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New Blog Post - Calculate Average Transactions per Day in Google Data Studio #GoogleDataStudio

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New blog post - How to Split an Enhanced Ecommerce Transaction using GTM (or alternatively - How to Build a Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce Rocket)

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New blog post.
How to Track Klarna Checkout as Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout (using GTM)

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Pretty impressive use of GA 360, BigQuery and a bunch of other systems.

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I have updated my method for tracking Hotjar User ID. Better accuracy, but more complex though. #hotjar #gtm #ga

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#GTMTips: 10 Blogs, 10 Articles, 10 People To Follow

Here are some of my favorite Google Tag Manager resources today. The blogs, people, and articles I refer to are resources I utilize almost every single day.

It's not a definitive or thorough list, but I do hope you find them useful, and maybe you'll find some new blog / person / article that you haven't heard of or seen before!

#gde   #blogpost   #googletagmanager   #googleanalytics  

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A while ago I wrote about How to track Hotjar in Google Analytics. Later Hotjar changed their tracking, so my method did break. I have updated my blog post to a new working solution.
#hotjar #gtm #googleanalytics 

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Introducing Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics
#analytics   #measure   #metrics  

Calculated Metrics are user-defined metrics that are computed from existing metrics and drive more relevant analyses and enable greater actionability without leaving the product.

To create a new calculated metric in Google Analytics follow these steps:

1. Select the Admin tab
2. Navigate to the appropriate VIEW
3. Click on Calculated Metrics

Learn more on our Help Center:

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Hotjar User ID tracking in Google Analytics is Gold combined with Error Tracking! This is how I track Hotjar in Google Analytics.

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New blog post - How to track Hotjar in Google Analytics (and Why)
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