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Please share this is an issue near and dear to my heart!
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This is also a topic VERY near and dear to my heart. I want to share this as I think autism should be treated.... BUT... and I have learned this first hand, there is no treatment that exists.... and as such, until we have a valid treatment I don't think we should be treating it.

Unfortunately the "treatments" we have to date are nothing more than drugs - not treatments or medications. We give people with autism (and ADD and ADHD incidentally ) drugs that will get them high. While they are high on these drugs they SEEM a little more normal, but its hardly a treatment and most often you will find those drugs have long term effects much more harmful than had the person never been treated at all.
+Elaine Lindsay Autism is clearly misunderstood by most of the population Functional autism is very much different than grand autism
My Aunt was autistic and was very smart and focused on projects given her...
+William Johnston part of the problem with that is they group things like AS with ASD when despite some similarities the two are very different. Asperger syndrome is not at all the same as autism spectrum disorder and as long as it is grouped together, the masses will always be confused by it.
I would change that to "autistic people". Not that you can really separate the autism from the person, as much as some people seem to want to try.
People with autism, not autistic people
I'm autistic and I disagree.
i reapect them cuz i have a friend who has autism
+Bruce Bates I don't know what you think your talking about Come on cancer doesn't have a cur but yet they are saving people from it. I think they should do the same with autism. And "drugs get them high to act or look normal'' when was the last time you have seen someone normal? there is no such thing we are who we are and if we can help why not.
I have 7 yr old son with Autism, and what I found is that it is about educating those who (think your child is 'naughty', are ignorant or lack the knowledge to really comprehend that it is a real disability, and quite disabling for the young person/ adult ASD pertains to.
I have experienced a lot stigma around my Sons disability, but I strongly feel and believe that talking about it brings awareness to the masses. 
Well...with respect with the person posting this...I love the fact her heart is searching for be treated is not the direction I believe in but I believe all things are a process to the light. be well
Also a bit autistic, and also disagree, at least for me. Difference is not always disorder and I generally like the way I think. But treatment should be available for those that would want it, as long as it is never mandatory or stigmatized to refuse it.
I am undergoing an assesment for autism, but I dont agree. I think that we have the right to be different.
+Liam W I agree too but if you can help and you know the the person with Autism wants help wouldnt you want to help'em
Hey Jackson I got a cure for you, stupid a$$ ignorant m.f.. I have an autistic son, they need love, compassion and patience. Not a spanking to make them understand. Moron. 
I disagree with the slogan "Sometimes Mysterious." I think, Autism is trying to tell us is the following: We live in a world that is NOT changing. We struggle to see the world failing to understand itself & our own lives. Giving ourselves enough space and pace, slowly yet surely integrating. Dr. Temple Grandin's has autism and her story is so inspiring..she was born with it at a time when doctors knew nothing of this type so called disorder. Dr Grandins mothers support and love that believed in her was the only treatment she needed...great story..Dr. Temple Grandin is perfect just the way she was and became a advocate for many others with autism and the miracle parents were looking for. Its worth a read, I believe..broadeing the minds to inspire creative solutions to our problems in the world.
wow loucia your really smart and thats a complement
Autism is proven a side effect from Immunization shots! AND can be reversed!
My boy has autism and i love him more and more everyday. We may not see things entirely the same but i wouldnt change a thing about him.
Rollin Jackson Jr can just not post on this at all
Derik Paravicini, a great pianist who has autism. I respect him as a fellow musician as he is considered a musical GENIUS! It is true that people with autism should be treated… WITH RESPECT!
Good evening everi bady
Yes, not enough research in this area with austism, similar with children with heart disease
Jackson, you simply have no clue about people with Autism. That is exactly the kind of comment you'd expect from someone who talks without putting their brain into gear. IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!
what is it with people putting random stuff on here?
+Adriana gonzalez Actually you are totally wrong. we do have cures for cancer but thats not at all the point. When it comes to cancer, we treat symptoms that make life better for the cancer patient. Oh you get chronic headaches? We can help relieve that pain, oh you have nausea? We can help take that feeling away. We can also prove the treatments used on cancer patients absolutely extend their life.

The same CANNOT be said of Autism. Giving someone who is not psychotic a drug intended for patients who are... is not good. Have you ever saty for a few hours with a person after they have taken Olanzapine?

