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Ok Google, it's your turn next week. Apple's announcement is kinda disappointing. I'm looking forward to hearing about Ice Cream Sandwich and hopefully Nexus Prime.
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Yes! A real opportunity for Google (and Samsung).
It's Google's game to lose now after that underwhelming Apple announcement. If they hit it out of the park, it will be a very interesting year for Android!
I think even if they weren't planning it, after today they will step it up just to take advantage.
Google has been on an absolute tear this year... I expect them to bring it hard...
Next week's announcement will be so full of WIN.
Pretty much at this point, anything Samsung puts into the Nexus Prime is going to more attractive than what I have seen today from the apple camp.
followed quickly by another Apple press conference.. you watch
+James Pakele Android has been pretty stagnant this year, excepting the niche closed-source release which is honeycomb... ICS has quite a lot to prove.
Greg M
Yum tanks for the sandwich
Dan C
even if ICS has some minor still LIGHTYEARS ahead of ios
Eileen I agree. Underwhelming so lets hope Goog can announce some exciting stuff.
It is exactly one hour to lunchtime, and I can honestly say I am very excited for ice cream sandwich.
Only need to make the voice commands interactive to match Siri, then I'd say Android is already comparable to what Apple announced today. Apple played catch up more than anything else. Doesn't sound like any trends are being set.
+Richard Cohen I'm talking about Google as a whole... with Google+, Motorola buy, Google I/O announcements... flight integration... Site revamp.... Google offers, NFC, Sprint +Google Voice integration, every time I turn around Google is doing something else...
/agree. Yes please for some real news.
Like i said before. ice cream better look much better than gingerbread otherwise we will have 2 disappointments in a row.
Google can bite a very big chunk from the smartphone - market. -- If the 'soulless' developers from "the Google" don't screw up.
Only good thing I was was the camera upgrade on the latest phone.
is holographic thing on ice cream sandwich real?
One thing to bare in mind is that Google doesn't control the hardware (yet). There may have been compromises between Google and Samsung on spec, and ICS will be released on other hardware by different manufacturers so even if the camera on the Prime isn't as good as the iPhone's it doesn't mean ICS sucks. It simply means another manufacturer has an opportunity to build a phone with a better camera.
Now that apple didn't release anything special... I'l Be buying the Samsung Galaxy S2...
looking forward to twit's coverage of google's annoucement's next week. Keep up the good work Eileen.
That notification thing they showed looked very familiar........
Motorola Photon 4G for me...I was awfully tempted to get the Galaxy S2...but I want to make sure I can get a good signal ...and Samsung isn't known for their wireless radios (Nexus S and Nexus S 4G left a bad taste in my mouth)...Motorola is. Ordering from Amazon Wireless tonight.
A better camera would be great and also looking forward to having my chrome bookmarks on my phone. What do you think will be available in Jan when my contract is up for renewal...
I think Google is laughing their ass off at the moment! :-D
What a fail at Apple today.
With the under-whelming iPhone announcement and new Galaxy/Nexus devices on all the carriers, Samsung should do very well this holiday season.
Come on Android, the a bite of that Apple sauce.. 
Android has iPhone on the ropes... One two knock out punch with Ice cream sandwich and nexus prime...
+Marc van Deurse I don't think Google will be laughing their arse off as Apple is simply too strong, brand & product wise, not to be taken seriously. If anything, all today shows is that Apple's approach of letting the media over hype and speculate over their announcements can backfire somewhat.
Quick office poll and the non-tech users are excited about the new iPhone, didn't know there was an upcoming Google announcement. A LOT of unhappy Android users here looking to switch.
At least the announcement is before the Apple 4S release date so I can make my mind up how I want to go before release.

The one downside to switching to android is that I already have a ton of IOS apps, don't know if I want to give those up.
all of those apps u get on iphone are free on android market and there is an awesome free app every day on amazon app market.
Yeah, Android app selection is mediocre, but there are a few gems. I love Doggcatcher and free wifi tether is a huge bonus.
The camera is impressive. I am kind of sad thinking the camera won't be as good in my Nexus Prime. :-)
How do u know about the nexus prime camera? 
+rajan nakarmi I don't, but I can't imagine they would have thought to make their camera as good as a point n shoot camera. It is exciting to see someone finally concentrate on the camera though.
Anything could happen on the other hand sg2 camera is amazing best camera so far in a smartphone. Samsung makes the best camera chips. 
For some strange reason I want an Ice Cream Sandwich right now!!! Very odd!
Not being media I doubt I will be able to see the announcement...
Of course, except the SDCC Wifi usually sucks...
Waiting for the ICS announcement. Can't wait to get a new phone. Very hard not to pull the trigger on the galaxy S II.
+John Howell do you see a lot of unhappy android users. I work in IT and most of the users I deal with are happy. 
I hope the Android guys will perform much better next week, because to say I was disappointed was an understatement. 
Erie T
Apple is such a joke. They're playing catch up.
They added an updated camera, updated cpu, made it able to capture better video, copied Android notifications and other stuff, added SIRI voice crap, and added some weight to it and people are going goo-goo-gaa-gaa. No one's going to use SIRI just like no one uses Facetime. If you have an iPhone 4 and you get rid of it to buy an iPhone 4S, you deserve to die.
I couldn't wait for ICS and/or the Nexus Prime. I ordered a Samsung GSII today.....
I think Apple, Google and Amazon are keeping their powder dry until next year. The 4S, ICS and Fire are all placeholders, signs saying, "Watch this space!"
I'm waiting for the Nexus Prime -- was going to get the Bionic, but am holding out for this.
Isn't everything Apple does in the eyes of Android fans full of fail?
I was going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II until I heard the rumours of the Nexus Prime. I think I'll just wait to see what Google unveils. It's exciting!
Maybe LG will come out with a Prime version of their Optimus line.
I want the Prime, but I am not scheduled for an upgrade till May. Still a half year to wait, after the Prime is out. Who knows what phone will be out by then?
+ Naufal amin Mine will be delivered Friday.... 
+Carolin Chen Samsung gave a hint.. it will be curved, and powerfull... there is one video on the net u should look at it... I prefer the Galaxy S2 over the Nexus prime... :P
If I can't have 4G on my EVO 3D, I want ICS post haste. Make it happen, Sprint! :)
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