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Thanks, Aunt Robin and Uncle Joe!



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Journalists and similar: I am charged with developing a media kit (digital and possibly hard-copy) for a big, squishy, multi-partner federally-granted project my organization is part of.

The project is a three-year effort to develop a regional sustainable development plan for all of northern New Jersey, taking into account transportation needs, land preservation, urban revitalization, a whole bunch of stuff. There will be public workshops and technical reports and local capacity-building grants and pilot projects and pretty much anything else you can think of.

You can see more about the initiative at Similar initiatives are at and

If you were a reporter at a local media outlet in an area covered by this project and you wanted to get up to speed on it and maybe write about it, what information, in what form, would be useful to you? Thanks!

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Jersey planning peeps -- hope you can make it!
Great winners, great location, great networking, and Cory Booker in the house! Not too late to buy tickets -- hope to see you there!

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I am almost hesitant to post this here, because of the vile nature of some of the content. But I am also horrified and heartbroken that, on International Women's Day 2012, this is still how some women treat other women.

My mother is a Barnard graduate, with an IQ of 154 and a graduate degree in library science, who worked as a university-level reference librarian, not that she needs me or anyone else to defend her credentials. She is none of the things alleged here. These women shame all of us, and their school.

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Nothing quite like a glowing review in The New York Times! The house was great too -- all in all a memorable evening.

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Yes, that's our music director in the Sunday New York Times!

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SO FUN to read this interview with friend, fellow singer and wicked-smart Iowa pollster Ann Selzer. A great glimpse into the intricacies of good political polling.

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Bank of America drops its evil $5 debit-card fee idea. Good.

SO DONE with Facebook. Latest: Unless I hide each app individually, I get to see what all my Facebook friends are reading in various newspapers' social readers. Not that interested; thanks!

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Some Friday levity for you: Worried about the zombie apocalypse? Or perhaps you're a zombie yourself? Either way, a hardware store in Kansas has you covered.
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