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I can't wait to get my #soylent  ... it's going to save my life and free me from all this horrible food ...  I really can't wait.

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One of my favorites ....
Thank me later.
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Max was genius :) Art Of Noise was genius :) Together ... epic.

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Partly inspired by the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado, “The Library,” which stars the compulsively watchable young film actress Chloë Grace Moretz, doesn’t make the mistake of trying to find clear motivations for that crime. Instead, it considers how such events warp and contaminate those who survive them ... 

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I just died and went to epic fashion heaven ....

+Moss Bros DJ vs Suit? But what's a Dinner Suit? :) 

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Gu is 22 years old and she’s a student. Her hair is braided and she’s wearing a top hat with her all black outfit. She is wearing a velvet blazer over a dress, with a Lowrys Farm white bag, ball joint doll tights, white socks and cross strap shoes.Gu’s favorite designer is Anna Sui.

(via +Tokyo Fashion }

Those doll tights are fascinating :) 
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Let's all go visit Harajuku!
Zoe Is The New Rosemary

I think the biggest horror with this version for most mundanes is not going to be the devil as much as it will be the bi-racial relationship ... I've already started to read the epic nasty racist comments online and it hasn't even aired. #mundanesareruiningtheworld  

As usual ... please see the original film and read the original book before seeing any remake or reboot of anything. The reason I am constantly stressing the focus on source material is because by experiencing it you can better fully appreciate things when you know where they came from, how they evolved, and how their spiritual successors came to be. It's a much richer experience than just choosing ignorance and consuming what's thrown at you.



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Tom of Finland Stamps

Worth a trip to Finland after September 2014 just to buy a few and send postcards to conservative US lawmakers or, say, the Pope.

Slate: This fall, the country will begin selling stamps that feature the “confident and proud homoeroticism” of Tom of Finland, an artist renowned as “beyond question the most influential creator of gay pornographic illustration.”

Tom of Finland, aka Touko Laaksonen, once famously said "If I don't have an erection when I'm doing a drawing, I know it's no good." 
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NOW can we move? :)
Let   #zahahadid   Design   #allthethings  !!!

The london-based architect continues to expand her repertoire with a table, shelving system, and fireplace for CITCO.

‘tela’ shelving system is carved of solid black granite composed with archetypal curves and cantilevers common in hadid’s architectural designs. the divergent form creates a sense of lightness, allowing the viewer to forget that the piece is formed from a massive block. the central support interweaves, allowing level shelves to extend beyond the object’s core, and adding to the piece’s immateriality.

‘luna’ is a manifestation of abstraction and precision. the monolithic construction carved from carrara marble explores the relationship between plane and volume, as the under-side is atypically shaped with undulating forms that drop to the floor, providing support for the elegantly cantilevered top. in profile, the table has a flat surface, but when seen from above, one observes the carved-out integral bowls, which hint at the unusual construction.
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Blogger. Philosopher. Knight.
Being epic and incredibly disliked at the same time.
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Manchester, CT


Hear that sound? That's the sound of peace and quiet and a world devoid of stupidity and harassment.

I became quickly very tired of being harassed, trolled, insulted, and targeted because of the content of some of my shares which sometimes dealt in subjects that many people don't agree with or understand. As this is a public environment that is to be expected from narrow minded people who only wish to support a world of negativity, apathy, or ignorance - but I don't need to subject myself to it.

Commenting on my posts is now circle specific. That means only people that are added to a circle I have chosen will be allowed to comment. If you're new to my stream and want to be able to comment on my shares you'll have to let me know why I should let you.

Most people who ask me to allow them to comment just end up abusing the privilege (and yes it is a privilege) and write stupid or useless commentary. If you're not interested in actual quality engagement on shares that warrant it and just wanna say "that's cool" or something pointless, that's what a +1 is for, you don't need to type it.

I also don't follow people who don't have clean streams. I'm not interested in seeing all the idiots other people allow to make stupid, off topic, useless, or irritated commentary on their shares anymore than I want to see that garbage in my own stream. I use G+ mostly as a one directional tool - similar to a blog. 90% of people on the Internet don't have much #realtalk to offer anyway. 


I am an ex therapist/mental health and self-development coach and communication methodologist turned suicidal hikikomori. I am also a modern communist, an evolving stoic, a writer, a preacher, an agoraphobic, a misanthrope, and - in some ways - still a guide and a teacher. I am the proud chief of my suburban tribe, Shin Seiki Zoku. But most especially I am most honored to be an eternal knight to my most beautiful and precious Queen and best friend, Jennie.

