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It's hot, it hasn't rained in 6+ weeks, I'm super crabby and, so, the picture/tweet from DEFCON has my pants in a wicked twist. Aside from the panel of all white dudes answering questions about their favorite appendage whilst being served beer by scantily-clad women standing behind them in front of an audience, which appears to be also mostly white dudes....the woman on the far right is actually wearing a strap-on. I'm no prude, as I would never have survived IT if I were, but WTF is that on a dais in a now mainstream conference such that DEFCON has become?

I'm not sure if I'm ripshit angry or simply horribly sad by being reminded that no progress has really been made and that all the talk about diversity, etc., is really a load of complete bullshit. Maybe both.

I haven't been to a conference in a long while, and I remember DEFCON and HOPE in the early days fondly as, though there were shades of this sort of behavior, if you hung with your crew, it was avoidable. This shit on the dais? No.

Nope, nope and more nope. All this talk about diversity is hollow and we're still in the stone age. If had been there, OMG, there would have been swearing and me getting shouty with the conference runners. How this flies in 2016 is simply...sad.

DEFCON, you've finally jumped the shark.

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This is a very interesting exploration of heavy metal lyrics. It might be fun to note how many of the bands are Finnish and if there's a cluster of topics and words particular to nationality, too. :)

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Interesting piece about a random bookshop find and the history behind it.

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Stripping novels of their words and doing pattern analysis on the punctuation is surprisingly fascinating. Even more fun, is that the author has made the code open source @ so you can do it yourself with your own favorite authors.

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As the time of holidaymaking has officially begun…

The modern incarnation of Santa and his reindeer is a sanitized and jovial creation, built upon an older and darker pagan legend. In Finnish, Joulupukki literally translates as ‘Yule Goat’, and then there’s the scary Nuuttipukki, ala Krampus, who travels from house to house in a scary costume demanding food and beer on the 13th of January. It’s all about the goats, the goats, the goats.

( Trivia-the illustrator who created the modern vision of the Claus for Coca-Cola, was the son of Finnish immigrants - )

So, keeping the darker origins of Santa in mind, you might enjoy “Rare Exports”, a Finnish short on how a genuine Finnish Father Christmas is made since Finland is home to Santa’s Workshop.

Pre-viewing disclaimer: NSFW; Not safe for young children; Not safe, as it is a european flick, for anyone who may be traumatised by the exposed skin of a wrinkly old white guy; Not safe for anyone without a sense of humor. :)

Rare Exports -

I hate burning hours of time looking for a simple app to do a simple thing only to find that nothing is simple, everything is featured-up to the hilt and mostly deeply underwhelming.

Mission: Something to capture a browser window in OS X at regular intervals, saved with a time-date stamp. I'm lazy and didn't want to spend time writing something that should obviously have been done 10k times over. And I get sucked into the web gawping at all the truly unbelievable crap out there.

What I ended up with: A CLI one-liner that uses a built-in utility with an undocumented feature and using GetWindowID ( )

while true ; do ; vardate=$(date +%d\%m\%Y\_%H.%M.%S ) ; screencapture -l$(GetWindowID "Firefox" "$windowname" ) -t jpg -x /path-to-folder/$vardate.jpg ; sleep 300 ; done

So, there, if all you want is something simple to grab a browser window over a span of time and stow it somewhere, there it is. Hopefully, I've saved someone a few wasted hours of their life.

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Now /this/ is the kind of cool stuff the intarwebs was made for. Beautifully done. Can't wait to see more as they come online. I heart mapped data.

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The "Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words" is mahvelous! Try your hand at explaining anything in the same limited set of words @

The Constitution explained should be required reading for everyone. :) 

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Sweet...I love Jeff Goldblum - "It's definitely bigger than the last one..." :)
*Indeoendence Day: Resurgence Trailer*

Let the wild theories begin! 

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For contemporaries with similarly aged children... Ms K discovered Kiss today and has embraced her Finnish genepool preference for hard and metal rock...I'm going to give you this as, well, I can't make it go away and I need to share my pain. :)

I was made for lovin' you baby...
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