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IBM Linux Watch (2000) & IBM WatchPad 1.5 (2001) prototypes; first Linux watches; never made it to market. via @benjedwards

#linux   #ibm   #applewatch   #moto360  
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On August 23, 1989, 2 million people held hands and formed a human chain that stretched 370 miles across the three Baltic states, proving that the call for independence from the Soviet Union was a matter of peace, not violence. Today, we mark the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way on our homepages in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. 
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And Another Scheme Bites the Dust: Google Authorship Edition

As I scrolled through my Twitter feed, I couldn't have but wonder if Google hadn't mothballed Authorship.  Some people were sure as upset as they'd have been if it had been, I can say that much.

When I realized what was going on, i.e. Google had killed the experiment with face shots, naturally I was disappointed that my gorgeous mug would no longer be there to greet you in SERP's, but that was never why I got into Authorship.

As for removing Follower count, well, I never thought much of that idea, since it made Authorship seem inherently biased towards Google's own social network, instead of just its identity layer, which would at least be less skewed.  Over a billion people use Google Search, but not nearly as many use Google+.

Yet it clearly bothers people, I assume because they came into authorship for the second of the two wrong reasons to do it:

Wrong Reasons to Set Up Google Authorship

1. Rank Boosting (It doesn't do that, at all.)

2. Vanity

Think about authority.  Really think about it.  What is it?  Is it slapping your picture on everything?  Not really.  Browse through a bookstore or even an ebook store, and tell me where the mugshot of the author is displayed in relation to the book or listing?

Does a Stephen King novel put a picture of the author on the cover?  OI course not.  Usually the author pic, if any, goes all the way on the inside of the back cover!

Using profile pics was also inherently problematic, as people misused authorship, or used non-face-shots or photos that weren't actual photos of them, or nearly any other trick you could imagine on a scale where managing it has no doubt been a nightmare.  Those things can still happen, you just won't see them except if you're on their profile on Google+ instead of Search, where they can easily be taken as authoritative.

In addition, it risked turning Search into a beauty contest where the people who take the most attractive photos are more trusted even before you've clicked through to their content.

In the end the simple lack of any benefit was likely the ultimate deciding factor, as their announcement made clear.  Google is extremely data driven, so there is no need to invoke any sort of conspiracy theories in trying to understand why they kill an experiment like this.

There is one right reason to use Google Authorship, and this doesn't change that:

Establishing Authority Tied to Your Google Identity

That's it.  Period.

Even without a profile pic, if you are an authority in something then a simple byline in Search is good enough and many will trust your name, and be honest that if you've been doing SEO for a while you know you would have killed for just that a few years ago before the program launched.  This is still a gain compared to having ZERO identity in Search.

Authorship is a way for Google to improve their results, not boost your ego.

#Authorship   #AuthorshipMarkup   #Authority  
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Microsoft releases iOS 10 :))
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Der Hammer! :D
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#Apple hat ein Herz für Schüler und Studenten
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Transfer des Tages ...
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For today's #TipTuesday post, we're sharing some helpful hints on how to format your Google+ posts.
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Statt zu klagen, dass wir nicht alles haben, was wir wollen, sollten wir lieber dankbar sein, dass wir nicht alles bekommen, was wir verdienen.
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