 on your Bucket List?

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The devil is in the details - buyer beware!
The Agony and the Ecstasy, :How Saving US$200 on Airfare Turned Out to be a Major Mistake!"

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I loved Barcelona when I visited briefly many moons ago. It can be difficult living in any big city sometimes - good points from a local.
As someone that has spent the past 2 years living in Barcelona, I feel I can offer a unique insight into travelling and of course, living in this city!

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Barcelona. Despite the beautiful architecture and great weather, it can be hard to live here at times. My guide reflects this!

However, there are many great things to do in Barcelona, and it serves as a great base to explore the rest of Catalunya! Check out my guide below!

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The little I've seen of Indonesia makes me want to see much more.
There is more to Indonesia than just Jakarta, Bali and Komodo! There are islands and islands and there are diverse cultures but united by a country, Indonesia. West Sumatra, third largest of the ten provinces of Sumatra, the largest Island of Indonesia is also known as the land of Minangkabau. So different from a typical Indonesia.

They drink tea of coffee leaves, the men rules but women take the shots!

#travel #indonesia #wonderfulIndonesia #lemonicks
+wonderful Indonesia +Indonesia Travel Guide

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I'm a big fan of the roller wheels that turn freely. A small one and my Delsey computer bag and I'm good to go anywhere
Whether you are a travel blogger, a casual traveler or an occasional traveler you will need to get some sort of travel bag, suitcase or more commonly "luggage". Buying a luggage set makes a lot of sense as they come in varying sizes that cater for the solo traveler as well as couples and of course larger sets for families. Here are a few popular #luggage sets that make traveling a little bit easier and in some cases have you looking stylish.

#travel #travelbag #carryon #totebag #luggagesets
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