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Youth and naïveté
Youth and naïveté

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The Parking Authority of the City of #Camden  wanted to tear down a building in the heart of downtown, putting up a parking garage. Before it could use #eminentdomain , #NewJersey  law required it to make a good-faith offer and enter bona fide negotiations, not just forcibly seize property.

Their offer: -$200,000.

That’s not a typo — the Parking Authority essentially asked the property owner to pay them $200,000 and give up the property. Legal experts I spoke with said they had never before seen a negative offer.

“Telling someone ‘I’ll take $200,000 in exchange for taking this property off your hands’ is pretty strong evidence of bad faith,” one lawyer told me.

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Minority journalists in the U.S. can now apply for our #icfjglobal  reporting fellowship! 

The #journalism   #fellowship  helps U.S.-based minority journalists cover compelling yet under-reported international stories, increasing the diversity of voices in global news. 

Learn more and apply here:

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Charles Blow writes about his son, a Yale student, getting stopped by campus police at gunpoint:

“In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look.

There is no amount of respectability that can bend a gun’s barrel. All of our boys are bound together.”

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“I don’t believe in never”.

Alicia Keys is amazing.
There really ain't nothin' child
That the word never could ever mean
In a heart like yours
So full of shine
So full of endless dreams

There really ain't nothing child
The word never could ever do
Just brush it off when the word comes up 
Cause it don't apply to you

I don't believe in never
That word is just a way
To handcuff your mind
And steal your shine
The worst kind
Of thievery 

There really ain't nothin child
Yes this A promise true
Dance in the wild
Beautiful child
A new world belongs to you

-Alicia Keys #MartinLutherKingDay

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This chandelier has a trumpet-blowing angel at the top. Inspiration for some new lighting in my place?

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Check out this cool room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (The first photo is the full, tilted panorama. The second is straightened, and thus also cropped a bit.) Had off today, so visited the Art Museum, which is always a fun time.
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“I would like for young people to know that each day of your life is a journey into history. And that you are making that history. And you have the ability to change something each day of your life.”

Illustrated Memoir Recalls Marching In Selma At Just 15

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Going to college boosts employment, pay, &c., and a college graduate generally does better economically than a high school graduate.

But racial gaps have grown since before the recession: among recent college graduates, 12.4 percent of black graduates were jobless, versus 4.9 percent of white graduates.

Duke economist William A. Darity Jr. says in the linked article that college education “does not significantly reduce racial disparity. … We’ve got to do something else to really have an effect on that.”
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