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Isn't this really just a TV? :P
Have we finally found a tablet match for the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note? ViewSonic sent around a teaser for its 'Touch and Connect' series
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If it's touch-enabled, I guess it's not a TV.
I would, if it was a decent price. On my wall in my bedroom, near the bed...perfect.
Why have Computex adopted a Windows 8 style logo?
Don't buy tablet/smartphone which isn't supported by xda community... this guys are your real "customer support"
I think it has some great potential... think using it with a keyboard and mouse on Photoshop or other creative applications. I'm diggin' it.
Kind of cool... but seriously... my phone apps look spaced out with tons of white space as it is on my 10 inch xoom. Maybe we could get some more TABLET apps before we start blowing them up.
+Brian Tate agree, atm reality on tablet market is that Apple having biggest share and android with their fragmented line of tablet product are in way to catch this new market. Thats main reason why still there aren't so many native android tablet apps but imho future is bright for android tablets
22" is a monitor, not a TV (yes,I know they make 4" TVs on up)
You just don't need a smaller tablet.
You know, at 22" this would make a great prompter for video podcast production. I'm interested now, hmmm...
+Timothy Moore are you kidding? At 22". it could be prompter, soundboard. control surface/console, and maybe more :)
+branimir sever I agree with you there. I had a convo today discussing how much work needs to be done on Android as a platform. If they want to embrace the fragmentation maybe they should stop presenting android as a solid and unified platform and have manufacturers that insist on custom versions do the amazon thing. That actually worked well! Have more of a "touchwiz... powered by android". That way the blame for fragmenting is absorbed more by the manufacturers and... HOPEFULLY they'd slow down on mucking up the platform. shrug
Yeah, I really small TV. My nieces and nephews would love this in my Game room!
This is an edge case device but you must admit it just cool to look at a 22in android tablet. Good tool for instruction or how to videos.
don't forget that 80" tablet too, but it was win8 tablet not android so 22" could be biggest android tablet but don't win biggest tablet race
I'm using my 13.3 MBP (mostly at home) and would be happy if I found something similar without the keyboard and two-point-something kilograms but 22.. it's like an ancient book or something not found nowadays
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