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So very sad to hear of the San Jose police officer killed tonight as he was responding to a call for help. Condolences to his family and the #SJPD community. #LineOfDuty 

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Added photos to NASA's #GlobalSelfie.

Anyone have a favorite dinner place on Maui - Ka'anapali side? Not real high end, good food, nice view?

I do not understand why anyone would have a pitbull. What a horrible story from Pacifica tonight. Pregnant woman dead. I love dogs and have always had at least one. I would NOT own a dog that has the potential to do that kind of harm. They raised him from a puppy - who knows why he did this but it really doesn't matter now, does it. The damage is done and a woman and her fetus are dead. I would never want to worry about a dog of mine like that. Problem is that if they decide to attack for some crazy reason, you don't have a chance against those jaws. What do you think?

Dog got skunked! Fine thing to deal with at 1am! Thank you Internet for info on what to do!!!

The dog can skip the alarm about the deer in the yard tonight. They ate all the vegetation LAST night!! Plus, it would be nice to have uninterrupted sleep for a change!!

What's with the hands as you get "older" - yikes! The wrists and thumbs just ain't what they used to be - they really hurt and I could hardly work in the yard. Sucks!!!
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