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I completely agree with this list. We (at All About Android) get a TON of questions on which Android phone to buy and this list pretty much covers the best at this time. Your choice depends on what size device you like and what carrier you chose. Thoughts?
There are dozens—probably hundreds—of Android phones on the market today. Some of them are exclusive to specific carriers, some of them are available around the world, but only a few of them are at th...
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Is that a Nexus one case?

Oh how I loved my Nexus one, such a massive step up from my old G1.
I'm surprised the Droid series made it on the list since people seem to love Motorola so much :p but I guess it really is the best choice for people who like their hardware keyboards.
Yeah, I agree with the list as well, although I might have left the original Galaxy S series off and just featured the Galaxy S IIs.
I own or have owned all of them except for the Droids. My favourite is the Note. The extra screen real estate, as well as the quality of the screen, trumps all of the strengths of the others IMHO. I can even bear going without ICS (until the update).
I agree about the Droid series, they were only popular in the US (except the milestone, which only had limited success internationally.) I would have any of the others though. Generally good recommendations.
+Phillip Lang I couldn't care less about the carrier personally as someone who lives outside the US where the carriers don't have such control over phone specs its easier to look at the phones objectively for what they are.
+Phillip Lang True about AT&T, which frustrates me because I want to move to Verizon. Their service is much better where I live. I like the Droid phones, but after playing with the HTC One series, I'm back to square one. However, it doesn't matter for me till my contract is up in July. I'm sure the S3 will take some of my attention away too. However, the bigger the screen, the less likely I will buy.
+Matt Law i'm jealous the carriers don't matter as much to you guys! As for the Droid series popularity outside the US, are keyboards just not as big of a deal elsewhere or are there just other options with high end hardware?
They put ICS on the Note and it becomes my #1. If I had to buy today, and I don't, I'd buy the Nexus. Next phone and next tablet must have ICS already on them to be considered. For now holding for ICS Note on Verizon...
Surprised not more votes for the RAZR MAXX. I know a bunch of people going with that phone for the battery life alone... Updates and such are irrelevant to them...
+James Pakele Love the MAXX, just wish it had ICS. Also, the display on the Samsung and HTC phones are far superior.
+Eileen Rivera "less MOTOBLUR, more ICS!" That's why i'm surprised they made it on the list.
+John Mink I'm not sure that outside of the geek circles MotoBlur matters much... I've found that users don't care much if the phone has a skin on it... I usually suggest they install GO Launchers and the rest of the GO product line...
+James Pakele agreed with +Eileen Rivera about the MAXX needing ICS, but also the MAXX has a non-removable battery, which is why I would never buy one!
+James Pakele Yup, totally agree re: motoblur. It's all the bloatware I can't stand, but EVERY carrier will do that to a phone
+John Mink Hehehe.. because that non-removable battery gets my boss three days... hehehe...
+Eileen Rivera Even the bloat ware, for normal users, I tend to see them not care so much, they just go "I don't know what that is, it came with the phone" and just pretty much ignore it.

Us... we know it's there, we know it's taking up resources, bugs the hell out of us, even hiding the icons, like some launchers allow you to doesn't cut it, we know it's there... hehehe... So, root, Titanium, Freeze... I guess it's similar to a mechanic wanting his garage arranged a certain way and clear of clutter...
Here in Sweden we first select the phone, then the carrier. The phones over here is "carrier independent" (unlocked). It's the store that sell the phones, not the carrier. I just go into the store, select the phone that I want and then I select the carrier for it.
+Eileen Rivera sad but true, although hopefully Google (if nobody else) will maintain at least 1 vanilla phone...but we'll just hafta wait and see.

+James Pakele I have heard great things about the battery life, and aside from my superhuman ability to go through battery life, I like having the ability to kill my phone by taking the battery out.

As for the Motoblur point, it's not the UI that I mind (well a little, but there is some good in that too) it's really, as Eileen pointed out, all the bloatware on the Droids.

edit: My phone just decide to remind me that app compatibility/stability is an issue too <_<
+John Mink For another point towards having removable batteries though... I have an external charger and a couple batteries for my Epic Touch... my phone is almost never connect to the charger, it is always with me, I don't have the oh my phone is on the charger and is stuck there for the next hour problem... Battery dies I swap them out, takes about 30 seconds and I have a full battery again...
I agree with the list. In went 3Gs-->Infuse 4g-->Galaxy Note, and the Note is my favorite by far. My wife got the HTC Vivid. I LOVE the build quality and Sense, but not digging the thickness.

If the One X had more memory and swappable batteries, I would be very interested. The battery tech isn't there yet...and even if it were, the longevity of a battery charge/recharge cycles inherently means a year into your contract, you will have lost 20% of your capacity anyway. If you can change batteries, no biggie.

