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Amazing!  The picture looks like Obama.

+ James Dexter.  I have the Feb 3 Denver Post for you.  They did use a different headline than suggested by Chiefs Nation.  How can I get it to you?

Chiefs are about to be the only undefeated 

Success is a journey, not a destination.  We make our long road your shortcut; let us help

So proud of the Chiefs!  Their tweets also echoed the fact that they are first class on and off the field.  So very proud to be a loyal Chiefs fan for over 45 years - good times and bad.  Go Chiefs!!!  

I've been a devout Chiefs fan since 1968.  Yes, I have the football signed by the players in training camp in 1969.  It was a birth present to my son; he can have it in my will.

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Accurate illustration.  Are you ready to travel with me?

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. -- Helen Keller

Believe in yourself, your future, your company and your dreams.  Believe and expect the best from each one

Do you have your tickets?  See you in Phoenix Oct 17-19.  Napoleon Hill said when positive minds are gathered together in the same place, they create a "mastermind" which is superior to any individual mind.

Balanced life?  Every top achiever in sports, arts, or creation was obsessed with the achievement of their specific endeavor.  There is a constant motion upward or downward.  Only stagnant water is perfectly still for a sustained period of time.  Achievers focus on positive movement.
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