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Elaine Lindsay

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At this holiday time when we all want to be with friends and family I believe an adoption story is just the ticket.. Please SHARE and help a really great guy and his family +Mike Searle  in this very worthy cause..  and thanks to +Ayoub Khote for resharing so I got to see it! 
We've got just over a month to raise another $2,700.00 so we can bring baby home. Contributions may be made at I would be deeply touched if you would like to consider a donation. 

Regardless whether you can consider a contribution, I politely ask that you would please share this post.

Thank you so much for all your support!

#adoption   #baby   #family  
We followed up with our adoption attorney today to identify the exact next steps for our adoption process. Everything is looking good so far, but one thing that I recognized is how little time we have to raise extra funds. Our attorney is being flexible and working with us... #adoption #baby #blog
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Thank you, +Elaine Lindsay.  :)
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Elaine Lindsay

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Ok so i don't eat a lot of tomatoes.. however you could apply this to a number of fruits and veg! thanks to +Bobbi Jo Woods 
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I'm always looking for veggie tips! :D
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For all of my US friends #Virtualevent   #marianneforcongress  
I have long been a follower of Marianne Williamson, and know that she is a conscious soul who will be a driving force for all that is good for humanity and more..
This is a great opportunity to hear her on this teleseminar as she steps up and offers herself as Congressional Candidate.  
Many are coming out in support so please check the link and make sure you are part of this amazing virtual event.
Politics with a Conscience? Is that even possible?
YES! Find out how! #WSA4Marianne
Women Speakers Association Presents A Conversation With Congressional Candidate Marianne Williamson
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Elaine Lindsay

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For all of the HR and recruiting crowd this show be a must attend.. +Ken Sundheim +Laurie DesAutels  +Jeff Waldman  +Mark Babbitt  +Ted Coiné and +Shawn Murphy  should be right up your alley
The workplace is rapidly changing and the need for businesses to embrace what a phenomenal culture can do regarding overall success is an urgent one.  This week's #TChat guest  +Tim Kuppler  posits that over the next 20 years culture will be even more sought after over talent, strategy and technology. Do you agree?  Does talent create the culture or does the culture simply attract the stellar talent?

#HR   #Leadership   #Socbiz   #Tech   #CEO   #Recruiting  

Here's more of what Tim has to say about workplace culture and leadership.
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Elaine Lindsay

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Finally got a short trailer for the personal channel
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Yeah! Looks & Sounds Great! Subscribed!!!!
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A great place to get your feet wet and learn  what you need to know to be successful in G+  well done by +martin shervington 
A Complete Guide to Google Plus. (10 VIDEOS and BLOG)
Just about everything you'll need to know...
#googleplustips   #learngoogleplus  
If you are looking for Google Plus for Business then you've found it! This is a complete user guide as you will find on Google+, with videos and blog.
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Thanks +Elaine Lindsay. Have a good weekend and catch up soon :)
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Elaine Lindsay

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Interesting approach.. Definitely true! I miss mine!
Did we mention that the pay is terrible?
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Elaine Lindsay

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Tired of spinning your wheels with no results? Join +Tammy Plunkett  in #Ottawa and Take Charge of Your Time and your Life   
This four-class workshop series shows you how to find peace and happiness in a crazy busy life, and develops concrete steps to achieving the life you want
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Elaine Lindsay

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I am so happy to share from my friend +Jo Anne Thomas  a very courageous  woamn.. sending love & light .. Please SHARE
Part II

~ Can you please help me by sharing/tweeting? ~

Most of you know me as someone who posts silly and/or inspirational pictures & quotes

This is quite different ~ it's my personal story

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+Elaine Lindsay thank you for sharing this, it means a lot to me! 💜
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I am not in this league at the moment +Joe Saad I do however agree it could have massive impact on venture investing.. and I believe it is always better to be prepared.
Excellent! This could have some massive impact on venture investing.
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Elaine Lindsay 'Kinda Bionic' Speaker & PollyAnna who never quits! ♥

Elaine Lindsay, Speaker Trainer Social Media Marketing Consultant Certified Relationship Marketing Professional  a G+ Evangelist & early adopter Host of Business Banter Plus TV.   

Elaines a  Kinda BionicPollyanna who never quits. Her goal is to inspire you to seize joy no matter what life throws at you. When Elaine speaks, trains and hosts her show, Elaine discover passion: yours and her own!  Elaine lives her passion – you can too!

Find Elaine @ the corner of Search and Social!

As a Consultant

Elaine will identify the key focus for your goals in simple terms and clear steps, using simple terms and clear steps so you can maximize your social signals and your web presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche. Elaine can give you what you need to be certain that you are making the best choices with an effective and personalized plan suited to your priorities and requirements. Elaine tells it like it is. Elaine Lindsay thrives on helping people share their passion

Helps you to maximize your digital footprint by optimizing your social signals. Because if you aren't on Page 1 in search your competitors are taking your dollars

As a Speaker

Elaine Lindsay shares her passions with riveting honesty.

As a technical speaker Elaine is generous with insights and information in an engaging delivery. Elaine’s most popular technical topics are effective social media, web presence optimization and Social ‘Best Practices.’

As a motivational speaker Elaine is heartrending and inspiring – be prepared to feel moved and excited. Elaine’s most popular motivational topics include finding joy despite hardship, making lemonade, and never quitting.

As a Google+ Evangelist

Elaine enjoys any opportunity to help others share their passion, leverage their social signals and claim their niche. The Google+ features Hangouts and Hangouts on Air provide great resources for building connections, increasing your traffic and collaborating on a Global scale, to complete your digital footprint so your entire web presence is optimized. 

As a Social Media & Relationship Marketing Expert

Elaine has a gift for identifying effective goals for your social media and marketing both online and offline.

Elaine’s keen insight into your messaging, imaging and target audience will focus your social media to develop your online presence and credibility. As a Certified Relationship Marketing Professional Elaine will guide you in developing a solid foundation for your presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche.

Listen Connect Engage Social is a 2-way street!

Some Facts about Elaine:

  • ·  Certified by The Relationship Marketing Institute. I mentored with Mari Smith.
  • ·  One of the featured authorities in the #1 Best Seller ‘ 
            Solving the Social Media Puzzle‘. Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher..
  • ·  Host of  bi-weekly ‘Business Banter Plus TV
  • ·  Part of the  first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life).
  • ·  Clients call Elaine ‘The Maximizer’ and the Google+ Diva..

Elaine Says

After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts as well multiple surgeries and hospital stays  I am Kinda Bionic and I am uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘never give up‘..I play the ‘Glad” Game every day, and find the humor in almost everything.  My Gran & Life have taught me much and I want to share her wisdom with the world. The road has not always been easy or smooth. I feel the ups 
and downs have molded me into the woman I am today. 

"Social media is a Marathon:NOT a Sprint"~ Elaine Lindsay 2011

Bragging rights
Married 33+ years-awesome hubby, 2 kids, 4 grandkids and 1 furkid ♥ Born to 'Schmooze'♥Love Hangouts! ♦'Eternal PollyAnna'♥ Kinda Bionic ♦World's 2nd Most Curious person! (the 1st is in Texas, right?)
  • Life's Highway of Hard Learning
    Everything!, 1955 - present
    I seem to want to try pretty much everything. Having been hit by cars, yep plural and yep multiple times.. I think vehicles are the universes 'brick' for me! Still checking it out, still trying.. I'm like a Weebil ( Fisher Price reference)
  • Relationship Marketing Institute-Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional
    Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional -Social Media, 2011 - 2012
  • Let's Get Social
    Social Media Management, 2010 - 2011
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