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I'm off to facilitate some speed mentoring round tables at the Women Entrepreneurs Forum put on by +Futurpreneur Canada  really looking forward to connecting with a whole group of female Entrepreneurs.  I know that +Angela Sutcliffe  will be another facilitator and i know that +Anny Tenbult  will be attending as well! 
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#strongwomen   #womensupportingwomen  
This came from a community.The original share from +Heidi Richards  and I wanted to re-share because sadly,  many women and I know that we have all fallen into the tear down trap sometime along the way.
Like everything else in life... when we know better we can do better.  Let's rejoice in building each other up, lets fill our ladies together time with hope, kindness and courage.

 Lets be strong women ALL the time... 
Today's thought... "You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down." 
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Oh yeah! +Elaine Lindsay
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#rawtalent   #Youngsongbird   #Beautifulbeyondbelief  
I think when you do not possess talent in an area, you can be even more moved by the true, unadulterated gift this young girl has in spades. Amira Willighagen is a name I believe we will be hearing for decades to come... So  spectacular in fact, it will move you to tears.   Pleas egive yourself the gift of listening to this classic. 
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Thank you for sharing, Elaine.  It brings a tear to so many, hearing such a beautiful voice.  Thank you. xoxoxo
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Elaine Lindsay

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Elaine Lindsay. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
My test for ARH
Thu, March 19, 5:21 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Elaine Lindsay

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This could be really fabulous for all the musicians out there. Not to mention photographers and artists and.... the mind boggles.  Can definitely be a bit odd to swirl around.. thanks to +Sarah Hill  for the heads up on +Mike Downes post!
YouTube released a 360 degree video experience today. What you see here on the left, an example how it looks on youtube compared to the whole frame of the video, in other words you see about 9.64% at any one time. So youtube seems to be streaming all the video, and the viewer sees only a small portion, but does get the opportunity to drag it around, see: ..
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way cool huh? +Elaine Lindsay spinning... literally. 
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Elaine Lindsay

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wow this is cool if you have one of the ones to be replaced for FREE thanks to +Laurie DesAutels 
Thomas Tenkely originally shared:
Have a really old Dropcam? Get a new one... for free.
One downside of having products that require cloud services in order to work is that the physical objects can suddenly become obsolete. Over the weekend, Dropcam announced a “legacy camera replacement program,” which means that older Dropcams will stop connecting to the Dropcam service on April 15, rendering them mostly useless, which is a bummer for those who bought them. However,…
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Well just having my name and my show +Business Banter Plus TV   in a post with +Seth Godin  is enough to give me shivers! The fact that it is +Ted Coiné  one of the men i respect and admire, andone that inspiresme as well, makes it Amaze-balls!! ( NOTthemost erudite of responsesbut its me) Our interview will definitelygive you thewhyand the how of +Meddle can decide for yourself whether you go the long route a la +Ted Coiné  or the short +Babe Ruth route like +Seth Godin  either way... Why not and see...
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Its International Happy Day and Spring!! Woo HOo join me in a cool pile of gifs with everyone dancing thanks to +Pharrell Williams  silly, fun and Happy for sure!
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Ante personal stunning and beautiful
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Elaine Lindsay

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I have to say i so enjoy talking to +Ted Coiné because the conversations are never boring and i always learn something new! Thanks Again Ted
Thank you to my amazing guest +Ted Coiné  who really brought his a game! Now you know how importatn it is to have a personal brand and how you can use +Meddle  to become a thought leader. with much gratitude!   +Elaine Lindsay 
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I met +Claudia Salguero lat year at +MoMondays here in Ottawa.  We got to hear a little of her work and I have to say I'm SOLD.  
Give yourself a treat and an evening out!  
Claudia Salguero  "ORIGENES"
National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage
April 23 and 24, 2015 - 7:30 p.m.

This is from her marketing:
Following sold out presentations since 2011, Claudia will return to the Forth Stage to interpret a selection of love songs from Latin America in her show ORIGENES.
 Also in this 5th anniversary presentation, Claudia, her band and her invited guest will celebrate the folk origins of Latin American music, treating the audience to a taste of traditional instruments and compositions. 
A portion of the proceeds from these shows will be donated to "Casa Taller Las Moyas" in Bogota, Colombia

Tickets on sale:
•   NAC on line:
•   NAC Box Office in person: 53 Elgin Street, from Monday to Saturday 10am to 9pm
•   Directly through Juan-Luis Vasquez at: 613-680-4560
+The Best of Ottawa 
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Elaine Lindsay

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Just the perfect timing to hear this video today. i had just been handed a crushing blow, and i was gutted. I watched and you spoke about comparison, in your welcome vid... so i watched this one too. Thankyou 
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  • Life's Highway of Hard Learning
    Everything!, 1955 - present
    I seem to want to try pretty much everything. Having been hit by cars, yep plural and yep multiple times.. I think vehicles are the universes 'brick' for me! Still checking it out, still trying.. I'm like a Weebil ( Fisher Price reference)
  • Relationship Marketing Institute-Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional
    Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional -Social Media, 2011 - 2012
  • Let's Get Social
    Social Media Management, 2010 - 2011
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Elaine Lindsay,Speaker ♦ Trainer ♦ Learn to Host Your Own Show ♦Production & Moderation of Your Shows ♦ Search & Social integrated Marketing ♦ Google+ ♦ Social Media Consultant ♦ SEO A G+ Evangelist & early adopter Host of Business Banter Plus TV.♦ Web Developer♦ Dean of Digital Media- Social Buzz Club University 

Elaines a  Kinda BionicPollyanna who chooses Joy. Her goal is to inspire you to seize your joy.  When Elaine speaks, trains and hosts her show, Elaine discover passion: yours and her own!  Elaine lives her passion – you can too!

