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Practice alone brings success. This is true. Without a doubt.
Practice alone brings success. This is true. Without a doubt.

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“You are so slow. You are a very lazy man.”
Not the first thing you want to hear when you start practicing Ashtanga but this isn’t customer service. A good teacher is going to tell you what you need to hear. Not necessarily what you want to.
Then the choice is yours. What do you do next?
I met Lucas this season in Mysore and talked with him about his first days starting Ashtanga in Mysore and how it has changed to where he is now.
At times we might see someone doing advanced asanas and think their practice has always been that way.
The reality is that once they were a beginner and struggled.
Once they may have had an injury and learned how to handle it.
Once they had no motivation and almost quit
But they didn’t and now they have a story to tell…….
Here is Part 1 of Ashtanga Practioner’s Lucas Carvalho’s
Click here to see the video
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One thing you notice when you meet people that have an Ashtanga practice is how young they look when you find out their chronological age. When I first met Derick at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver I was amazed when he told me how old he was. The thing is that it's kind of normal in the Ashtanga community which leads me to ask the question -

"Does yoga keep you young or does today's way of living make you old?"

As with everything it's not black and white but multiple shades of grey. 

I interviewed Derick on some of the reasons he thinks yoga has helped him both physcially and mentally - Read the blog post here ===>

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