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some great reminders here to always be helping, and give credit and lots more.. thanks for the share +Peg Fitzpatrick  and the post +Becky Gaylord 
12 Most Powerhouse Habits of Social Media Pros by +Becky Gaylord 

"What’s the secret sauce of social media? Well, it’s not just one recipe. After all, far too many apps, sites and tools exist for there to be a definitive source of success on social media. But it seems the pros share some common habits." From Becky:

1. Help
It doesn’t matter whether they have 1,000 followers or 100,000, social media pros often help others. If it could be harnessed, the karma flying around the Twittersphere (and on G+ and Pinterest and so on) might just be sufficient to advance all humanity closer to world peace.

2. Share fairly
The pros never steal. They don’t have to because they’ve figured out that it’s not actually content that’s king. It is the creators of content that rule the kingdom. Social media stars create amazing content. And they also share content liberally, crediting generously as they press the words: publish, pin or post.

3. Thank
The smoothest social media folks are also among the kindest. Just check out the Twitter streams of those with hordes of followers eager to sop up the social savvy. Tweets from the pros often contain thanks and kind words for others.

4. Remember
To have an effective social presence, you need to be mindful of others. Social media pros remember what it was like not to know that RT stood for ReTweet (or to not know what retweet meant!) I think it is, in part, their own memory of feeling like a newbie that keeps the social media pros so generous with their tips and advice.

Read it all here:
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#socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketing  
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  #Earthday   lets all #Takeaction   as +Sandra Dee Robinson suggests
Appreciate the Earth today Even if it's listening to a bird's call #Earthday  Then do something nice for the planet! #Takeaction
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Elaine Lindsay

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An adorable bunny hopped onto an email to surprise the Glamma!! Love it!! 
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Kk linda
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Elaine Lindsay

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this is TROOL-Y the best in-depths posts on Google+ Google and SEO and all in between.. thanks to +Randy Hilarski for the share.. h/t to +Dan Petrovic 
A Study of Content & Brand Visibility on Google+
This is one of 2 most insightful SEO posts I have to share for the week (another tomorrow). Special thanks to +Dan Petrovic for his hard work on this in-depth study published on +Dejan SEO.

You know how I love those insightful observational studies of Google+ & this is no exception. I started taking notes & tips that I was going to point out, but that ended up too long.

So here's just the main highlights of the article, with a couple of his points I liked thrown in. Of course you'll have to set aside a chunk of time to go through it yourself. These are some of the main sub-topics of the post:

Online Identity, Selective Sharing and Deep Web

So Google+ solves yet another problem and that is the one of a clean social graph. Even if your Google account name is not your real one, if you use it consistently across different platforms you give search engines something they can work with. Have you used “Sign in with Google” in the past? If so then you’ve already helped Google understand who you are outside of Googleverse itself.

In summary Google+ is Google’s:

    Deep web, Social network, Product unification platform, Online identity service

Organic Virality

One phenomenon that really fascinates me is organic virality, or in other words, when ordinary people and brands make a big splash with a special piece of content.  
Being interesting alone is not enough in most cases as many potentially viral posts simply die out in its infancy while other, more influential channels may hit the critical mass instead.  

Showing Enthusiasm  
Short and Simple
Image Sharing  

Google+ Ripples
Google+ Communities
Understanding Reshares and +1s

The ‘activityId’ can be retrieved from the ripples URL instead (alternatively use Google’s API Explorer).

    Content, Simplicity, Image, Enthusiasm/Excitement.

The Power of +1

In Summary - The success of the post can be attributed to the following factors:

Breaking news, Content demand, Image use, Simple message, Optimal post time, Influencers triggered (reshares, +1’s), Community impact.

Googlebot, strangely, crawls Google+ like any other web asset instead of simply absorbing the information internally.
[Also previously confirmed to me by John Mueller.]
Content Success Analysis   
I found three major ways something reaches above average popularity: Influencers, Fans/Special interests, Self-propelled.

Investing in consistent post format and style

Pro Tip: Funnelling your blog traffic discussion to Google+ is a great way to increase followers and engagement. We typically use in-text call to action:

Hangouts on Air

Dislocated Channel Syndrome

   Consolidating your Google+ presence is worth the effort.

Brand Entity Linking Issues

    Brand Level, Country Level, City Level, Hotel Level

Now we’re facing the dislocated channel syndrome again. Even with our best efforts, a fraction of our followers goes to our local pages. Worse yet, those followers are exposed to pages with no engagement.