The same is true of the anti-depression medications.... autistic people are not depression patients and just because they show similar symptoms doesn't mean we should treat them as having a depression disorder. Thats like giving someone depression medication when they lose a loved one - it doesn't make sense. Again have you sat with an autistic person that has been given Fluoxetine or Sertraline?

But don't misunderstand some symptoms of autism we absolutely do need to treat. Absolutely if the autistic person is having seizures they need to be treated for seizures (just like a cancer patient has certain symptoms that need to be treated).

But giving people a variety of drugs to treat mental disorders is NOT the way to go and causes more harm than good.

Trust me I was about 14 when they first put me on cylert and ridlin (god forbid what kind of liver damage I have as a result of it).

What we are doing to autistic people, is no different than what the germans did with people in WWI and WWII. We are using people as Guinea pigs and trying to trial and error drugs just to see if something works.

Its a terrible crime against humanity in my opinion.
@ Andrea: Autism has nothing to do with immunization shots - that link (in a study by a researcher who was paid to find such a link regardless of the evidence) has gone the way of "It is caused by refrigerator mothers" and "God did it to punish you". In addition, autism cannot be reversed, but a combination of understanding and behavior modeling can allow people with an autism spectrum disorder to interact with the world in a positive fashion (and in many cases in a more positive fashion than some of the so-called "normal" members of society.
My very dear friend has Autism. I can't stand it when people treat those who have it badly. They can't help it. They were born that way. So I think everyone should contribute in helping finding a treatment for it.
We are who we are no one can change that but befor many judge point and and criticize and get a cheep laugh some should take a long look at how their seen CARMA always finds you GOD, always sees you.
one of my brother-in-laws is autistic and he is the most honest man i know.
In my opinon, we should work togrther, one hand to traet them because they are unique and as much as we help them they will improve our life to better.
I agree they do need to be treated but NOT with pills but with love and care and patience!
My daughter in laws nephew has Autism and is only 11. He is a very sweet and loving child.If you can't show respect for a person with Autism or other disabilities then how can people respect you. I know because my dad had MS and the brother of the 11 year old has Chiari Malformation Syndrome. I also know children with SMA and MD. I was a Teacher of preschoolers and some of them were disabled. I repect them for who and what they are just like any normal person. I pray for them daily.We need to find a treatment and cure for Autism and so many other diseases and syndromes.
Autism should be treated as autism with no special respect. Why I should respect a man only for his autism? This rhetoric is totally wrong and socialistic by its respect to the worst.
+Nate Stewart am I confused or did you just call me a retard? I really hope I am misunderstanding and you did not just refer to autistic people as retards.....
Hey Nate when you make a stupid comment like that..... you know why. and it isn't retard it's cognitively challenged. you know all about that I'm sure.... Every Autistic person is different and have different things that are "set-off's" . There is a spectrum they are on which is not all inclusive and means that each person is completely different. There are many different treatments ( or theories) on how to treat autism but there is no cure.
My best friends son has sever autism,most of my fb family have children with ms,autism,bipolar . Im skitzophrenic ,it took 9 years of my self diagnose to realize doctors test and questions and script of meds would heal my brain if i only take meds. Just sayin meds heal while on meds,but need conversation post in wellness. Like people wanna smile and meanit. People all have hurts and hang ups the first step in right direction is telling Dr truth to fix your mind.
I don't think there's a problem with respecting (or lacking it) of a child with Autism as much as there is a lack of understanding, which leads to the inability to relate and interact on a level in which the child and the adult can bridge the gap.
I'd like to point out, not all people diagnosed with autism are children. Its easy for us to say "raise them xyz" and "show them xyz love".