Elaine has been 'Hanging Out" in Hangouts on AIR since its inception.  Now offering Production & Moderation of  Your Show with Hangouts on Air. 

Do what YOU do best! Host your show and interact with your guests! Leave the production, before, during and after to me. As a Google+ evangelist I love to get YOu the most value out of the Hangouts on Air. Integrating search engine optimization into every show makes sure that you get found faster and you can grow your audience faster too!

Elaine helps you to maximize your digital footprint by optimizing your social signals. Because if you aren't on Page 1 in search your competitors are taking your dollars

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Elaine will identify the key focus for your goals in simple terms and clear steps, using simple terms and clear steps so you can maximize your social signals and your web presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche. Elaine can give you what you need to be certain that you are making the best choices with an effective and personalized plan suited to your priorities and requirements. Elaine tells it like it is. Elaine Lindsay thrives on helping people share their passion

Helps you to maximize your digital footprint by optimizing your social signals. Because if you aren't on Page 1 in search your competitors are taking your dollars

As a Speaker

Elaine Lindsay shares her passions with riveting honesty.

As a technical speaker Elaine is generous with insights and information in an engaging delivery. Elaine’s most popular technical topics are effective social media, web presence optimization and Social ‘Best Practices.’

As a motivational speaker Elaine is heartrending and inspiring – be prepared to feel moved and excited. Elaine’s most popular motivational topics include finding joy despite hardship, making lemonade, and never quitting.

As a Google+ Evangelist

Elaine enjoys any opportunity to help others share their passion, leverage their social signals and claim their niche. The Google+ features Hangouts and Hangouts on Air provide great resources for building connections, increasing your traffic and collaborating on a Global scale, to complete your digital footprint so your entire web presence is optimized. 

As a Social Media & Relationship Marketing Expert

Elaine has a gift for identifying effective goals for your social media and marketing both online and offline.

Elaine’s keen insight into your messaging, imaging and target audience will focus your social media to develop your online presence and credibility. As a Certified Relationship Marketing Professional Elaine will guide you in developing a solid foundation for your presence as a trusted, recognized expert in your target niche.

Listen Connect Engage Social is a 2-way street!

Some Facts about Elaine:

  • · Certified by The Relationship Marketing Institute. I mentored with Mari Smith.
  • · Featured in the #1 Best Seller ‘ 
            Social Media Myths: Busted‘. Laura Rubinstein.
  •   Featured in the #1 Best Seller ‘ 
            Solving the Social Media Puzzle‘. Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher..
  • · Host of  bi-weekly ‘Business Banter Plus TV
  • · Participant in the  first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life).
  • · Clients call Elaine ‘The Maximizer’ and the Google+ Diva..

Elaine Says

After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts as well multiple surgeries and hospital stays  I am Kinda Bionic and I am uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘never give up‘..I play the ‘Glad” Game every day, and find the humor in almost everything.  My Gran & Life have taught me much and I want to share her wisdom with the world. The road has not always been easy or smooth. I feel the ups 
and downs have molded me into the woman I am today. 

"Social media is a Marathon:NOT a Sprint"~ Elaine Lindsay 2011

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Married 34+ years-awesome hubby, 2 kids, 4 grandkids and 1 furkid ♥ Born to 'Schmooze'♥Love Hangouts! ♦'Eternal PollyAnna'♥ Kinda Bionic ♦World's 2nd Most Curious person! (the 1st is in Texas, right?)
Speaker – Motivational ♦ Business ♦ Social ♦ | Social Media Marketing Consultant | Trainer |Google+ Evangelist |Social Media Maven | Relationship Marketing| Partner TROOL Social Media ||
Motivational speaker|social media consultant |speaker| trainer|relationship marketing professional| SEO| Design| Host
  • TROOL Social Media ♦ Business Banter Plus TV
    Speaker| Host| Social Media Consultant| Marketing | Trainer, present
    Host the BBPTV show bi-weekly ♦I consult with small to medium (start-ups to $30M in sales) businesses, providing social media ‘Best Practices’. Working with you to tailor your social media and online marketing efforts to yield the most exposure and optimization through engagement. Utilizing your authentic voice, you could win more often, with less effort, in less time.
  • Social Business Strategist & Speaker -TROOL
    Social Media Consultant| Marketing | Trainer | Speaker, 2011
  • TROOL Productions
    Div of TROOL Social Media Creative Group ♦ Design & SEO, 2009 - 2014
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