Pro Tip: If you want to get more reviews for your places pages provide your customers with the direct review prompt. To do that simply add “?review=1? at the end of the page URL.
Statistics and Data on Google+  

    In fact the amount of information given to brand pages versus places pages is amazingly disproportionate.
    Interactive posts statistics are probably the best type of data a brand page can see as it includes:

    User sign-ins, New users, Posts published, Post Views, etc...

    Interactive posts are something that more webmasters should consider implementing this year:
Google+ Ripples Pro Tip   

    To force ripples to show only your post activity simply switch the ripple URL around from “url” to “activityId“:
Google Webmaster Tools Data  

Calculating Engagement Levels on Google+   

    Pro Tip: If you want people to engage and mention you more on Google+ use the name people use to refer to you colloquially.

#GooglePlusSEO #SMOforSEO #SocialMediaOptimization  
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Kudos to one of the comedians I respect most!
  #Kudos   #CarolLeifer   #Comedy  

Carol Leifer's new book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying Is a serious look at the business side of comedy.

I believe Carol to be a smart and savvy business woman as well as a fabulous comedian.   Can't wait to get my copy!
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A sadly evocative photo that to me screams loneliness.. by +Boris Gorelik  #nycphotography   #nycmusic   #blackandwhitephotography  
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I think it screams "enjoyment";)
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Elaine Lindsay

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thanks to +martin shervington  for the share and h/t to +Wade Harman  for the article Its really important to understand the differences and to stick with your strategy.
Google Plus Marketing: The Pull & Push
There are tons of different strategies that we can go by when it comes to using Google Plus.  But while most of us have different strategies, there is one thing that we can all agree on.  

Marketing and Branding are two different things.

Read the article here:

+martin shervington (also mentioned in the article) has been a key element in helping me understand how branding actually works, and beat it all, +Dustin W. Stout kindly mentioned me last night in his run down of the speech +Jay Baer done at SMMW14 about how people were getting tired of the "look at me" strategy.

Push and Pull Marketing

This article really shows you why you should do each of these things and when the right time is to actually bring these ideas into your strategy here on Google Plus.  

Quote in the article

If you push a string it collapses in the middle, sometimes overlapping itself and basically represents chaos and disorder.  That is what pushing your followers too early can get you with your Google Plus marketing strategy.  Understanding when to push them is the key to being successful.


If you would like to be in my Blog Notification circles here on Google Plus, please let me know in the comment section and you will receive a notification every time I publish a post like this one, both in your email and here on Google Plus

#googleplusmarketing   #googleplus   #plusonly   #socialmedia   #socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketing   #marketingtips   #brandingtips   #relationshipbranding   #thestringtheory   #googleplustips  
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Thanks +Elaine Lindsay Cheers!
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Elaine Lindsay

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Our Easter view from Calgary. It was fabulous to get to hangout with Liam, +Ryan Lindsay and Léa with the other 3 glamkids  and +Amanda Paddon  and Chris in Kingston. Thanks for the adorable pics!!  Eggs-actly what some-bunny needed!  A quacking good time was had by all! 
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Elaine Lindsay

commented on a post on Blogger.
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WOW its going to take me a while to wade through this  +Dan Petrovic what I have perused so far is TROOL-Y the most in depths I have seen. I look at much of this information and cheer because it is the deeper and more technical approach to what I've been saying since the get go.. Google+ and the rest of the spokes in the Google wheel  like YouTube, Gmail, Drive, etc are all a part of this integrated machine the works seamlessly together to allow me the user to be more productive within this environment. 
A great place with features geared to business and personal that all come together to give me a great view of my business day, where i need to concentrate my efforts and where they are paying off. 
My terminology is much more simplistic, and there is a ton more here for me to learn and take in. 
Thank you so much and thanks to +Randy Hilarski  and +Joshua Berg  for sharing and pointing me in the direction of your incredible efforts! hats of to you and your company +Dejan SEO 
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Read it a few times. Just a shame that the ripple hack doesn't work for internal G+ URLs.
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Elaine Lindsay

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At this holiday time when we all want to be with friends and family I believe an adoption story is just the ticket.. Please SHARE and help a really great guy and his family +Mike Searle  in this very worthy cause..  and thanks to +Ayoub Khote for resharing so I got to see it! 
We've got just over a month to raise another $2,700.00 so we can bring baby home. Contributions may be made at I would be deeply touched if you would like to consider a donation. 