  • Personality: ISTJ
  • Education: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Communication Methodology

My Primary Blog: The Web Recluse

Media Therapy With Bablyon 5 : The Babylon 5 Revisited and Rethought Project

Media Therapy With Anime : Media Psyche

NOTE: If you are offended by anything you read in my profile or have any feelings of shock, negativity, irritation, or anger, you should uncircle or block me right now. You may also want to consider shooting yourself for having a brain like a brick.


Thoughts On Mundanes Who Block People Who Have Locked Comments

Exposed: Delusional Lunatics And Their Amazingly Terrifying Thoughts

What’s a Mundane? Who Is The Mob? And Why You Are Most Likely Not Worthy Of My Time

Why You're Most Likely An Animal By Default​​posts/​54Ks7kPkuWj

====== MY SHARE SUBJECTS ======

I have a variety of diverse and odd interests that I am most likely to share here on G+. I don't separate my interests into circle groups so if you add me to your stream you may see some stuff that is ok with you and some stuff that is not. I am a multifaceted person and I see and appreciate all kinds of things in the world, some of which are wildly juxtaposed. My opinions on things can be brutal, bizarre, tannic, sick (as in awesomely epic), perverse, and darkly humorous but all of them reflect the reality of how I feel and are completely me.

#blogging, #horology, #informationaesthetics, #datavisualization, #typography #graphology, #fetishes, #catporn, #foodporn, #art, #writing, #UpstairsDownstairs, #D/s, #anime, #jpop, #kpop, #asiandrama, #bbc, #movies, #mmorpg, #skyrim, #pcgaming, #geek, #recluse, #misanthropic, #stoicism, #hikikomori, #suicide, #books, #cats, #art, #paperusers, #logic, #thinking, #communication, #sociology, #psychology, #asianculture, #retifism, #mentalhealth, #selfdevelopment #motorcycles #architecture, #MMO, #comm333 

====== THE SHORT OF IT ======

Between my synesthesia, my education in psychology, communication, and my work in the mental health field, I have definitely evolved. When you're a lab rat most of your life you come to realize one of two things ... that there is something really wrong with you or that there is something really unique about you. I came to realize both and in addition to that ... I came to realize that there were things equally wrong with everyone else. 

Having spent a considerable amount of time evolving myself to a much higher intellectual, spiritual, and mental state over the past 20 years, I eventually came to a place of being unable to understand, relate to, or enjoy the presence of people. I decided to spend a great deal of my life in isolation from the general public. After a good solid 5 years of 90% isolation from the world, I decided to venture out of my isolation to see if the world had changed and see if it was at all possible for me to be able to find a place again in the outside world. This curiosity is what brought me to G+. What I have found in this community is very much the same kind of idiocy that I encountered years ago only at substantially higher and more toxic levels. My world is one of philosophy, logic, reality-based perspectives, communication, and teaching. The mundane world is one of idiocy, irrational behavior, delusion-based perspectives, nonsense language, and braying.

"You think I am wicked and immoral and selfish - so I am, according to your standards, but not according to my own. According to my own, I am singularly pure, uncontaminated, and high principled. You will laugh, but it is true. And you can laugh all your life, but it will still be true."  -Violet Keppel

Having been back in the world only reconfirms something that I have always believed … I have absolutely no business being in it anymore. The way people do things is fucked up, unhealthy, incorrect, and selfish. I don't teach those kinds of things ... I never did ... not as a therapist, not as a communications teacher, not a guide. I teach people to rise above, not crawl along. But the world is too damaged ... people are too afraid ... there is nothing more I can do or offer anyone. I cannot live the life that everyone else lives because it's too empty, too meaningless. The things my mind craves and my heart has evolved to understand and want are impossible to obtain in this world because people are awful and limited and trapped in their own fears and inability to evolve.

The world disgusts me. People's willful ignorance disgusts me. People's selfishness disgusts me. There is nothing I can do and there is no other escape for me. I cannot "adjust" and pretend I don't see things that are clearly there. The world is upside down and backwards and I have no loyalty to such a place. Asking me to learn to adapt and accept things that are just fundamentally wrong is insane. I see too much and I have long since had enough. Even if I blinded myself it wouldn't stop me from being disgusted and tainted by the ignorance, selfishness, blindness, and negativity of the world ... it's an airborne virus ... 

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I once ate human flesh and I thought it was fucking delicious. I would pay someone for more right now ...
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