When a person is diagnosed as an adult, and has already been turned away from their family... then what?
if anyone makes fun
of autism people i think they should be put under the jailhouse cause that's mean!!!!
+Bruce Bates that's a great point. I have never interacted with an Autistic individual and would not know someone suffering with it. I wander how a child would grow into adulthood without being diagnosed. So much I personally do not understand.
Yeah, autism shoud be treated patiently.
to kelline pickett... nice vocab but can you simplify next time so i can understand wtf your actually talking about. bridge the gap:) haha
Nobody deserves respect just because they have autism. They do, however, deserve understanding. Some people with autism have never been diagnosed, they just got on with their lives as best they could. Some people with autism have achieved amazing things, others haven't. Autism makes some things harder, other things easier. Recognize it, understand it, and allow people with autism to work to their strengths rather than their weaknesses.
No not Austin, its autism some kind of sickness or something and it should b treated.
My step son and niece has addhd sad to what does to then

tru to martin ell. everyone deserves respect no matter who they are as a person.
Absolutely wid due respect .......
my brother and sister both have adhd, bipolar, psd, and reactive attachment disorder and ect.... but i would not have them changed for the world because it makes them who they are
I do not like the path the new DSM looks to be taking on Autism, Addiction and the idea of a pre-schizophrenia diagnosis.
yes i agree because my brother has a form of autism which is a very rare diognosis and it means he cannot walk and its hard for me to sit there and see him watching the other children play football and wanting to play when he cannot
damon devitt you are an ass and they arent retards. they cant help the way they are born. your lucky idk you cause id slap the piss outta you
Damon I live at 850 S Durkin Drive Springfield I'LL 62704
Come by and call my son who has autism a retard
Yeah, +Nate Stewart , ur ignorance is not appreciated here. Your remark was rude and very disrespectful to those of us who actually think before we speak.
a men to that. i want that ass damon to write back cause ill let him have it and thanks olivia:)
That's IL not ILL. Spell check got me. Seriously Damon come on by, we can have a little talk
+Damon Devitt , dont call them retards! My cousin and uncle have autism! And my brother has spacial needs. So next time you post something about people with needs, think before you post it...
Honestly, I'm not sure this helps the effort. This is a straw man. Everyone agrees autism should be treated, these children are worthy of our respect, etc. Let's skip ahead to solutions instead of just patting ourselves on the back for agreeing with the obvious.
I would love to help anyone that had a need.. I really think it takes a beautiful person to help a special needs children, again I wish I could uses some of my time to help with them cuz I love being with them, they are so much fun to be with.
+Holly Sanders why would I simplify anything for you? Perhaps you can put more effort into reading with an open mind and less effort into judging the statement. Clearly, you're not here to add benefit to the subject matter but to dissect everyone elses comments and insult people if at all possible. I don't debate or clarify idiocies.
I hate how some ppl pick on oder ppl just cuz they r diff I mean dry r still human!!
Wow, so much butthurt. I am entitled to my own opinion. I was talking about retards as an umbrella term, not a specific group. No matter what the group is, unless respect is earned, they get none.
Same to u Damon.. disgusting!
People, people, people. Don't you know better than to feed the trolls on this thread? They live for negative attention and ur feeding right into it. Either ignore them or block them, but for god sake don't respond to them. :(
@ Damon if u thot I was directing da message 2 u I truly am sry because I wasn't I meant to say that if someone is diff I hate it wen ppl pick on dem lke bullying at school or something I know what u meant
I am not really sure if it should b treated ,but if they r having problems at school or r driving u crazy it should be treated
Ok some of you just do not get it. We all need to earn "respect"but like all people they are different and need to be handled in a different way. You will not spank a child or adult that just ca not understand what is going on but you should teach them the correct way. Have patience with them.No they should not be respected just because they are disabled they if they can need to learn
I think people ignorant of autism are the ones that need Treatment.
That's right! If you have seen one child with autism that's all you have seen, one child. Each child who falls on the spectrum has different characteristics and different needs, They need to be "treated" as indivuduals and not be defined by the category of their disorder.
Only reason people with things like autism are looked at differently is cause people like you keep pointing out that they are different. If noone rabbited on bout it they wouldn't be looked at differently. 
I've been wondering if study of how the autistic brain processes language could be used to train people to withstand interrogation -- by repeating the same "talking point" over and over (name/rank/serial number) regardless of what the question was, creating an effect somewhat like a politician answering a reporter, an effect mimicking a total lack of personal engagement in the social interaction. Some politicians are so "wooden" and seem to be forcing their gaze toward "the camera" or at the reporter, rather than making real eye-contact communication that I suspect them of being adults on the "spectrum." Possibly a touch of autism or training in mimicking it could be an advantage in some professions. Some actors are on the spectrum, I hear. What else is it good for? Everything is good for SOMETHING - it's just a question of discovering what.
those kids are gifts,they have nothing to do with autism.they need support&respect in deed
Diagnosed or not, inclusiveness and not isolation is treatment in itself
prayer can cure autism. just ask Sarah Palin
they need people to support and treat them equally is all they need. They are just like you and me with problems. ; )
Everyone deserves love and respect especially the disadvantaged,coz they need to know they are not alone an to feel encouraged,so if u tell me they gotta earn their respects on the same platform as you...daaamn.IT AIN'T BY CHOICE TO BE DISADVANTAGED
if somebody has autism it makes that person how they are today. autism is not something that can be treated but it can be helped. you can never be able to get rid of autism because it is in the brain. its not a disese its a way that someone think and contemplates. there are ways to help with it but the problem will never go away. no matter how much classes you will always have autism. if you have autism you will never be able to get rid of it.