Regardless whether you can consider a contribution, I politely ask that you would please share this post.

Thank you so much for all your support!

#adoption   #baby   #family  
We followed up with our adoption attorney today to identify the exact next steps for our adoption process. Everything is looking good so far, but one thing that I recognized is how little time we have to raise extra funds. Our attorney is being flexible and working with us... #adoption #baby #blog
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Thank you, +Elaine Lindsay.  :)
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Elaine Lindsay 'Kinda Bionic' Speaker & PollyAnna who never quits! ♥

Elaine Lindsay, Speaker Trainer Social Media Marketing Consultant Certified Relationship Marketing Professional  a G+ Evangelist & early adopter Host of Business Banter Plus TV.   

Elaines a  Kinda BionicPollyanna who never quits. Her goal is to inspire you to seize joy no matter what life throws at you. When Elaine speaks, trains and hosts her show, Elaine discover passion: yours and her own!  Elaine lives her passion – you can too!

Find Elaine @ the corner of Search and Social!

As a Consultant

Elaine will identify the key focus for your goals in simple terms and clear steps, using simple terms and clear steps so you can maximize your social signals and your web presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche. Elaine can give you what you need to be certain that you are making the best choices with an effective and personalized plan suited to your priorities and requirements. Elaine tells it like it is. Elaine Lindsay thrives on helping people share their passion

Helps you to maximize your digital footprint by optimizing your social signals. Because if you aren't on Page 1 in search your competitors are taking your dollars

As a Speaker

Elaine Lindsay shares her passions with riveting honesty.

As a technical speaker Elaine is generous with insights and information in an engaging delivery. Elaine’s most popular technical topics are effective social media, web presence optimization and Social ‘Best Practices.’

As a motivational speaker Elaine is heartrending and inspiring – be prepared to feel moved and excited. Elaine’s most popular motivational topics include finding joy despite hardship, making lemonade, and never quitting.

As a Google+ Evangelist

Elaine enjoys any opportunity to help others share their passion, leverage their social signals and claim their niche. The Google+ features Hangouts and Hangouts on Air provide great resources for building connections, increasing your traffic and collaborating on a Global scale, to complete your digital footprint so your entire web presence is optimized. 

As a Social Media & Relationship Marketing Expert

Elaine has a gift for identifying effective goals for your social media and marketing both online and offline.

Elaine’s keen insight into your messaging, imaging and target audience will focus your social media to develop your online presence and credibility. As a Certified Relationship Marketing Professional Elaine will guide you in developing a solid foundation for your presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche.

Listen Connect Engage Social is a 2-way street!

Some Facts about Elaine:

  • ·  Certified by The Relationship Marketing Institute. I mentored with Mari Smith.
  • ·  One of the featured authorities in the #1 Best Seller ‘ 
            Solving the Social Media Puzzle‘. Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher..
  • ·  Host of  bi-weekly ‘Business Banter Plus TV
  • ·  Part of the  first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life).
  • ·  Clients call Elaine ‘The Maximizer’ and the Google+ Diva..

Elaine Says

After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts as well multiple surgeries and hospital stays  I am Kinda Bionic and I am uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘never give up‘..I play the ‘Glad” Game every day, and find the humor in almost everything.  My Gran & Life have taught me much and I want to share her wisdom with the world. The road has not always been easy or smooth. I feel the ups 
and downs have molded me into the woman I am today. 

"Social media is a Marathon:NOT a Sprint"~ Elaine Lindsay 2011

Bragging rights
Married 33+ years-awesome hubby, 2 kids, 4 grandkids and 1 furkid ♥ Born to 'Schmooze'♥Love Hangouts! ♦'Eternal PollyAnna'♥ Kinda Bionic ♦World's 2nd Most Curious person! (the 1st is in Texas, right?)
  • Life's Highway of Hard Learning
    Everything!, 1955 - present
    I seem to want to try pretty much everything. Having been hit by cars, yep plural and yep multiple times.. I think vehicles are the universes 'brick' for me! Still checking it out, still trying.. I'm like a Weebil ( Fisher Price reference)
  • Relationship Marketing Institute-Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional
    Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional -Social Media, 2011 - 2012
  • Let's Get Social
    Social Media Management, 2010 - 2011
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