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Five Effects of Late-Night Exercise on Sleep Quality
The effect of exercise on sleep cannot be over-emphasised. Regular exercise can lead to deeper and better quality sleep since it increases heart rate, releases adrenaline and raises body temperature.  Are these effects limited to exercising at a certain tim...

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Project 365 week 37
Sunday Well poor Teddy did not last long. By bedtime I had a rash all over my arms and over night had to take some oral steroids as he was also affecting my breathing. So sadly I had to phone them up and take Teddy back. No idea why I reacted to him as I ha...

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Project 365 week 36
Sunday My task this weekend is chief babysitter. Sadly as Ziggy does not see us very often she does not really know us so every time she heard her mum's voice she would start crying. So as it was pouring with rain we took a stroll to Wetherspoon's and share...

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Project 365 week 35
Sunday First blackberry picking of the season.Made into blackberry cup cakes and very yummy they were too. Monday A nice wee win came into the house. Tuesday Went back to see Teddy, our new dog to be. Then took a divert to Bothwell on the way home to see so...

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Project 365 week 34
Been a busy busy week and have not had five minutes to myself. No sewing or crocheting done, it seems to have been a week of go here go there do this and do that. Have been covering for holiday relief in a cleaning job I do when the normal cleaner takes her...

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Splish Splash - fun in puddles
If there is one thing guaranteed to make my grandchildren happy it is puddles. Big ones or little ones they all go splash and fill the wellies if they jump high enough. It is quite comical to watch Spud run along side the twins trying to copy them and she t...

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6 Home Remedies for a Better Night of Sleep On average, a person falls asleep within about seven minutes, although many people can take up to one hour to doze off, according to the Sleep Advisor . Time is precious, so if you aren’t in that lucky number that...

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Project 365 week 33
Sunday Bought this small set of drawers for my scissors, stitch unpicker and spare feet for my sewing machine. Fed up with losing them in amongst the bigger items. Monday Started sewing some of the squares together to see what they looked like. Using eight ...

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Project 365 week 32.
Sunday Could not be bothered going into the library in my break. The hospital is way to warm. So parked the car in a shady spot and listened to my audio book and did some crocheting. Monday Little Lilly had been covered by Tesco pet insurance. It is the typ...

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Project 365 week 31
Sunday Not quite sure why my car got invaded but there had been a baby on the front with this one, as well as others on the roof at the same time. Monday DD1 was having a clear out of  bedding she no longer uses. Some of it is like new, so it will end up as...
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