i don't think any condition that psychiatry and big bucks pharma browners profit from should be treated as they only become an issue when they meddle with them for profit. All they want is money and the prestige that is generated by NT's gullibility and of course there is the Alfred the Noblers prize chasers.
Absolutely they should be treated with respect at all times ignorance of the problem is not bliss in this case. A lot of autistic people are very clever in lost of ways we should appreciate good for you putting it out there.
I only skimmed through the first 10 or so comments in this thread and what I like most about it is at least now people recognize Autism is a legitimate condition. Not long ago people thought it was just a made up condition so the drug companies had an excuse to dope up our kids. We're a long way from understanding Autism and how to correctly deal with those who have it, but we've made a gigantic first step in at least accepting it is real.
yea i 100% agree with you, thanks
I respect their incredible strength
Yes it really is a condition people suffer from BUT it can be treated!!!
yes!!!!!! to the max !!!!!!!!
As a person with autism, I agree. To often we get labeled as "suffering," but we are not. We live and adapt to it. I personally describe suffering as when you for example lose your sight, because you had experience with it. But someone born blind doesn't suffer, because they never knew life with sight.
So in a nutshell, we don't suffer, because unlike what the ignorant masses think, your born autistic, or your not. No injection or brain damage can give or take it away. 
Damon, I guess you would call me that name since I for one would have no respect for an idiot like you. I thank God for those whose have disabilities on a daily basis since as I said in my post my dad had MS and believe me he would not respect you either. He would get angry at people like you that got in front of him or pushed him aside as if he did not exist. But he was a Godly man and would ask God to forgive the ignorance of people that did things or said things against people with disabilities. You should be ashamed of yourself and ask for forgiveness for treating people with disrespect. All people deserve respect it is not something that is to be earned. Did your parents not teach you to have respect for your elders and others. Obviously not or you would show more love and respect to people. I pray that God forgives you of your uncaring attitude.
I guess reading this post's comments shows me there are still people who don't get it. It is not a disease of injury. We don't need treated. Teach us like others, but don't treat us like we are stupid. The most intelligent people out there to have live are found to be autistic. By it being a spectrum, you get the lower affected, like me, and the more affected who need help to function. Being "treated" is just another way of saying depersonalize. Don't reform our personality, show us how to function in the world, and teach us what "normal" people learned at any stage of your lives. Just don't force us to believe the world is the same, just like you wouldn't say Hinduism is the same as Islam.
I'll always give respect for the autism we learn from them. Thumbs up if u agree.
@ Debra's post: Totally with you. Everyone does deserve respect and dignity. I think you father and I would agree on a lot of things. He sounds like a man even an agnist would admire for his godly devotion. (I hope I said the right thing. I still have much to learn at 19 XD)
Forgiveness for the ignorant is the best action, for rage only creates more ignorance.
I agree, but I'm not sharing, because I hate spam!!! :P
People that, are able to and do treat others with respect, are the only ones that deserve my respect. Period. No one is entitled to respect. Respect is earned.
You guys don't need to talk like that because autism is a serious issue that really needs help!
can you please tell me what is autism, and what does it do?
Autisim is really bad one of my sister is autistic but at that period there was no treatment for that
I agree 100% with you Elaine!! I find it sad how people treat autistic people rudely:(
I'm unsure of what this is supposed to mean. We're supposed to be okay with it instead of attempting to cure it? Cause that's kind of what it implies.
hhhhmmmmm... okay... I get the whole respect thing, but honestly. Autism rates are rising, and this may sound cynical, but we need more productive people. We lose tons of money to care programs annually. I'm NOT saying ALL autistic people are inept, (I've read all the articles on the ones who are in fact fairly successful) but seriously. Respect won't gain back much of anything useful.
I believe that every child anf person should believe and recpect themselves first for their opinion of their ownsellves are the most important irregardless of their conditions whether special or not...As for a cure...? that should the choice everyone should make for themselves after taking in all things and advice to be considered based on each individual grounds......For everyone should keep in mind to judge our ownselves before we begin judging others....For we can be here sand considered normal as everyone can say; but at any time chosen should any mishap should happen to any one....we may still be here or maybe not and maybe also among those we chose to call special...For those who are autistic or as others may say with autism, I clearly hope the best for all and I believe that if we all feel that tommorow would be a better day then I guess it should be god granted......
what you told wasjust stupid bcoz it is not used in ur life|||||||||||
one of my friends is autistic and hes really cool he just gets out of control sometimes, maybe we should medicate these people less.
i believe we should just all accept each other because no matter what we're all different so just deal with it and don't walk around hurting other people cuz it just makes you look ignorant (no offense to anyone) plus you have no idea what anyone else is going through so just leave them alone and listen to someone else for a change. people can really be hurtful if they don't know to stop so if you see someone picking on another person, tell them to stop because we need to respect other people if you want to live a happy and successful life. moral of the story: if you don't know, don't talk.
yes i guess it's tru imagree with u julia
Autism is the over diagnosed condition this side of ADHD. Get a grip, there simply aren't that many children who are truly autistic.
I totally agree it should he respected and the people t have it. I also find it a little bit over rated as there not so many people who are fully diagnosed as Autistic but many have a few traits of autism and of course with other diagnoses.
One of my cousins is autistic and he is now 5. He is the cutest though!
Gisty; that's not autism, that's freedom of religion. There are degrees of autism; from incapacitated to high-functioning.

