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Eka Y. Saputra
web & mobile app developer | admin at | open source software & documentation translator
web & mobile app developer | admin at | open source software & documentation translator

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Open Web Analytics, aka OWA, is a free and open source alternative to Google Analytics. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install OWA web analytics tool on CentOS 7

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Paling enak memang punya website sendiri yang bisa update konten via media sosial #Facebook   #Twitter   #Googleplus   #Medium  :d

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Butuh #transkrip rekaman #wawancara untuk skripsi/tesis? Hubungi saya via whatsapp/sms di nomor yang ada di laman ini.

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Creating a resource / Accomplishing goals - the awkward bits
If you are trying to make money online, you may want to read this...

I am currently writing many performance metric articles.
My overall goal is to teach people how a webpage loads, and how page speed issues can be dealt with by creating the best resource that the web has ever seen on that subject.
That is my overall goal.
The thing is, I am likely months from that goal or more. This is the time period where I am creating things that are the basic building blocks of something that does not yet exist.
Many of you are in some form doing the same thing.
Maybe you are building an online presence one blog post at a time or maybe you are learning some new skills that will eventually lead you to a goal. You are almost certainly trying to make money online.
This is the awkward part
The time between you doing something and you accomplishing something is the awkward part. I can quickly illustrate this with my performance section...
-  Not many people want to read about "domLoading time stamps" and I know that.
-  Many people want to make more money and I know that too.
- Making more money on the web almost always has something to do with pages loading faster.

So if I wanted to, I could just write crap articles about how to make money on the web and those things I write may be popular, get social shares, and likely be unuseful and certainly fleeting.

What I am choosing instead is to create a resource.
The reason I choose that is because it is what has made me money for the last ten years.

Each resource I make will help me and other people make money, but during the time I am building it piece by piece it will not. It won't be interesting or popular to a large audience. I know this. When it is complete it will be very popular and interesting to a large audience and will make me and others money, but that is months away.

Far too often  I see people making articles about whatever is popular or they think will get the most shares right now without giving any thought to the months and years ahead.

I am not saying that is bad, in fact it makes lots of people money. But if you want to create something big or make money consistantly or educate responsibly or achieve your long terms goals it requires work.

- It requires writing about the boring parts of your subject manner.
- It requires writing articles that no one will initially care about at all.
- It requires building a solid foundation
- It requires making an amazing article about things without large audiences.
- It requires being the best resource in your field (which is not completed in a day, a week, a month or even a year)

It won't be sexy or fun. Roll your sleeves up, shut the hell up and work.

The reason I am saying all this is that I have created many successful resources that have consistantly paid the bills for ten years.

I would like to offer some advice on how to make your online efforts go smoother and benefit you longer...

1. Whatever you write about, think about how it can be part of a future larger goal.
Is the article you are writing today going to help you a year from now?
If not, figure out how it can or start getting more strategic in what you are writing about.

2. Map that goal out and use it
Let's say your goal is to rank for a certain keyword term. To rank well for a term you will likely need to be an amazing resource about the subject of that keyword term. Think about an impossibly dreamy wonderful resource for that term that you can not accomplish and then use that dream as a template for your articles.
Every article you write should make a tiny little dent in becoming part of that future dream resource. Ask yourself - Is what I am writing today getting me closer to my overall goal?

3. Don't lose hope and don't complain
You know what losing hope and complaining have in common? 
They are both activities that have nothing to do with achieving your goals. Kick them out. They have no place in the path to your goal. There is no time for them in your schedule.

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Official streaming RadioBuku   #androidapps  
Seperti biasa, #free  + #opensource   ;)

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Eka Y. Saputra commented on a post on Blogger.
Tool browsing dan download di terminal #linux  

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Free & #opensource   #androidapps   app untuk memudahkan warga #yogyakarta  melaporkan situasi darurat pada pihak yang berwenang.
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