What I HOPE is that the next Google Nexus phone STARTS OUT unlocked on their website. The $400 price point is fine...but by the time they put out the unlocked Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store, it had already stopped being the flavor of the month. Personally, I would love it if they did that with the Galaxy Note 2. Let me pick my carrier. I'll pay for the phone.
+James Pakele excellent point! considering I have 2 spare batteries, you'd think that I would have thought of that myself :p
+John Mink Yeah, and considering I got the external charger and two batteries for about $20 I'm very happy with the arrangement, especially having 3 Epic Touches in the house... Though my wife never uses it, the battery life is sufficient for her.... It's me that kills batteries, but, you know... nerd problems...
I must be the odd ball for not wanting to buy any of those phones listed.
+Kenny Embry You have a point about the HTC phones, they did the non-removable battery too, but unlike the RAZR MAXX they don't have the ridiculously long battery life... Yikes.

I can pretty much guarantee you the next Nexus will be available from the Play Store and probably will be there first. It's what they tried to do with the original Nexus device but didn't have the market share, the right online services, or infrastructure to do so... Now with their new stance in the market I think they're giving it another go...
+James Pakele I hope you're right. I hate being locked into a contract with my carrier all because I want a newer phone. I think $400 is about as high as I would go. I would much rather go with Ting or a "pay as you go" carrier and pocket the savings, as long as I could get a top tier phone.
+John Mink As of now I'll take the HTC Amaze over any of the phones listed. Why.... For me it's the right size, It has an SD card, and I like Sense 4.0 vs. Stock ICS (it looks like an upgraded, non buggy touch wiz)

If the HTC One series or the GN had an SD card slot, I'll change my mind though.

There's no way I'll consider Verizon or AT&T so that immediately eliminate those from my "want' list.
+Antonio Cunningham gotcha, I'll consider someone besides Verizon when someone else provides reception at my home & work. That being said, I've heard good things about Sense but sadly I've yet to try it out myself
Awwww that Nexus One neoprene case. I loved this phone so much :) (but still really happy with my SGS2 running ICS !)
i just went from the pixi plus to an international galaxy note. it doesnt seem so big after using it for a few days.
Still liking my DROID X and my significant other likes her DROID long as we have to have them, and it will still be awhile, due to Verizon's upgrade policies we can keep making them do what we need when we need especially since the total spent for both combined was way under $50.00
I will carefully consider a Samsung phone, since the company has taken there sweat time releasing updates. Considering the were the first one with access to the ICS update. And the company promise for release on first quarter, second quarter still waiting. They really need to fix this horrible track record.
Just got the Galaxy Nexus via the Google Play Store. Love it! Had the HTC EVO on Sprint and it was a great device for me for almost two years, but its time has come...
I am slightly interested in the HTC 1X, but am warry. At this time I have a HTC Desire and am really disapointed in it. The core memory is only 140 [give or take] mb big and too many apps require to be on the phone and not the 8Gb SD card. The core is already filled up to almost capacity, so adding apps is not working out well for me. Espcially apps like Instagram which require almost 20Mb if my remaining 30Mb. did they fix this with the One X? IE Greater internal phone memory?
+George Sabbi i still really like my droidx too. My contract is up this fall and i am not sure i will get a new phone. Will have to see.
i love my g-nex but i wish verizon would hurry up and push out ics 4.0.5
Of all those, well I have a galaxy nexus, and love it. And will love it even more when Jelly Bean Android comes out in a couple months. Will be first one to have it. But aside from nexus, I'd take a galaxy phone. Any of them. Note or GS2, just wish they were quicker with updates. But that's why I didn't get the GS2 and went with nexus instead. I knew Samsungs track record from the past. Might get a GSIII as a secondary phone when it comes around though.
Was in Target the other day and played with some of the faux devices they have on display. I really like the dimensions on the Note. Too bad it's only AT&T right now.

I'm also surprised to see Motorola on that list. I've had a Droid X since it came out, and I've really enjoyed it but Motorola really knows how to junk up a phone. And the screen. Ugh. Go to a Verizon store and see for yourself. Bring up the same video on the RAZR and then the Galaxy Nexus. It's pretty shocking how poor the display is on the RAZR. Like, "hard to believe these phones both came out in the same generation" shocking.
there have been shots of a t-mobile galaxy note online (nothing official though), and with the popularity of the note, i'd guess verizon will get it later. perhaps even with upgraded hardware.
Thanks for sharing the article +Eileen Rivera! Thrilled you like the list as much as we do. :D We're thinking we'll make it a recurring thing, since the Android world moves so quickly - in three months, this list will probably be completely different!
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