You talking about a cult? We used to kidnap them and deprogram them, in the 60's.

+Joe Glsty Your post has noting to do with Autism. Besides there is another time of Autism the anti-Religious prejudice Autism which individuals choice to speak about a subject and generalized it to a whole group of people.
Nate Stewart, your brave while typing your comments, But face to face you wouldn't be big enough. What you have is lack of knowledge witch can be feed, or your stupid and that is a common disease.
autism shouldnt necessarily be treated, but it deffinitely should be respected and paid more attention to. I know several kids who have autism and they are the sweetest most loving kids in the worlds and for people to call them retards makes me sick to my stomach.
Josh T
This is a true and honest post
this is true it should be heard and paid attention to!!!
Autism doesn't need to be treated. And I agree with Trina Garnett. You cant just waltz in and say, I'm gonna treat autism! No, thats NOT how it works. Autism should be respected, and we should focus on stopping the bullying that goes on behind their backs...
I have a daughter who is an Aspie and I completely agree!!!!!!
I think that if they are able to function well, it gives them a advantage of a way to think or they like it and they can still be a part if society(untreated) but, if they want to be treated or they cant function or take part in society or do bad things they maybe should be treated, it depends on the person and situation.
But, for the most part autism doesnt and shouldnt be treated, it is at the least a way of being unique. Just like being adhd or something else. (i am adhd)
That could only depend on where on autism spectrum the person lies. For some, no treatment would simply mean a dangerous, uneducatible socialpath. It is NOT like adhd.
i agree but im not hitting share maybe though
My BFF has autism but u learn to cope with it 
My little brother who is not only autistic, but also has many other disorders, etc. is, while very unfocused, one of the smartest people I know.
If someone is not able to communicate with you in your way it does not mean that he's retarded. It only mean that you have to find other ways to communicate.
Those of us born with everything in the normal range should indeed thank our lucky stars. As a token of gratitude, we should help any person within our circles, born otherwise/acquired some disease/syndrome (My dad has Parkinson's disease).
Now with due respect to the topic being discussed in this post, AUTISM, I do know a few people afflicted by this condition, but mildly! I found some extraordinary talents in them, and I was just awed by the way they are succeeding in their life!! This is my SALUTE to all such people out there:
Intelligent BUT...
Stubborn YET...
You are welcome. I believe everyone deserves a fair shake

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