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Weird finding at the Antique Fair in Petaluma todas.
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Looks like somebody misunderstood the term "bikini model" and chose to make it a reference to Operation Crossroads instead of the swimsuit.
Awww, wish I knew about that antique fair... Was thinking about where to go check out interesting antiques this weekend.

Is it a regular thing, or have I missed it for this season?
Look! to the right, I think its shedding? Oh that is just instructions not to get it wet and no food after midnight.
It's the new Scottevest skirt and hat that allows you to conceal a Volkswagen Beetle and iPhone.
nah, it's a little girls' bedside lamp. Used to see these at garage sales all the time. Lamps made from castaway dolls.
So how are you finding the
HTC One X ??? Are you using the quad version? unfortunately i was burned (sometimes literally) by htc phones for many years now i just don't trust the brand. Looking forward to your review :)
Doh! Hopefully I remember to look for it again next year.
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